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Tear Out All Your Tenderness.

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Don't read if you don't like blood, guts and gore. LOL Be careful, because not everyone is who they seem.

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'Be careful of the curse that falls on young lovers, starts so soft and sweet and turns them to hunters.'

Gerard pulled his cloak tighter around himself as the pouring rain plastered his hair to his face. His teeth chattered as the icy cold water ran down his neck, his boots slipping on the slick dirt road. Sunset was approaching fast, and he wanted to make it home before darkness set in. He was the only one in his village who didn't fear the 'ghosts' who apparently roamed the roads at night. However, navigating the winding country tracks in the dark was nigh on impossible. The rain seemed to get heavier, each drop causing his skin to sting, his vision completely impaired as he stumbled onwards.

A figure appeared in the gloom, standing motionless a few feet from Gerard. He approached cautiously, fearing it was a highwayman trying to steal his money. But when he got closer, he realised the figure was a girl. The most beautiful girl he had ever seen. Her long dark hair tumbled over her shoulders, making her pale skin stand out in contrast. She wore a white high collared shirt underneath a flowing black strapless dress, a flimsy shawl wrapped round her shoulders. But her eyes. Her eyes were the most stunning colour Gerard had ever seen. A deep blue, like the clean, pure water of a lake surrounded by thick lashes. He got lost on her eyes, gazing at her in awe.

His fatal mistake. Had he not been so lost in her eyes, he would have noticed that although sheets of rain swept across the land, not a single drop touched her. Her clothing and hair remained bone dry.

"Help me. I have been wandering these roads for hours, and I fear I will not make it home before the ghosts make it out" she whispered, her silky voice wrapping itself around his mind and causing all rational thought to shut down. Her eyes grew wider, begging him to help, and her beestung bottom lip stuck out. "Of course!" He gasped snapping out of the trance like state he seemed to have slipped into. "You can come back to my villiage and you can stay with me until morning when the rain stops. I'm sure no one will mind, I mean Mikey doesn't care as long as the house is clean and I don't eat all the food, cause I do that sometimes and Ray is out with his friends shooting or something, and Frank likes making new friends because it's someone who he can play with cause he's like a big kid. One time, he..." Gerard trailed off and smacked himself on the head "Sorry, I'm wittering on about stuff you probably don't even care about! I'll shut up now. Tell me about yourself. I'm Gerard by the way." He giggled sticking out his hand to shake.

The girl took his hand, gazing into his eyes with her piercing gaze. It felt like his soul was being searched. "Gerard... What a curious name."
"Yes my mother named me after-" He jumped as he felt a pair of lips attack his own. The girl had wrapped her arms around his neck, and was now frantically kissing him. He couldn't believe his luck. He smiled kissing her back. The kissing grew more intense and Gerard slipped his tongue into her mouth, exploring the new surroundings. She moaned, entangling her fingers in his raven coloured hair and pulling, hard. She stopped, looking up into his eyes. Then she smiled, biting down on his lip so hard it drew blood. He yelped in pain, watching as she sucked the blood off his lip. She dragged her fingers down the cool damp skin of his neck, leaving angry red scratch marks.

Gerard began to protest, "Ow! That is rather pain-" but was cut off by the girl leaning forward and snuggling into his neck. He breathed in her scent. It was heavenly, but not a smell he recognised. He felt teeth graze his neck, and was aware of a liquid other than rain trickle down his body. Thunder boomed overhead. She nipped at the tender skin, lapping up all of the blood she drew. His blood was so pure, she could not get enough.

She snapped upright again, her hands on his shoulders. She smiled, pushing him, so that he landed painfully on his butt. She pushed his shoulders down, so that he was lying down, and straddled him, so she was sitting on stomach. She gazed into his hazel eyes, confusion obvious on his face. Lightning skeletons danced across the inky sky, lighting up her face. Smirking to herself, she marvelled at how quickly this one had fallen under her control. She leaned forward, kissing his still bleeding lips. The kiss was sweet and tender, and Gerard melted at her touch. She began unbuttoning his shirt with one hand while gently stroking his face with the other. When his shirt was completely undone, she sat up again. Slender fingers ghosting across the creamy flesh. She pulled out a knife from within the folds of her dress, dragging it across his stomach. Licking her lips, she began to draw intricate patterns across his flesh, ignoring the moans and gasps coming from Gerard.

Once the pattern was finished, she leaned forward and ran her tongue along the raised lines she had cut. Blood stained her hands and clothing, but Gerard couldn’t help but think how beautiful she was. He wriggled in pleasure underneath her, no one had ever treated him like this, and it was so wonderful. His eyelashes fluttered on his high cheek bones as she lapped the blood up from his wounds. She picked up the knife again. Stabbing hard into his stomach and wrenching the knife sideways. He screamed out in pain, trying to push the girl off his body. His abdomen felt like it was on fire. She remained in place.

Plunging her hand into the cut, she pulled out his intestines and left kidney, squeezing them hard so more blood came out. He was in agony, the pain searing through his body. He tried to push her off, or move his legs and kick her, something, anything! But it was like he had been paralysed. His hazel eyes rolled into the back of his head from the pain. She sighed with pleasure and sunk her teeth into the guts, ripping out chunks and swallowing them down. She reached in and pulled out more, amazed at the pureness of his blood. She was so busy devouring his guts she didn’t notice his heart stop. The wind hissed through the trees, whipping her hair in her face. The knife was put to use again, making a deep incision in his chest. She reached, practically howling with happiness with the treasures she would find within. She brushed her fingers along his lungs, loving the silky feeling of the delicate organs. She left the lungs intact, reaching across, and tearing out his heart. The action was so violent Gerard’s body lifted off the ground.

She savagely bit into the heart, still warm blood dribbling down her chin. The organ tasted so good, she could feel her strength coming back. Having wolfed down his tender heart, she began to swirl her fingers round in the blood, making patterns and spreading the red substance across his chest.

She drew a heart where his real heart should have been, and then stopped and licked her fingers, savouring the coppery taste. Sighing, she stood up, dusting herself off, before melting into the tree line. That had been fun, but she was bored now.

Gerard’s mangled corpse lay in the middle of the road, blood mixing with the pouring rain.

[*Hey, did you like eeett? I know, I know, its really horribly gory, but I like that kind of stuff ;D Inspired by Howl by Florence and The Machine aannnddd the It Never Ends vidjo by Bring Me The Horizon.
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