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When You're Gone, I'll Miss You So Much.

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About a girl who loases her Grandad. She missis him. So does her older brother Jake, her dad returns a changed mind. MCR in it later on. Not sure when tho. :P

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Hai! New stuff, enjoy.

Hi, my names Franklin Alix Cooper Timbrell, yes I have a boys name even though I am a girl, it's because of my dad liked the name so much when I was a baby he gave it to me as my mum choose my older brothers name. I have naturally blonde hair, not bimbo blonde or dirty blonde somewhere in between, I have died it black with a bright blue streak through it slightly to the left. I'm what people would consder 'short' I usually punch them and say I'm fun sized   I live with my mum, older brother Jake and our dogs, Spud, Tatty, Buster and Brian, yeah I know wiered names for dogs, but well all agreed on then together. My older brother, Jake, has the same hair colour as me but dies it all black, hes only slightly taller than me, hes 17 nearly 18, 2 years older than me, im going be 16 in 2 months time. The day after Halloween, Halloweens my favourite holiday of all time, not just because my birthdays in it, but because we would always go out trick or treating with my mum and pappy. We used to knock on his door every halloween and shout 'TRICK OR TREAT! SNELL MY FEET GIVE US SOMETHING NICE TO EAT!' he used to laugh and give us loads more sweets. That's why I loved my grandad.

'You ready Frankie?' my older brother asked staring at me with eyes full of pain and morning from the loss of our grandad, also known as papa Copper. 
'Yeah,' I reply feeling nothing, my way of coping with our loss, my pappy was the person I looked up to most firstly to my older brother. He had taught be to play the drums, guitar, he taught me not to take the shit other people throw at me. We used to visit him everyday after school, he only lived across the road. He would take Jake and myself to the park and get us ice-cream, he was an awesome guy, my mum used to say we had nothing but Cooper blood in our veins, because we only looked like the Cooper side of our family not the Timbrell. We used to giggle when we would grin, papa included, at the same time at my mum looking the same. Papa Cooper was like a dad/grandad/teacher and everything else rolled into one.  He was the male role in our family since I was born because our dad ran away not being able to cope with a small child and soon to be born baby. 
'Frankie?' I came back out of my day dream to Jake snapping his fingers in front of my face. 'Err, yeah, yeah, let's go.' I said frowning at the floor. 
'Hey, come here.' Jake said pulling me into a hug. I pulled out of the hug. 
'C'mon we better get going or mum will be thinking something happens to us.' he said trying to lighten the mood, smiling slightly. I smiled back pulling him out towards the car.

At the funeral
As they lowered my granddads coffin into the ground the weather seemed to match the mood from going a light gray to an extremely dark and started to pour down with rain. Perfect weather for my mood. I could hear mother crying in the background, not taking any notice of her, we all had are own problems to deal with, just in our own ways, my way would be just shutting down and not being able to do anything but shut down. Jake started pulling me away knowing I would just stand there staring into space and not move. We made our way back to our house where we where supposed to be having a 'celebratory party of his life' party my ass, I said to that and stormed off to my basement room blasting my favourite band My Chemical Romance. 

End of flashback

Hope you enjoyed my first chapter, sorry if i don't update everyday, just by always in the mood for writing. Enjoy.

Frankie :D

And I you're reading this Gee you will be in this at some point ^__^
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