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They're sleeping together, but is that romance?

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July 7th, 2006

We laid on our sides, him being the biggest spoon and I the smaller one. He sloppily slid in and out of me with ease, grunting and nibbling the skin of my neck alternately. My juices from our previous intercourse worked like lubricant and reduced the friction to zero.

A pair of muscular arms wrapped around my waist forced me to meet his thrusts. He rocked me back and forth to push his glorious length deeper inside my craving body.
"Yes, right there. Yes! Jared!" I hooped as he brushed against the sensitive spot placed on my inner wall. A soft moan escaped Jared's mouth and the sound soaked into my mane of wild curls.

He continued rolling his hips to hit the spot over and over again until I shook with pleasure. "You like that?" he asked naughtily and licked down the line of my collarbone.
I couldn't answer with more than heavy pants and whimpers. Jared was just teasing me and I enjoyed every blessed second of it.

Jared groped my breasts, fiddled with my nipples and kept thrusting like there was no tomorrow. Like he always did.

It didn't take long before every muscle inside my body, from head to toe, tensed up and I climaxed. Electric waves of pleasure and exhaustion rushed through my body.
I screamed. A scream of release. A scream of happiness.

My cramping inner walls sent Jared over the edge too. His hands squeezed my abused breasts tighter as he twitched and thrust into me a final time.
His body was wrapped over mine like a hot, breathing coat. Soon Jared slipped out of me soundlessly and I drew small circles on his sweaty back.

"You are a tiger in bed," Jared panted and smiled like the movie star he was. Those teeth shone brighter than the fucking moon, I swear.
Because of dental bleach or not, it was still stunning and enthralling.

"Thanks. You aren't that bad yourself."
The compliment was true. Jared had a way of finding my weaknesses and could make my knees buckle and hands tremble by a simple touch.
It was like he could read me like an open book.

We had slept together for more than a month. Whenever Gabriel was at work and Jared wasn't away to do something with the band we would get together and throw our clothes off.
Having sex was really the main part of our relationship and it suited me perfectly. No talks about the future which stressed me out.

Gabriel had once been just like Jared. He had been fun to be around and just went with the flow. Now he's so uptight and takes himself so seriously that it has evolved from funny and inspiring to simply tragic.
I don't even feel guilty for cheating on Gabriel with Jared anymore. Gabriel can't offer me everything I want and therefore I search for the missing ingredients from someone else.

Being with Jared wasn't all perfect and wonderful though. Nothing is. The love sequences you see in movies, which seem to have been filtered by a pink filter-of-cuteness, are not real.
You don't just meet a man and take him home and then it's you two forever. There is so much more work behind it.

One thing about seeing a new man, which I had forgotten about, is the constant polishing of yourself. I want to satisfy every single one of Jared's senses.

With Gabriel I'm comfortable with walking around with a naked face, messy hair and dressed in a stained and smelly tracksuit. We're way past the smitten phase when we always tried our hardest to be fresh and pretty.
Just a couple of months into our relationship we got stuck in the comfortable trap.

With Jared I'm afraid that he will find me off-putting if I don't try to look my best.
That's why I've started shaving my legs every other day. I hate the small cuts from the razor which stings like hell and bleeds for hours without stopping.
And even then, my legs often feel stubby. At least I know that I have tried.
Then I started plucking my eyebrows again, which isn't that easy to do by yourself. My right eyebrow got more arched than the left one.

I also tried to use fake tan to look more appealing and sun-kissed. It doesn't work. The bottle said that I was going to get a 'sun-kissed and natural glow' on my skin.
My legs looked like carrots - a thing which both Gabriel and Jared laughed merrily at.

Needless to say, the beginnings of relationships aren't always a ballet on fluffy clouds.

But all of my effort seemed to be worth the pain and time at moments like this. I sighed and felt Jared's body moving with me as my chest rose and fell.
I bet Jared doesn't struggle like me to look good and presentable. He just brushes his teeth, sprays himself with cologne and puts a smile on as the finishing touch.

"What breed is Judas?" I hummed. Jared rolled off me and laid on his back right next to me. We were still so close that the sides of our warm legs rubbed together.

"He is half husky and half wolf." The words came out and was followed by a brief laugh.

"For real?" I asked and raised my eyebrow questioningly. It probably looked funny because of how unevenly I had plucked my eyebrows. Next time I'll go to someone professional, for sure.

Jared nodded and grinned. "I wanted a dog who's my equal in the sexy department."

I scoffed and rolled my eyes. Jared sure had a big ego and maybe he also suffered from hubris. But that was what made him flawed and more likable.
I would never dare to even talk to him if he was this perfect robot.

I glanced towards the clock and found out that it was time to go. Gabriel would be home in two hours and I wanted to get home before he did to change into more comfortable clothes and wash the makeup off.
Gabriel would probably be suspicious and ask a lot of questions if I exited a cab with a fancy dress and flirty false lashes on.

"I have to go now," I said and wrapped a quilt around my chest as I gathered the scattered items of my clothing in the room.
Jared laid splayed out on his bed. Naked. He didn't have a trace of shame in his body and with a figure like that he didn't need to cover anything up.

His tired blue eyes watched me when I bent down to pick my black silky thongs up from the floor.
"You don't have to cover yourself up, y'know? I've already seen it all," he hummed and smirked.

I placed a couple of my curls behind my ear and shook my head softly. "You'll grow tired of seeing my body if I show it too much."

Jared kept smirking and his tongue licked his lips from side to side, teasingly slow. " I doubt that," he said. I stuck my tongue out playfully. Not a very mature thing to do, but I didn't have a witty comeback in store.

I put my clothes on quickly. To my dismay I found a hole in my tight blouse. It must have been ripped in the heat of moment. "See you later," I said to receive a swift wave from Jared.

The cab waited for me outside and took me home.


When Gabriel came home I was in my old shabby tracksuit. He smiled softly.
"Has Sally behaved today?" he asked and I nodded.

"She's been such an angel," I lied. Since I had been with Jared most of the day I had no idea about what Sally had done to amuse herself.
But our dog is usually too smart to get herself into trouble anyways.

Gabriel chuckled and placed his briefcase on the ground and slid his shoes off. I leaned against the wall and watched him move.

Things had been better between me and Gabriel lately. I believe it is because I now have Jared who happily helps me to get rid of my tensions.
And since I know that I always can run right into Jared's arms, it's much easier to ignore Gabriel and his insulting comments.

That's one of the reasons why I don't feel guilty of cheating on Gabriel. It only makes our relationship better and stronger, so I seriously can't see the harm in my actions.

"Do you have any plans for tonight?" Gabriel asked, crouching down to scratch the skin between Sally's ears. I shook my head.
"Of course not," Gabriel said and laughed, slapping his own knees since he found himself hilarious. He always liked to make fun of me because I didn't really have a lot of friends. Or any friends at all.
And every time I got more and more irritated. I dug my nails into my palms and tried to ignore his words.

After collecting himself, Gabriel stood up and straightened his tie. Then he cleared his throat formally and got ready to reveal his plans of the night.
"Dress up nicely for tonight. I'm taking you to Pierre's, the expensive new french restaurant."

Oh God, this would be interesting.
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