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He was the It boy. He had it all. Or so it seems. One day he decides to the show the world who he really is. Inspired by the song Rooftops by Lostprophets. R&R!!

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A/N: Another story written for the challenge. Read on my pretties!! XD

Disclaimer: I do not own this song.


He walked down the halls of his school. It was just another day in the story of his life. Sure he was popular. Hell, he was the most popular boy in school! Captain of the basketball team, head of student council, on the honor roll -he had it all. Everyone liked him. From teachers to the students. He just had one of those personalities.

On the outside he radiated confidence and happiness. On the inside he was feeling everything but, people had him raised so high on a pedestal, and he was sick of it. All he noticed anymore was his flaws. His family life wasn’t so great either. His parents always fought and his siblings were jealous of his success, yet he lived everyday acting like everything was fine. It was far from it. All he wished for was release. All his emotions were bottled up inside him, waiting for the day they’d burst. He started spiraling into depression. He started becoming more reserved. He slowly withdrew from his friends and his grades were slipping.

He couldn’t tell anyone what was wrong-no he was the golden boy. He always followed the rules. He was the role model for other students. Everyone expected him to be happy 24/7. He would grin and bear it in silence. Every day he went through the motions. Being the boy everyone else wanted him to be. Inside he was the total opposite of what everyone thought he was though.

He had a deep love for the old rock bands from the 90’s. He hated basketball too. Go figure. He tried convincing his parents to let him get a piercing but they just laughed at him. He wasn’t supposed to like that kind of stuff. All he wanted to wear to school was a band tee and ripped or skinny jeans. Hell, maybe even some doc martens-but no. Everyone expected him to be in nice jeans and a dress shirt.

He always envied the misfits in school. The ones who always did what they wanted and never had to care what other people thought about them. They wore what they wanted, some even had piercings!!! They were virtually nobody’s. They just enjoyed their life. Well at least from his perspective. He wanted to be that free. He wanted to break the rules every once and a while. To not be perfect.

He first got the idea when he was given detention for not doing homework three nights in a row.

“What’s wrong with you? You’re one of our best students! You’ve never missed a day of class or an assignment!” his teacher said to him while shaking his head. The boy just stared at his teacher, a deadpan expression on his face. He stared at the little piece of paper and rejoiced inside. He felt a small rush of adrenaline. ‘I’ve never broken a rule before!’ he thought inside his head. He decided he liked the feeling. He liked it a lot. A plan started forming.

The rest of the day he zoned in and out of class, only listening when he wanted too. It was last period in science class where he planned the rest of his idea. He wanted to do something that no one else ever did before. Something that would free him. Give him that rush of adrenaline again. He didn’t care who saw, or what the consequences would be. He just wanted freedom.

That night he got all the supplies he would need together. He spent the whole night in his room and locked the door so his parents couldn’t come in. He later tried to fall asleep, but found that he couldn’t. He was too excited for tomorrow.

The next day he wore something no one would expect him too. He had on and old Black Flag shirt he bought a couple months ago (and somehow managed to sneak past his mom), a pair ripped jeans, and his brothers vans. He woke up before everyone else in his house so he could get everything together. He shoved some of it in his backpack and the rest in a gym bag, and ran downstairs to have breakfast. When he was done he sat at his kitchen table and waited. When he heard the sound of footsteps coming downstairs he walked out the front door and shouted a goodbye to his parents.

He walked to the bus stop and sat down on the curb. He checked his watch: 6:56. He sighed. ‘Fifteen more minutes,’ he thought to himself. He sat for a while and just thought. He wondered if he actually wanted to go through with this. He decided that, of course he did! He couldn’t stand to feel like this any longer. He NEEDED this. He pulled his iPod out and started listening to it, tapping his foot to the beat. Before he knew it the bus was there.

He took a deep breath and got on. The bus became quiet as he got on. Some people turned and stared. He heard some quiet gasps and then everyone started talking again. He didn’t know if anyone was talking about him, and he actually didn’t care. He walked to the very back of the bus and sat down, losing himself in his music. A boy with long, jacked up black hair who was sitting in front of him turned around.

“Epic shirt dude,” the mystery guy said.

“Thanks,” the boy replied.

The guy in front of him turned around and went back to his previous conversation while the boy smiled to himself. He was starting to like this. It made him almost re-think his plan, but he decided he had to go through with it. He knew his parents would probably kill him for it, but he really didn’t care. Maybe this would strengthen his relationship with his siblings too. The bus pulled up to school too soon of his liking. He got off last with a quick, thank you, to the bus driver.

He got some weird looks from teachers and students but he shrugged them off. He was more concerned about when he would do this. He wanted it to be when there were a lot of people around. He decided on lunchtime. Yes, he could do it right above the cafeteria even! Now that he had the time down he just sat back in his chair, and waited.

Lunchtime came around and he was practically bouncing in his seat, anxiously waiting for the bell to ring. The second it did he bolted out of his seat and all but sprinted out of the hallway. He grabbed his backpack and gym back and ran to the cafeteria. He put his backpack on his back and slung the duffel back around him.

The side of the cafeteria had a small ladder that lead up to the roof. He made sure that everyone was in the cafeteria before he climbed. The ladder was old and shifted from time to time, but he kept climbing. He had no trouble with heights. Towards the middle of the ladder he looked around. It was a beautiful day out. The sky was clear, the sun was bright. Some birds chirped in the distance. ‘It was the perfect day,’ he thought. It was almost begging for something to go wrong. He smiled to himself and kept climbing.

When he finally reached the roof he took everything out of his bags and set it up on the edge of the roof. He took out two giant speakers, his iPod touch, and a docking station for it. He looked over the edge then prayed nothing would fall, himself included. He got a rush of adrenaline. He suddenly felt jittery. He was actually going to do this!!!

He put his iPod on the docking station and turned it on. There was only one song on it. It’s the only song he ever listens to anymore. To others it was just a song, but to him it was an anthem. He lived and breathed it. He took a deep breath, turned the speakers on, turned them up all the way, and pressed play. (I was originally gonna end the story here……but I thought some of you would get mad at me….)

The music blared from the speakers. It was louder then he thought it would be. He dropped to his knees and covered his ears. After letting his ears adjust for a couple minutes he stood up. He looked down and saw people walking out of the cafeteria trying to locate the noise. After a while they turned around and looked up at him. Teachers shook their fist and shouted words the boy couldn’t hear, some students stood in awe, others looked mad, some were dazed, and the last group of kids were fist pumping and laughing. He just smiled. He felt freedom. He knew he’d get hell later, but right now he was living in the moment. He started head banging a little himself. When the chorus came around he shouted it at the top of his lungs.


He knew sooner or later a teacher would come up and turn the music off. He knew some cops may come too. Maybe even some fire rescuers who thought he was suicidal. He was far from it though. He never felt so alive.

“When our time is up. When our lives are done. Will we say we've had our fun?” – Rooftops by Lostprophets
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