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lotsa things happenin

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hello my very patient viewers. I am so sorry for the wait, my computer broke and it just got better. So without keeping you longer,

“And I swear I was going to call the cops to send a search team out for you. You really can be so selfish sometimes, Michael. You didn't even think of other people who might notice you if you had gone missing? Like Jesus! You can’t imagine how annoyed I was!” I had to cut her off.
“Okay, first of all, It was one fucking night, Lillian. And I didnt think I needed to tell you where I was every second of my fucking day. I am sorry that I am so fucking selfish that I spend all my time in the PSYCH ward with my BROTHER to help other people in need!” I hissed at her from across the table.
“Well, it’s okay, thank you for apologizing, thats all I wanted.”
I could of hit her. I am not one for hitting girls, or anyone, but I really could of hit her.
“You know what, I don't feel bad anymore for this. This was way overdue.” I said, she smiled and reached over the table to hold my hand.
“I missed you too, Michael.” I held her hand and looked into her eyes for anything to tell me this was wrong. All I saw were the shallow eyes of the women who dried my life up like a fucking desert.
“I no longer want anything to do with you.” I said as sweetly as I could. Lillian blinked a couple times then smiled.
“Oh my goodness, you actually had me there Mikey. Like you could survive with out me? Who else would want you?” She giggled and went back to eating her food, may I add the most expansive plate on the menu. She was still holding my hand, I tried to get her off.
“We are over. I don't want you to call me, or show up at my work, or my house.” I stood up and took her arm with me, seeing as she was still death gripping my hand.
“Mikey sit down.” She ordered me. “Right now, and finish your meal, your too skinny.” I gripped the hand that was holding me and pealed it off of me.
I leaned down close to her face for one last time and whispered, “You don't get to tell me what to do, ever again.” And with that I started walking away. I ignored her yells for me to come back and pay for dinner, I went to the front desk and asked the hostess to charge my half of the bill to the Way list. And walked to my car. I sat down and smiled. I felt like Sirius Black must have when he escaped from Azkaban. I was free. I lit up a cigarette and leaned back in my seat. Lillian hated it when I smoked. But god, it feels good with fire back on your tongue. I turned the car on and drove back to the hospital feeling good. I swiped my I.D card and went into the ward.
Gerard was waiting for me in the living room. He stood up and walked over.
“How’d it go?”
“I am a free agent.” I said with a big smile.
“How did she take it?” He asked putting an arm around my shoulder.
“Not well but honestly I don’t feel bad about it. She just is a cold person.” I said and though of her saying ‘Who else would want you.’ I frowned and thought of those words. “An ice queen.” I concluded and pushed my glasses further up my nose.
“Well at least you are single again. Ready to take on the girls.” Gerard slapped my back and chuckled.
“Right. With all the free time, money and good looks I have.” I said sarcastically. Gerard frowned.
“Well you have money and you are good looking.” I heard from behind me.
Frank. He walked over with a smile. “How did everything go? Did she cry?” He asked and sat down on the arm of the couch.
I tried to get over the fact that Frank just called me handsome and though back to the heartless women.
“I don’t think she has the ability to cry. I’m just hoping thats the last I hear from her.” I said and smiled. It was starting to hit me that this might be the last I have to deal with her. No more constant updates of where I am. No more spending every paycheck on her and her dog. No more watching shitty movies because she wanted to. No more Lillian. I smiled more.
“Well someone is sure having a good day.” Frank said and put a popsicle in his mouth.
“Frank.... Where did you get a popsicle?” I asked looking at it. Frank look guilty... Then looked at Gerard guiltily. Gerard looked to his unoccupied left guiltily, where I imagine Craig was.
“Uhm... Craig might have gotten into the kitchen for us. He got us a treat.” Gerard said and I sighed.
Frank looked at helpless. I gave him a small smile to tell him it was alright. And he looked down.
“Alright well I need to talk to Frank, Gee. I’ll come by your room in a little to visit.” I said. Gerard shrugged and walked away. Frank looked up slowly.
“Dr. Way, I didn’t know what to do, he was talking to himself and then asked if I wanted one too, I didn’t know what he was talking about so I said yes, not wanting to question him and he-” I had to interrupt the poor kid.
“Frankie, It’s okay. I understand completely. You did well, and popsicles aren’t really forbidden in here. I just didn’t think we had anymore. Take a breath.” I said with a smile. Frank blushed. Alot. I was a little confused.
“You called me Frankie, I’ve never been called Frankie. Always just Frank, or Franklin if I was in trouble.” He said shyly. It was my turn to blush now.
“Oh, I’m really sorry, I guess its just I add an “ie” cause my name is Mikey and it has ‘y’ and it just made sense to me-”
“No, it’s good. I like it.” He said and looked at the floor. I didn’t know what to do. It was now awkward and I still had to talk to him about how his thoughts were here and how he was feeling overall. I cleared my throat and tried again.
“So, how have you been adjusting here?”
Frank looked up again and smiled.
“Well it sure beats home. Much more interesting people. You brother is actually pretty cool, even with the whole nuts thing going on.” Frank dropped his popsicle and put his hand on his mouth. “I’m sorry! That was really rude of me. He’s not nuts. I shouldn’t of said that.”
I forced a smile to calm him down.
“Gerard is defiantly nuts. I mean he burnt our apartment down... But he is a good guy. Made me the man I am today and took care of me my whole life.” I said and sat on the couch.
“He seems like a really good brother. I’m sorry for talking about him like that.”
“Frankie, I work in a mental hospital. Where my brother is a patient of mine. I have come to except certain things about him. It really is okay.” I said and smiled a real smile this time. Frank nodded.
“How are you feeling?” I asked getting back to the real questions.
“Uhm, pretty okay, its a little hard to say, I mean I just got here and I’m mostly just trying to adjust to whats going on.” I nodded.
“Any bad dreams or thoughts?”
“I didn’t sleep much so I don’t know. But I haven’t had many good thoughts. Mostly been distracted.” I nodded and took my notebook out of my pocket to write this down.
“What about you?” I wasn’t expecting the question.
“Any bad dreams, thoughts, how have you been.” He asked and cocked his head to the side.
“well... I have been busy so I guess I haven’t thought about it too much.” I said and went back to writing.
“Well now that you are thinking about it, any bad dreams?”
“I don’t sleep.” I said half joking but he laughed. “But no, no dreams at all really.” I continued on the notebook.
“Any bad thoughts?” He asked putting his chin on his hand pensively with an adorable smile on his face.
“No, are you playing doctor?” I asked before I could stop myself. Frank blushed a little but smiled more.
“If you want me to.” He winked. I blushed more. “Any goooood thoughts?” He asked bitting his lip. I started getting overheated, I needed to escape before he noticed anything. I closed my notebook and stood up.
“Uh, I forgot to check on Raymond. I will have to continue this conversation with you in a little, Frank.” I started walking away he grabbed my arm to stop me.
“Frankie.” He corrected me in a seductive whisper and walked ahead on me to his room. I watched him walk away and felt my pants get a lot tighter then they were a little while ago. I hurried to my office and shut and locked the door. I walked to my window and opened it to get some fresh air. I looked down at my tightened pants.... I am the worlds worst doctor. 

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