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Crowfeather and Jayfeather vs. Breezepelt

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Breezepelt layed stretched out on his belly as he watched his father, Crowfeather and half-brother, Jayfeather walking together talking about their hatred for him. That mouse-brain will never win this fight! The young black tomcat thought to himself with his eyes focused on Jayfeather. He'll be limping all the way to StarClan when I'm done with him! The gray tabby cat suddenly saw his half-brother suspiciously watching him and his father. "Father! It's Breezepelt, right there!" He warned. Crowfeather looked to his left and there he saw his rejected son watching him with wide eyes. "Fox-dung!" He hissed. "How dare you watch us in such a way!" Now standing, Breezepelt bravely faced his father, but still kept his eyes on Jayfeather. "I have no time to talk to you, Father." He said. "I have a medicine cat to murder." "What?" Crowfeather gasped. Breezepelt nodded furiously. He kicked up dirt and grass as he lunged at his half-brother, but Crowfeather quickly got in front of Jayfeather and Breezepelt bit down on his neck and instantly released his grip. "How dare-" He growled. Crowfeather glared at him angrily with Jayfeather peeking out from behind him. Breezepelt hissed loudly and knocked his father away then took a very hard grip of his half-brother's neck. Crowfeather grabbed him by the tail and tossed him aside, but the black tomcat's teeth stayed in Jayfeather's delicate neck. "That does it!" He snarled. "I'm going to get you to stop this very instant!" "And how are you going to do that, mouse-brain?" Asked Breezepelt. Crowfeather jumped up and landed on his son with his claws sticking deep into his head. Breezepelt yowled in his pain as he let go of Jayfeather and he turned on his father instantly afterwards. However, Crowfeather jumped away and took the scruff of Jayfeather's neck in his mouth as he ran off. Breezepelt threw his rear into the grass as he meowed in frustration as he watched his father and half-brother escape. "I should've killed them right away!" He hissed. "They're going to be my prey the next time we meet!" Then he got up and began to walk back to WindClan camp.
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