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The End

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The drive to the crematorium was long and painful. Frank was silent for the whole three hours. I was concerned by this, he had been so happy and enthusiastic recently. I suppose losing your mother, no matter how awful she was, hit anyone hard. When we arrived we were greeted by a small amount of people. It was strictly close friends and family. I was an exception, being the sons boyfriend meant I had been invited.

We were met by her brother.

“Um, hello Frank and umm, is this your friend?” Mr Jones asked.

“No, this is Gerard. He’s my boyfriend.” Frank replied, smiling casually.

“Oh, that’s cool. I thought you were with that Emma girl.” He kept quizzing him.

“Yeah, it didn’t really work out. I used to date Gee a few years ago, remember?”

“Are you sure it's a good idea being this open to him?” I whisper into franks ear.

“How’s your husband?” Frank asked his uncle. (A/N irony or what?)

“Luke is fine thank you. He’s over there if you want to go say hi.” He smiled.

We left to go speak to Luke and he seemed, well, pretty stereotypical. He was wearing a white shirt and a black suit and tie, but he was one of those people who everyone presumes is gay. (A/N maybe a little more irony is due)

The whole service didn’t last too long, but it was then up to Frank and Steve (the uncle) to scatter the ashes.

Frank POV

We took her to her favourite beach, Fresh Water West. It was a beautiful area. The sand dunes were always fn to run around but today I was not here for fun. It was serious and no matter how much of a bitch she had been, I couldn’t abandon my own mother.

We went to the very top of the highest sand dune (lucky it was a nice day.) and scattered the ashes there.

I turned to see Gerard watching me. He looked so worried but of course he would. I had just throw my dead mum onto a beach. I walked slowly to him, tears running down my face.

“Shh Frankie.” he hushed me stroking my hair as I leaned into his warm embrace. “It’s ok babe. It's over now. She's in a better place now.”

“Gerard?” I ask looking up at him.

“Yes Frankie?”

“I love you.”

“I love you too.” He leaned his head on top of mine and we stood there like that for a while. Just enjoying each other’s arms.

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