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Coffee, Leaanne and a rude awakening.

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Chapter 3

'OMFS! OMFS! OMFS! I MISSED YOU SO MUCH!' Leaanne  half shouted at me, throwing herself at me again. I hugged her back laughing.
'Missed you too, Gee Bee!' I said smiling at her. Pulling her into the house her nose scrunched up at the smell. 
'Ummm.... Dude, your house, errrr.... Smells really bad, as in, something has died in here, bad.' she grimaced.
'Yeah, I know.' I said grimacing back at her. 
'C'mon.' I said pulling her down the hall towards my bedroom, ignoring the dreadful smell. 

As we entered my room the dogs came running up the stairs barking and wagging there tails like mad. They always go mad like this when a guest comes round, it can be quite intimidating I'f you're not used to it, having 4 dogs run at you at once. Leaanne just laughed trying to get down the stairs without tripping up. Well down. 
'So, what you wanna do?' Lea asked me sitting down on the sofa on the wall next to my bed. 
'Film?' I asked lifting an eyebrow questionly.
'Sure.' lea agreed. We ended up watching 'The Hills Have Eyes' lauding whenever someone got killed finding anything gory funny. Feeling much better than i had in ages we decided to bed as it was 7:30AM already. Not having to get up as it was the summer holidays. 

Morning well afternoon 

'WAKEY! WAKEY! RISE AND SHINE!' I jolted upright to my brother screaming in my ear.
'Fuck off Jake!' I moaned rolling over to face the wall my bed was standing next to.
'Nope, you're gonna get up and make  breakfast with me.' Jake said rolling me over by my shoulder so that I was facing him. I lifted an eyebrow in a way to say 'Oh really?' and rolled back over. Jake rolled me back over once again.
'Yes, now get up.' Jake said before walking towards my closet and throwing some clothes at me before turning to go back up the stairs towards the kitchen. I frowned, rolled my eyes knowing it was a useless battle and got up. As I made way to the kitchen I remembered that Leaanne had stayed round last night, I carried on my way to the kitchen. 

'That stinks kinda gone.' I said walking into the room, sitting on the kitchen side was Lea drinking a, what smelled like, tea. She smiled as I came in.
'coffee?' Jake asked shaking the coffee jug at me.
'Well what do you think, I don't have it every day without fail.' I said rolling my eyes at my brother.
'Yeah, yeah.' Jake laughed pouring the coffee into my favourite cup, a tigger cup.  
'So, what we doing today?' Leaanne asked as I drank my steaming coffee. 
'I dunno, call KT and the guys round for band practice?' I asked looking over my coffee cup.
'Sure!' Lea said jumping off of the kitchen side, pulling out her phone to text the guys.
'They said they'll be here soon.' Lea said pulling out her guitar from behind her back as if like magic, when really it had been leaning against the wall behind her. I laughed walking towards my bedroom, also known as our band room.

Hope you enjoyed this chapter. :D

Frankie :D
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