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Ch. 21(finale)

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There was a silence before they all started laughing. The door opened and Kobra Kid walked in. "What did I miss?" Jet Star shook his head and smiled "Nothing....absolutely nothing"

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2 weeks had passed since the Killjoys rescued Fun Ghoul. Party Poison was healing up exceptionally well. He couldn't stand up yet but he managed to sit up to eat. Lilly knocked on the door and slowly walked in. Party Poison was propped up in his arms listening to the radio. "Hey" He looked up at her and smiled "Hey" He tilted his head to the side asking her to come in. She walked forward and sat down next to him on the bed. "How are you felling?" He set the radio down so she would have more room. "Like I got shot....but hey! What's new?" He laughed and Lilly smiled. "yeah..." Party Poison tilted his head and looked at her. "Hey, what's wrong?" He brought his hand up and held her chin so she could look him in the eye. "I just.....wanted to say thank you" He smiled that warm smile his fans would fall for so many years ago. "Lilly, If your feeling guilty, don't." She nodded "I know but....still." "There is no buts and stills. If I didn't want to go after you, I wouldn't have. You are family. I love you like a daughter. Don't ever forget that" Tears fell from Lilly's face and she curled up in Party's arms. "Shhhhh Im ok and your ok. Thats all that matters" Lilly sniffled and laughed. "What?" Party asked and looked down at the girl in his arms. Lilly looked up and started to sing "Im not okayyyyy" Party Poison laughed and started to sing with her. "Im no Okayyyy You wear me out!" Lilly smiled "Take a good hard look!" They sung random parts to the song, not even remotely in order. "Forget about the dirty looks!" "The photographs your boyfriend took!" "Im mean this! Im Ok!" Fun Ghoul suddenly opened the door and screamed "Trust Me!!!" Party Poison laughed but was cut short by Fun Ghoul running over and kissing him. His eyes got wide and Fun Ghoul sat on his lap jokingly. He grinned that oh-so-typical-Frank-Iero grin "What?" He laughed and Party Poison punched him in the arm. "Really dude?" Fun Ghoul stood up and started to rant. "Ok, first off, you LOVED my kisses. Don't even try to lie. Second, you know Im good." His arms were thrown up in the air dramatically. "Don't be hating because I can kiss better than you!" Party Poison raised his eyebrow "Ohhh really?" Fun Ghoul turned on his heal "Yeah really! Im like 10 times better than you! not to mention hotter..." Party Poison laughed "Sure! Thats why you were voted 2004 hottest singer alive" "Dude! That was like....forever ago! Now your all old! Im so hot the desert is a bloody icebox!" Party Poison tried not to laugh. "Im not old!!!! beside....your the icebox, not the desert" Lilly had her hand over her mouth trying not to laugh at the two arguing over who was hotter. She grinned and got an idea. "I think Mikey could kick both of yall's butts on the hotness scale" Party and Ghoul shot her a look of disbelief. "Yo! who asked you?!?!?!?" Ghoul screamed. Party Poison was a little calmer "Are you crushing on my brother?" Lilly smiled "No. Im just saying I think he is hotter than yall." Fun Ghoul frowned "Traitor...." "Oh so now Im a traitor? I thought yall were all about fighting for expressing your opinion?" Fun Ghoul frowned "Not when it bashed me! Besides, Mikey is like the least favorite of the group!" He crossed his arms and pouted. Party Poison shot Ghoul a look "Hey! Thats my brother your hating on!" "No thats your sister...." "That was below the belt man..." Fun Ghoul raised his eyebrows "I thought you liked it below the belt?" Party Poison crossed his arms "You know what? Im done with you..." He smiled at Ghoul to show he was joking before laying back down and going to sleep. Fun Ghoul threw one fist in the air "I win!!!" He walked to the door but not before he heard Party Poison mumble "Not by a long shot" Fun Ghoul huffed and Lilly just smiled walking behind her father out the door. When the door was shut, Lilly walked out into the kitchen and smiled at Jet Star "Coffie?" He raised his glass pointing to the pot in the stove. "Thanks." She walked over and made a cup, then walked back over to Jet Star and sat next to him. She rested her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes. "ughh Im so tired" Lilly felt Jet Star shake with laughter "Well then go to bed silly" She shook her head "No..." "Why not?" "Cause I don't wana" The way she said it made her sound like she was whining. Jet Star laughed. "Well then I can't do anything for ya sweety" Lilly looked up at him with a smile "I never asked you to. I just said I was tired. I never asked for a solution." "Wow...." He smiled back at her and looked up when Jamia walked into the room. "I heard Frank and Gee arguing about who was hotter.....They can be so immature sometimes" She shook her head and grabbed a cup of coffee. "Who started it?" Lilly looked over at her mother "Well, to make a long story short, Party and I were singing Im not Ok and daddy came in and randomly kissed him. Then they were arguing about who was a better kisser which moved to who was hotter...." Jamia almost choked on her coffee. "He did what?" Lilly shrugged. Jet Star spoke up. "It was a stage thing. In the video, Ghoul kisses Party very briefly. Thats what he was doing. I guess he felt left out." Jamia shook her head "I don't expect anything less." Jet Star responded "And you shouldn't." There was a silence before they all started laughing. The door opened and Kobra Kid walked in. "What did I miss?" Jet Star shook his head and smiled "Nothing....absolutely nothing"
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