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We pick up where we left off.

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Wow, it's been long! I just needed a break I guess. Anyways, I hope you guys like this chapter. I might be a little rusty but who knows. Anyways, hopefully, enjoy.

Mikey's POV
I was trying to take everything Bob had just told us in. So much had happened since New Year's Eve which was just a few hours ago. Gerard and Delilah, the incident I didn't want to see, us meeting Jamia, Frank telling us how he felt about her apparently instantly, and then this, Bob telling us where he'd been and why. It was just so much to take in.
Bob clearly didn't know how he was going to tell Delilah and I couldn't ask Gerard about what he thinks Bob should do since none of us could tell him at the risk of him telling Delilah. So as we all sat there trying to think of how Bob would get himself out of this I couldn't help but have a question creep into my mind.
"Bob,why can't you tell Delilah?" Frank asked as if he had just read my mind. I was thinking the exact same thing. What was so bad about it anyways? If Miranda and Delilah were best friends why would it matter?
Bob looked up from his hands. He was still on the ground and Frank was now by him.
"I just... look no one was supposed to know just yet. We wanted to wait a bit," he said a bit quietly.
It was out of his behavior to act this way, in all the years I've known him he was never the nervous or worried type.
"Are you okay buddy?" I ask kneeling next to him trying to comfort him.
He looks me in the eyes and I just hug him. It was all too strange to see Bob, the tough guy, the take-no-shit guy being so sad and down on himself. It was a strange sight so I just wanted to hold him and remind him it was okay to be weak.
Ray suddenly spoke. "We won't say anything just yet, ok? We'll wait until Miranda tells Delilah, that way she learns from her firsthand," he says being the smart one as usual. He and Gerard just knew how to take care of us, that's what we always needed. Bob let go of me and looked towards Ray and nodded with a small smile of confidence. Then I remembered Frank's little predicament.
"Frank, uhh about you and Jamia..." I said slightly trailing off. He looked at me with a glazed look in his eyes at just the mere mention of her name. It was creepy but I guess suspected.
"Yeah Frank, you like her so what now?" Ray asked crossing his arms looking away from Bob and now focusing on Frank.
"Well..." Frank said getting up and stuffing his hands in his pockets and getting this look upon his face as if he couldn't decide whether what he was about to say was extremly stupid or pure genius.
"Well Frank?" I say trying to speed up his answer because I could feel this bit of excitement bubbling in me.
"I'm just going to wait until she shows any interest in me," he says shrugging with a smile.
I look to Bob who just sits there wide eyed with his lips pressed tightly together and I turn to Ray who's trying to stutter words out.
"Okay... you.. um... what?" Ray finally manages out.
I was thinking pretty much the same. Since August he tried to get Delilah, from the moment he saw her, and now when he sees Jamia he's just going to wait? That was definitely not Frankie style.
"You guys heard me. I like her.. a lot so I'll wait for her to make a move to see if she feels the same, this way I'm sure," he says smiling.
I had never seen him think in such a way before that it made something in my head clicked, Jamia was different from all the other girls he's ever wanted, she was going to be the one.
"Well then, we must wait!" I say breaking the silence that hung in our little living room.
"Yes we will, by the way... who's going to get Gerard and Delilah?" Ray said looking at me.
I instantly shook my head and replied, "No, no, no! Unless you guys want to most likely be scarred for life go ahead, but I'm not going in there!"
They all laugh at me, even Bob, and we all decide to wait there for them to come out, me secretly hoping I wouldn't become an uncle any time soon.
Gerard's POV
I heard her breathing getting more and more shallow as our lips silently caressed against one an others. I could still feel tears on her cheeks from our talk and I kissed them away softly. I was lying atop of her again, forgetting how wrong it would be if I didn't love her and she didn't love me.
After her telling me her past, telling me the pain she'd felt, I felt closer to her than I'd ever been to anyone other than my best friends. Even then I had never felt what I felt when I was with Delilah. She was becoming my all. My everything.
Soon I was distracted again from a small moan escaping her mouth. Dear Lord, I was aching for her but I knew I couldn't just yet. I slowly kiss her neck hearing her sigh as my body slides against her's slowly knowing if we weren't careful one thing could lead to another. My hands were in her hair and I was beginning to breath heavily. Her lips found her way to mine and she slowly spoke as she kissed my neck.
"Thank you... thank you... so much... for loving me..." she whispered in between slow kisses that trailed the vein on my neck. I could feel her warm breath on me and I started to doubt my restrain not knowing how much more of this I could take. Suddenly I realized she was on top of me tracing her lips all over my neck. If I didn't know better I would have never thought she'd never kissed another guy.
I slowly moved my hands to her hips and pulled her closer to me. Heat was radiating from both our bodies and our breathing was shallow and fast. I moved my hands away from her hips and to her face lifting it towards my mouth but stopping mid way to look at her.
She opened her eyes and looked at me with a soft smile, not looking away for a second. I was just looking into her deep brown eyes that reminded me just how much I needed her. There wasn't lust in her eyes, no, there was love. She loved me, she just didn't have lust for me, she loved me.
I slowly moved her off me and sat up and took in a deep breath.
She looked at me, a bit hurt as if I didn't want her anymore which the truth was that I was aching for her but we needed to talk.
I kissed her forehead to reassure her and then grabbed a hold of her hand and messed with my hair. I sighed again and crossed my legs, sitting on the bed, preparing myself to tell her everything.
"Is everything all right Gee?" she asked me after I didn't speak up. She had a hint of worry in her voice now so I knew it was time.
"Yes, but well... since you told me your past it's my turn to let you know mine," I said worrying she'd be afraid or not want to know.
But instead she nodded and replied, "Anything for you my love."
And with that, I knew my past would be in safe keeping with her.
Ray's POV
Bob, Mikey, Frank, and I had gone back to our usual routine sitting around in the living room, awaiting the two love birds to return to us. We didn't hear any banging or moaning so that eased Mikey's worries a bit, and did make us laugh. It was already late, around 10 o' clock and suddenly Frank jumped up and a huge smile erupted over his face.
"Ray! Guys! We need to write a song right now!" he said happily going to his and Mikey's room to grab his guitar and Mikey's bass.
Bob, Mikey, and I just looked at each other strangely. I knew I was worried about how this would go but I should've had more faith in Frank, he wasn't just a pile of rebellious good looks.
"Okay Ray grab your guitar we are going to start! It doesn't make much sense but I like it!" Frank said already trying to play a few cords.
"Uhh Bob, here," I say handing him a pot, "use this as the drum I guess and uhh Mikey are you able to play better now?"
He looks at me and nods proudly already playing a bit skillfully.
"Okay Frank, give us your lyrics," I say throwing him the notebook Gerard always used for lyrics but for some reason made me keep with my guitar.
And like that we were off. I was surprised Gerard and Delilah hadn't come out to ask what was going on, but then again they were together so that explained much.
Frank had a talent for writing, with a bit of my help it was turning into a pretty good song. After a good hour and a half and a tired out Mikey we were finished.
"Well we can't test out how it sounds with someone singing, but Frank if you want you can try," I say passing back the notebook to him after I took a quick look of it.
He smiled and counted down for us to begin as he sang softly.


Well let's go back to the middle of the day that starts it all
I can't begin to let you know just what I'm feeling
And now the red ones make me fly
And the blue ones help me fall
And I think I'll blow my brains against the ceiling
And as the fragments of my skull begin to fall
Fall on your tongue like pixie dust just think happy thoughts

And we'll fly home
We'll fly home
You and I
We'll fly home

Come on!

Well now I'm back in the middle of the day that starts it all.
I can't begin to let you know just what I'm feeling.
And now these red ones make me fly,
And the blue ones help me fall.
And I think I'll blow my brains against the ceiling.

And we'll fly home,
You and I,
We'll fly home.

Now honestly that's what I said to her, what I said to her

Think happy thoughts
Think happy thoughts
Think happy thoughts
Think happy thoughts
Think happy thoughts
Think happy thoughts
Think happy thoughts
Think happy thoughts
Think ha... wooo!

It was a bit of a simple song but it did hold meaning, more for Frank and Mikey because it really did have a message.
"It's about suicide, and why not to do it. I guess after seeing all this I realize how important life really is," he had explained to us and he was right.
In it's own twisted way it was and somehow it worked.
Once we finished completely it was 11:30 and we were all tired. Bob was already getting comfortable on the couch and Mikey was dozing off at the counter. As I sat next to Frank I took him into a hug unexpectedly.
"I always knew you'd be a musician," I whispered to him as he hugged me back.
Suddenly I hear a laugh and a sigh. Gerard and Delilah were back.
Frank's POV
Gerard and Delilah walked out of the room and just silently stared at Ray and I.
"So... are you pregnant?" I ask trying to break the tension of silence.
Mikey shoots up with just hearing the word and Delilah walks over to him, hitting my head on the way, to hug him.
"No you idiot! God! Ha... don't listen to him Mikey," she said as she hugged him and then helped him to his bedroom for he was already tired out.
Then Gerard turned back to us after he had slowly watched Delilah walk away. "Song?" he asked happily.
I handed him the notebook hoping he'd approve and luckily, he did.
"It's great Frank! But umm...." he said messing with his hair as usual. I sighed and explained to him what it was about, clearly realizing that was what he was thinking.
"Oh well then this is great, we'll practice later though, I'm exausthed!" he said holding in a yawn.
"I bet, being in a room with Delilah for almost two hours, that must have tired you out," I say with a wink but I get him on both arms by Ray and Gerard. "Damn, guys just a joke! Right Bob!" I say but realize he's already asleep on the couch. "Great, no back up," I say quietly.
Gerard and Ray laugh at me and Gerard grabs his jacket and the truck keys.
"Where are you going?" Ray asks suspiciously.
Delilah closes the door to Mikey and my room and answers for Gerard.
"He's taking me home, and yes he's staying there, and no Frank we aren't gonna fuck," she says smiling as Gerard hands her the Fall Out Boy jacket I had gotten her for Christmas.
"Gerard... do you think that's well right?" Ray says ignoring Delilah's comment. I was thinking the same thing though.
Gerard let out an annoyed sigh. "Guys, we're crowded here and well Delilah and I won't do anything, trust us, plus she wants to go home for awhile and I'm not leaving her alone. All right?"
Ray and I just looked at him. I was first to speak up. "I vote yes! I don't want her there alone either, plus Delilah is too innocent, she wouldn't dare do anything," I say with a laugh.
Ray looks down as Delilah squeezes me into a tight hug that was a bit painful, her secret revenge for the comments. "Fine, just call me in the morning or whenever you wake up, please?" Ray says sounding like a worried older brother.
"Fine, we will!" Delilah says letting me go and kissing Ray on the cheek as she grabs Gerard's hand and leads him out the door.
"Bye guys," Gerard says as he leaves.
I look to Ray who still looks worried. "You trust them right?" I ask getting up wanting to go to bed already.
He follows and walks towards Gerard's room, which meant he'd be sleeping there tonight. "Yeah, I do..." he says as he shuts the door.
I walk off into my room, lie down my guitar, go to my bed and lie there thinking of one thing, one person, and one person alone. Jamia Nestor.
Delilah's POV
Sitting in the truck holding onto Gerard's hand on our way to my house was nerve wrecking. I couldn't believe how much he'd opened up to me and now he'd be asleep in my home with me. It was funny that I was looking forward to it though because the truth was we were going straight to sleep. Just lying in the same bed together with no one else though made me heart race. I wanted him all to myself, I loved him dearly, that and he had become my best friend.
"Well, well, well. We are here love," he said stopping in front of my house, a small, yet big, house with the only damn crappy white picket fence in town.
"You're right, we are," I say realizing I'd be spending the night in my own home with someone who truly loved me. It had been so long since that had occurred, too long. My mom was never home so it was always too empty.
Before I knew it Gerard and I stood on the front steps, me trying to open the door and Gerard lightly moving his thumb over the hand of mine he held. Once I was able to open the door I led him to my bedroom.
"Oh shit, umm Gee I need to change into my pjs," I say growing self conscious because he was already in my room with my door shut. Not only that but I had a bunch of Fall Out Boy and Avenged Sevenfold posters in my room, making me seem like a creepy teen. But for some reason I didn't want him to leave, not even for a second.
"Well uhhh I could leave for a second?" he says reaching for the door.
"No!" I say a bit suddenly, "I mean you could just turn around, I change fast."
He smiles and turns his head to the side and covers his eyes. I hastily take off my jeans but suddenly stop and stare at my scars and my huge thighs. I feel like crying but hold it in a shut my eyes knowing Gerard was here and now wasn't the time. When I open my eyes I him looking at my scars with tears in his eyes. I become so embarrassed I grab my pajama pants and cover myself and look down.
"I'm... I'm sorry... I just heard you take in a quick breath... I wanted to make sure... I didn't... Delilah," he said coming near me.
He pulled me into his arms and I sighed knowing he didn't care I was damaged but I still felt hideous.
"Gerard, I'm disgusting, how can you ever-"
"Shh. Be quiet you are beautiful. On the outside as well as the inside. Scars don't matter to me, and I know you think badly of your figure but you are gorgeous so shut up and lie down with me," he says pulling me into the bed after I slip on my pants.
As we lie there in my bed silently I turn to him and kiss him letting him know his words made me feel loved, that him in general made me feel loved.

And that's it for today! Hope you liked it... Anyways, R&R if you wish to. Until next time. xo
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