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Ch. 6

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he threw his arms in the air and began to rant "No! I was famous! I was a star! now look at me!" he walked over and threw a tantrum and the guys just laughed at him

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A few moments after Kobra Kid woke up Jet Star emerged. Like Kobra Kid, he was rubbing his eyes, not wanting to get up. He had a white t-shirt with Japanese writing on it and an odd mouse thing on the side. His pants were wrinkled and torn at the bottom from where he had walked on them. He grabbed his breakfast and sat next to Kobra. "Morning....." He saw that Lilly was wearing Party's jacket and looked between the two before nodding and smiling. "So.....what did I miss?" Kobra laughed "Not much....remembering Revenge and the old days. Hey P, does Lilly know about MCR?" Party looked down at the child wrapped in his jacket. he raised an eyebrow in question. She looked up at him "I know daddy used to be in a band named My Chemical Romance....he told me how he met mommie. Is that what you are talking about?" They smiled at her. "Yeah. Before we were the Fabulous Killjoys, we were My Chemical Romance. Your daddy played guitar, I was on bass, Jet Star was on guitar as well and Party was vocals" Kobra spoke in admiration and remembrance of the band. Lilly looked back at them "You loved it didn't you?" Jet Star nodded "We did. There were so many people we wanted to help. We wanted the world to know that no matter what happens. No matter what is going on or what the world tells you. When ever you feel like an outcast, like you don't belong to remember that there are 5 guys just as fucked up as you standing on that stage with their middle finger in the air." Jet Star zoned out in the memories. Lilly looked from Jet Star to Kobra Kid and over to Party Poison "There are only 4 of just said 5. Where is the 5th?" Party Poison closed his eyes "Bob Bryar. he was the 5th. He was our drummer. When the war happened we got split. Last we heard he was ghosted in the early years of BLI." Lilly frowned "Im sorry....I didn't know" "Its ok. Ya know, its nice to have some one new that we have to impress." Party Poison said thoughtfully. "You don't have to impress me..." Lilly smiled. "No! the only contact we ever get with people is A: Drac's which are too busy trying to kill us to care what we are wearing or B: Other Killjoys and with them, we have to hold up our reputation of the bad asses of the desert! That means no joking around, no laughing and no being funny! It sucks!" Party begun to whine and was now on a rant. "its like, we used to be in a band! People loved us for out looks! I was a heart throb! now look at hair, dirt coverd face. I haven't showered in weeks..." Kobra intrupted "You didn't shower that shouldn't matter" Party threw his arms in the air "Oh whatever! I used to be care free and love to show off! I had a panda suit! I miss that thing......Now I have to be all tough and mean. it sucks.....alot" He ended his rant with a pout. Fun Ghoul walked through the door with slight panic on his face until he saw Lilly. "Hey! are you ok?" He looked at her then at Party Poison "If you hurt her..." "Relax....we're cool right?" he looked back down at Lilly and she smiled. "Yep!" Fun Ghoul sighed in relief and sat down next to Jet Star "Scoot" he waived is hands in a shooing manner making the group shift to give him more room. "Shank Shaw" Kobra Kid laughed "What the hell is that?" Fun Ghoul grinned "Replace the TH with Sh. Thank ya turns to Shank Shaw" "That makes no sence" "who cares. I does to me." He shifted his gaze to Lilly "Hey, did you sleep ok? I felt you toss and turn a few times. Your legs healing ok?" Lilly laughed "Yes daddy, I slept fine. I toss in my sleep. Kids do that. My legs still hurt but they will be fine." it was silent until Kobra Kid asked the question no one wanted to "So how did you end up in our security camera wires?" Lilly looked down "Momma and I were on a trip to the lab. She got a radio call that said they had a tip on the location of some killjoys. She finished up the lab and we went to go check it out. It turned out to be a dud but the storm came so fast. Momma pulled off to take shelter but it was too rough. The sand kept shifting under me and it took me here. I would have kept drifting had I not grabbed the wires. I didn't know they were cameras. I just felt something grounded and grabbed it. When the storm cleared I didn't know where I was or where momna was either. I saw the shed and tried to get inside incase another storm was to follow. It was locked so all I could do was hope someone would find me. and thats where you come in to the story" Fun Ghoul was gripping his pants and looking down and the table. Party Poison was staring off thinking and Kobra Kid was looking at Lilly with sadness in his eyes. Jet Star was looking at the group judging their reactions. Fun Ghoul spoke "Where is your mother?" Lilly shook hear head "I don't know....I couldn't even find the jeep if i tried. Im sorry. I just hope she is ok...." Lilly looked out the window wishing someone would break the awkward silence. Finally Kobra Kid did. "Well, It wouldn't hurt to look right? I mean we have to do a scout anyways. Why not turn it into a search?" Party Poison looked up at Kobra Kid "Ok. But Lilly stays here" Lilly shot up "What! No! I wana go with!" Fun Ghoul was stern for the first time with Lilly "No. You will stay with Kobra Kid. I lost you once....don't make me loose you again" Kobra Kid touched Fun Ghoul. "I won't let her out of my sight." "Thank you Kobra." He smiled and Jet Star stood up. "Well what are we waiting for?.....lets Rock n Roll!" and with that, the Killjoys disappeared into the desert.
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