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The One Who Can

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(Kaoru/OC) Akane sees the twins for who they really are. Two completely different people and has grown a liking to one of them...

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"Kaoru, why don't you start with what you wrote. You two did write your own, didn't you?" The teacher glared. The assignment was to write a tragic short story and the twins had a habbit of not doing two but only one.

"Yes of course!" Hikaru called from his seat.

"We didn't want to fail again." Kaoru sneered. With that said, Kaoru went before the class with a paper that he didn't even look at. "There once was a Prince. He held his friends, the dukes, very dear to him.

Then came a Princess that captured the hearts of the Prince and a duke. The Duke's brother told him to give up, beg him even. It was so clear to him he would only get hurt but the Duke never listened thought.

Once it was time for the Princess choose her lover She picked the Prince. The Duke wasn't abled to handle it. He stayed in bed for days. He wouldn't eat. He wouldn't even talk to his brother.

And one day, his brother found him cold and dead on the floor. It wasn't suicide. Just death....of broken heart."

The fan girls went wild. The girls falling over him from the host club no doubt. They screamed for him. They yelled about how moving it was. Akane laughed at the girls. Yes she might be hopelessly in love with Kaoru, but it's not that bad. Even though she would love to scream like one of those girls. She loves his writing. It so amazing and deep and well thought out. She would love to hear a poem from him. That would surely make her heart melt.

"Hikaru please go next." Hikaru then shrugged and got up to the front of the room.

Hikaru sighed and took in a deep breath. "Larry went to the market and bought a candy bar. A few months later he had a cavity. Larry never eat candy again. The end."

"Hikaru! That was not acceptable! You might want to take lesson from your brother!" The teacher spat.

Hikaru looked to the side dramaticly. "Oh.... I will never be as good as my brother." Kaoru gasped and ran to his brother, wrapping him in tender embrace.

"Don't say that my brother you are amazing in my eyes." Akane flinched once she heard ear-drum killing squeal. She couldn't understand why girls loved the twinest thing. It was all too weird for her.

"Okay boys go back to your seats. We must finish these today." The teacher scolded. The boys sighed and returned to their, still in their tight embrace. "Akane! You are up next." Her head jolted up, not thinking she would go next.

As the good student she was, she rose from her seat and walked to the front. A clear of the throat and she began. "Esmerelda, A sure fine women in the colonel time of America's history, had a secret. One of true shame and hurt. She was in love with a married man.

"One bright, shinning day, a short was to be heard outside on her lawn. She was sure to drop everything and run to see what had happened. When she ran out, she saw the man she loved on the ground with his wife standing over him with a gun.

"She ran to his side and lifted him. It was then when she had seen the blood coming from his chest. He was not long for this world, she thought. Then before knowing what she was saying, she spoke to him.

'no! Please! Sir! You mustn't die! I-I love you!' She cried to him, holding him so close the red blood of his veins soaked her dress.

A fait smile played on his lips then. 'I have always loved you as well, Esmerelda.' He whispered to her.

'Then why marry her not I?!' she asked quickly.

'Because....Because....' He was not abled to finish. She watched as the light left his eyes. She felt his body grown limp. She heard the witch cackle coming from his wife. She screamed in pain. Her heart hurt so much. They had loved each other but was never able to have one another."

The class erupted in claps and cries. Akane smiled and bowed to the class and went to her seat. Thank god that's over she thought to herself.

"That was very good. The next person is-" That was all that was heard in Akane's mind. She was thinking about after class. She's going to give him the love letter today. Or at least put it in his desk. Yes. Todays the day.

"Hey Hikaru, looks like I got another note." Kaoru said, reading over the note. He couldn't help but blush. The letter was so well written, so beautiful, and so... different. All the ones before have all seemed the same. But this one. It stands out from the rest and defies all the rules.

Hikaru leaned in with one arm on the desk. "Are we doing what we normally do?" The devilish smile on his face was hard to say no to. So against all of Kaoru's being, he agreed to play the trick.

"Hey Hikaru, she's here." Kaoru informed him, gazing at Akane. She had brown and black hair with these big sea green eyes. He couldn't stop starring at her.

They walked down to the meeting place together but separated once they saw her. Kaoru went up to her and started to talk. "I got your letter. But I think you had the wrong desk. You see, I am Hikaru."

Akane looked at him with confused eyes. "No your not." She said bluntly to him. He stared at her. He was so taken back he had to take a hold of the pole behind him. How could this girl have known?
Hey you guys! This is my very first fanfiction for this anime and I hope you like it so far. There will be more! Yayy! Haha so I am Jadesohma but theres just wayyy too many stories on my other account so I'm putting it on here:D I hope you liked it! I live for reivews! ~JS~
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