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I don't do summaries anymore so go read the chapter or don't.

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Finally a new chapter! Thanks to AgentKilljoy for the awesometastic idea! I know it's been forever but I haven't been in the most writey type of mood but today I guess I had my mojo back. So go read this chapter and R and R because I love to read all of your reviews and try and reply to them if I can. :D Hannah :S)


Friday Afternoon

I got home from school and immediately headed to my attic bedroom. I felt like crap. As soon as reached the top of the two flights of stairs, I flung the door open and laid my frail body down. For about two hours I was in and out of sleep. I looked at the clock, it read 5:33. Soon I should get ready for what was to come that night. Lily and Cherry ran into my room and offered to take me out for a bit.

"Hey B! Do you wanna go downtown and hang for a bit?" Lily said

"Sure!" I said. My best friends always knew how to make me feel better. We headed to the mall to do a bit of shopping. And then over to the local diner for milkshakes and fries. We got home around 7:05 and I just then remembered about my date with Evin. I decided to go wait in the kitchen for him. He must have just been late. I said I was going to wait until 7:30, that turned into 9:30, and I eventually fell asleep in the kitchen waiting for him. I called him last night and apologized for being sick and being late and he didn't even answer.

"Hey Aunt Jamia? Did a guy named Evin ever come by? I was supposed to go on a date with him but I think that little twit stood me up." I asked in the morning

"Well right at 7, he rang the doorbell and I told him you were sick and probably didn't feel well enough to go out." She said as she made coffee for everyone. Jamia was typically the first one up every morning and always made coffee, for everyone in the household over the age of 13, which is a lot of people.

"Really? I called him last night and apologized for not being there when he was and offered to go out with him next weekend and he didn't even answer."

"Maybe he was still driving home from here and he didn't know you left a message." She said as she handed me a mug of coffee.

As the rest of the adults came filing down for coffee, I asked each and every one of them if Evin had ever come by. I knew my parents and the rest of my uncles wouldn't have answered the door because he was a fan of MCR.

"He came by. Jamia answered the door. I watched from the kitchen" My dad said. I sighed, being my dad of course he was watching from the kitchen.

"Yeah. We were watching Jaws in the family room" My uncle Mikey said as the rest of them echoed. What a big surprise, my uncle Mikey loved Jaws. Which made no sense to me seeing as his two biggest fears are large bodies of water and sharks.

"I don't believe you guys. I called him almost twelve hours ago apologizing and he never called me back. I'm going to my room" I said as I grabbed my mug of coffee and stormed up the stairs. I was sketching at my desk when my aunt Molly came in.

"Hey can I talk to you?" she said, taking a seat on my bed.

"I guess" I said not looking at her, still sketching. I didn't even know what I was sketching, I was just releasing my feelings, so it consisted of a lot of dark squiggles and spots.

"Hey you know I would never lie to you right?"

"Right." I said with a hefty sigh

"Then why wouldn't you believe me when I say he did come by? Do you know where he lives because I could drive you over there." she said

I finally look at her and I could see in her eyes that she wasn't lying. "I don't know I'm just being a teenager. And no he knows where I live but I don't know where he lives."

"Well does he go to school with you?"

"Yeah he's a grade above me. Why?" I asked, a questioning look on my face.

"I think you should try to talk to him on Monday." And with that she left the room, I could hear Mikey calling for her, wondering where she had disappeared to this time. I flopped down on the bed and let out a sigh. Monday was going to come quick and go by slow.
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