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Ayumi went back to Japan after 5 years and meets up with her childhood crush. She also met new friends. Her goal is to achieve Happiness. Follow her in her journey to happiness... Bad summary,just ...

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Sorry if its like a script... Hope you'll guys like it :)

Prologue: Goodbyes

-Children's Park-
Takashi: Ayumi, there you are, I've been looking everywhere for you.
Ayumi: *looks up and rubs her eyes vigorously
: Oh hey Takashi
Takashi: Why are you crying?
Ayumi: I'm not crying.
Takashi: Yes, you are
Ayumi: NO, i'm not.
Takashi: YES YOU ARE!! Stop lying to me.
Ayumi: Fine
: I am crying
Takashi: Can you please tell me why?
Ayumi: I... I...
:I'm going away
Takashi: Going where?
Ayumi: To.. to.. America
Takashi: Why?
Ayumi: I don't know.
: why do you keep asking questions?
Takashi: Because I care.
Ayumi: Oh Takashi
: *hugs him
: I'll miss you
Takashi: I'll miss you too
Ayumi: *pulls away
: Promise me something
Takashi: Anything
Ayumi: Promise me that we will be friends no matter what. Promise?
Takashi: *nods
: Promise
Both: *pinky swear

- End of prologue -
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