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My Chemical School

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Similar to my other oneshot "my chemical art" It is everyone`s 1st day at school, what do they all get up to?

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Note. I had people say that I should do more stories similar to "My chemical art" so I did this. I`m not sure if I like it, as I wrote this when I couldn`t sleep. So I do apologise if it is shit. I hope you like it, please let me know if you do as it helps me know what peole like/don`t like to read.
Gerard`s pov
“Gerard, Mikey. Time to get up. I wake up to my mama gently prodding me in the side, trying to wake me up. I laugh `cause It really tickles.
“You have your fist day of school today, you don`t want to be late. “Mama walks over to the other side of the bedroom, and attempts to wake up my little brother-Mikey. I loved him, but he could be annoying, then again he said that about me. I was NOT annoying.
“Yay!” he does the exact opposite of me and immediately jumps out of bed, screaming in delight.
Out mama laughs as he runs round the shared room, still screaming. I didn’t want to go- I wanted to watch cartoons all day like I used to. Why did we have to go o school?
After breakfast we all get in the car and mama drives us to a building we often passed on our way into town. A big, (to us anyway) red bricked building with a large grey tarmac playground like the one at the park, was full of kids about our age. Some were hyper like Mikey, while others seemed more reserved and shy, like me.
“Bye, bye, sweeties. Gerard, take good care of Mikey.” She whispers in my ear as she says goodbye to us, leaving us here, alone. Well, we weren’t completely alone, there were other kids and teachers, but ya know what I mean.
“Mikes, do you-“where was he?! I had turned my back on my brother for a second and he was gone! Mama would kill me!
I frantically began searching for him, and not watching where I was going I ran into another kid with dark hair and a mischievous looking grin that spread from ear to ear. A white sticky label on on his head informed me his name was Frank. At least, I think it said that, there was a backwards “K” so I wasn’t sure. His arms were covered in drawings done in brightly coloured sharpies and one of his scribbled on trainers were missing. The other one was missing it`s laces.
“Ow, watch it.” He smiles at me.
“Hi, “I momentarily forget about searching for Mikey-this kid looked interesting. I point to the sticker with my name on it that was worn on the sleeve of my shirt. “I`m Gerard.”
His face screws up in concentration. “G…Ger….Gera-“
“You can call me Gee if you want. Mikey does.” Frank smiles at me again.

Ray`s pov.
“Ouch, Mum!” I wail as my mum tries unsuccessfully to drag a comb through my hair to tame it. I scowl at her-I liked my hair.
“If you just let me brush it-“
“No!” I stomped my foot, ready to throw one of my famous temper tantrums. Giving up, she sighs and grabs her car keys off of the side and I follow her outside and into the car. I`m excited, but a little nervous-today was my first day of school.
We arrive at the old fashioned looking building just in time and she hastily kisses me goodbye (I scowl again) and dashes back to the car, not wanting to be late for work.
“Hi!” I scream, a very girl scream, as a sandy haired stranger jumps out from behind a bush in the playground. He was smiling widely at my shocked expression and holding on tightly to a pair of drumsticks and a toy drum.
“I`m Bob.”
”Ray.” I turn to head into the classroom and the slightly annoying kid follows me.
“Ya know Ray, you got cool hair.” He laughs, and starts beating the drum, chanting something I can’t quite understand.
“Poodle” Poodle! Poodle!” I turn to look at him, finally realising what he said.
“I am NOT a poodle!” I tell him angrily.
“No, but your hair-“
“Oh, shut up.” What was wrong with it? We both walk into the brightly coloured classroom, bickering like… well, kids.
Mikey`s pov.
Where was Gee? I was getting kinda scared. I thought he was right behind me, so I went into the classroom with some of the other kids. But when I turned around my older brother wasn’t there.
“Gee?” I was real scared. I was on my own in a large room surrounded by other kids I didn’t know. My earlier happiness and excitement about school was long gone. I now agreed with Gee-I didn’t like school.
“Hey, kid?” I look up when I hear a voice.
Two boys were standing behind me. I didn’t recognise them but one had a sandy coloured hair, a toy drum and was annoying the second who had a really cool `fro.
“I`m Bob.” The first pointed to his name tag that was worn just above his stomach. “The poodle.” He smirked at the other kid who just rolled his eyes. “Is Ray.”
“I`m Mikey.” They smile at me and I shyly return it. I liked them-they seemed nice. My fear of being alone was gone and I think I had made two new friends.
Frank`s pov.
“Watch it.” Despite being run into by this raven haired stranger I smile at him.
He smiles back, hazel eyes lighting up. “Hi.” The kid looks a bit older than me and was gripping hold tightly of a sketchbook. He had a name tag similar to mine only his was on the sleeve of his shirt, mine was on my head. He had real pale skin and despite looking really worried about something, he seemed like a really cool person.
“I`m Gerard.” Oh, nice name, easy to say, huh?
“You can call me Gee if you want. Mikey does.” He smiles and I smile back. Gee, I liked that.
His smile fades and he looks worried again. I really wish I knew what was wrong, maybe I could help can see his really pretty eyes fill with tears that spill down his cheeks. He seems ashamed to be crying in front of me. But I was his friend, well I hoped I was.
“I lost my brother, Mikey.” He sobs as I sit down on the gravel next to him. Without thinking I wrap an arm round him.
“I`ll help you find him.” I offer, hoping he`d say yes, wanting to spend more time with my newly found friend.
“Thanks.” He wipes his tears and stands up. I do to and he starts laughing.
“What?!” I`m confused-had he changed his mind.
“it`s just you so small.” He ruffles my hair and I glare up at him. He wasn’t that much taller, not really.
The playground was busy, kids everywhere were shouting, some where even crying not wanting their parent to leave them. Some had toys like skipping ropes while others were busy playing games of tag or follow the leader.
“Maybe he went inside.” I suggest after a couple of minutes of searching.
As soon as we enter the overly colourful, stuffy classroom we hear screams of “NO, Mikey don’!”
Gee turns to look at me. “Don`t what?”
We run over to where the scream s had come from. The teacher was standing next to a group of three boys angrily telling them to behave.
“What happened, Mikes?” Gerard asks the kid in the middle-the one with glasses.
Mikey suddenly finds the ground very interesting and doesn’t answer.
A boy standing in-between him and one with a really awesome `fro answers for him.
“Mikey got this toaster from in there” the boy points to a door in the hallway that led into a room no bigger than a cupboard. “And a fork.” He held up a slightly bent fork, and continued excitedly.
“Mikey, you didn’t.” Gee shakes his head and sighs at his younger brother. .”
“Maybe” was his meek response.

Home time Gerard`s pov
“I don`t wanna go home!” I stomped my foot. Mama was looking at me warningly, her best “Don`t even think about causing a scene” look. I ignored it.
“Bye Gee!” Frankie runs up to me and wraps his graffited arms around me.
“See ya tomorrow, Fwankie.” Then Ray and Bob walk over to say bye. Ray looked more than a little annoyed and I couldn’t help but wonder in fear what Bob had done this time.
“So, good day then?” Mama asks me and Mikey as she starts the car.
We shrug. “I guess.” Mikey says, but as soon as her back is turned we share a knowing glance. We had had a great day-we had made new friends we were certain would last a lifetime.
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