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Epilogue - Are You Near Me?

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This is the end...

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So...this is the end of Helena.
I really hope that you like it! I know that it's short's supposed to be a short, happy (erm in a weird way..yeah...happy) ending. So...hope you like it. And I'll be starting on my Killjoy fanfic soon (Hopefully).

Epilogue - Are You Near Me?

Three Months Later

The clouds shifted slightly as the brothers slammed the car doors closed and made their path through the cemetery. Tiny shafts of light would dance between the grey masses before slowly disappearing again. As they trudged through the grass a flash of light quickly sped across their faces before fading again. When the light had illuminated their faces, they seemed almost tired, their hardship showing in their eyes.
They had been having a rough time over the past few months, after the death of their Grandmother things would never be the same. They had lost, and mourned. Then they had tried to forget everything, tried to make themselves think that it was all just some idiotic nightmare. They had known it wouldn't work but, it was worth a try, anything to resist facing the horrible truth that always lingered in their minds.
But they had gotten though it. They had managed to pull through the nightmares, and terrorfying thoughts that always threatened to drag them under. The two of them had always had each other, and their three friends. That was all they really needed. Just a few people to be there for them, and with that they had managed to pull through. Sure they were a bit worse for wear but here they stood.
Their hands were still clasped, managing to communicate with each other silently as they made their way to the all to familiar headstone. Silently, they pulled to a halt at the spot where the foot of the coffin would be. They stared for a minute, simply watching it, as they took in the sight before them. Their eyes scanned over the words that they had choosen for the headstone.

Elena Lee Rush
Beloved Grandmother, Her Memory Will Always Carry On.
We'll Meet Again, So Long And Goodnight

The younger Way gave a soft sigh and pulled his hand from his brothers', grasping the handle of a bouquet of roses in both hands. He stepped forward, almost cautiously, and gently placed the bouquet atop the grave, the vibrant red seeming to shine against the dark green earth. As he stepped back a sudden wind blew throught the once still cemetery.
The brother's lifted their hands to their eyes in an attempt to cover them from the onslaught of dirt that whirled through the air. The older was the first to remove his hand and when he did he couldn't stop the gasp that escaped his lips. Then Mikey's hand was gripping his in a tight vice and he knew that his brother could see her too.
She stepped casually through the headstone and closer to them. The dress from the funeral still falling down her frame as it blew gently in the softly turning air. Her hair tossed to her side and she took another step towards them. Then she was standing before them, her face an impasse as they gazed upon her.
"Grandma?" Gerard choked out, his voice breaking as he stared at her.
A smile grew across her face, the same smile that he had memorized, right in front of him. Suddenly, her arms were around him. They weren't cold, as was always rumored, no. They were warm, they were comfortable, they were safe, and for a moment he felt like he were home.
Then her arms were around Mikey. He smiled to himself as tears pricked his eyes and she pulled him tightly into her embrace. He could smell the same scent that had kept him calm over the years. The scent that always surrounded him when he was with her. The scent that had always meant he were home.
In this moment, she was with them, she was keeping them safe, and they were home. All to soon, it was over.
The ghost of Elena pulled away from her grandsons and stared at them with appraising eyes that brought with them calm and happiness. Then her grin dropped into a soft but sad smile that told them she had to leave. She raised her arms and grasped their hands in either of hers, holding onto them tightly as slowly she faded.
As Elena began to disappear before their eyes she mouthed three simple words.
'I Love You.'
Then she was gone.
Tears streamed down the brothers face as they stared at the spot that their Grandmother had been just seconds before. A soft smile was on their lips, their hands still stretched before them, wishing that she was still holding onto them tightly but she was already gone. Still the smile was imprinted on them.
Carefully, they lowered their hands and clasped onto each other again, but this time, in absolute happiness.
They were never alone in this cemetery where the departed rested.
They had gotten their wish.
They had seen Elena again.

So Long And Goodnight...
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