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A confrontation to the legendary guardian with words that might have left unspoken if Rikku don't said them.

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If Rikku had been this angry all the time, perhaps she would be strong enough to defeat Sin all by herself easily.

The confrontation from the young Al Bhed had been violent and full of anger. Auron could not deny that she had surprised him with how much strength she actually had in that petite form of her, when she punched him hard into his arm.

If she exerted a little more strength she might have been able to crack a bone. It's amazing how anger can enhance the power of one's strength.

The fury in her spiral green eyes slowly faded into desperation. He remembered her grabbing onto his collar swearing and yelling. As her strength started to deteriote, angry voices crumbled down into cries.

"Do you really have to go after all this?"

Auron did not answer, and merely gave a sigh as he observed her body trembling.

"But what about Lulu? How could you be so cruel to leave her?!" She looked up again and stared angrily into his dark glasses, with almost a wish that her sharp angry stare was enough to penetrate it and shot straight into his eye that was shielded behind it.

Auron had never really managed to deal with kids, especially when they were crying all over him. The last time he remembered holding Tidus when he buried himself into him on the day his mother passed away.

He lifted his hand and patted the young girl on the back of her head that was filled with her bundle of messy blonde hair. As his finger touched the tips of her straying hair, Rikku pulled off and slapped her hand against his.

"Don't touch me! You... you..!" She turned away from him and ran, leaving the swordsman standing all alone with his back against the hard metal wall of the airship, with a bruise and lingering pain on his arm.

"Sir Auron."

He'd recognized that voice anywhere. Lulu stood out of the shadow from a corner of the narrow corridor as he looked to her direction.

The mage moved slowly towards him, slender fingers landed on his injured arm with concern.

"She will understand." Auron said as Lulu leaned in and buried her face into his collar and embraced him with her hands wrapped around his body.

Lulu let some of her hair fell towards the front, shielding some part of her face from him as she shifted herself out of the embrace.

"Come, let's do something about your bruised arm before she decides to come back again to break it."
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