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Chapter Four

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Gerard's POV
I was helped to my room by a woman named Martha. She was friendly - yet a little too friendly to what I was used to. I was shown into a small but pretty room, which had red and white walls, a wooden floor with a decorated rug on, red curtains and a small desk situated in the corner of the room. I never had my own room before! I gawped at the room for a little too long and I smiled sheepishly at Martha. She giggled at me, and told me that I could use anything in the room if I needed to. I nodded and smiled gratefully at her. She smiled back and left. I hummed a tune to myself and looked at a relatively large book case. I walked over to it and ran my fingers over the spines of the books, wishing I could read for the first time in my life. I sighed, walking over to the bed and lying on it. I didn't know how long I stared at the ceiling there for, but I soon felt myself drift off to sleep.

Mikey's POV
I was taken to my room by a man with impressive hair. He seemed friendly and he intrigued me - I wanted to know more about him.
"What is your name?" I asked, staring up at him.
"Raymond - but called me Ray." He grinned at me, stopping outside a wooden door.
"Is this my room?" I asked, forgetting about wanting to know about him.
He nodded and opened the door. "You can do anything you want to in this room - but don't break anything, Francis' mother may explode!"
I laughed and he left, leaving me to entertain myself. I decided to look out the window and watch the world go by.

Frank's POV
After the ... rather interesting talk I had with my mother, I decided to pay Gerard a visit. I knocked on his door and waited for a few moments, but I didn't hear any noise coming from inside. I made some panicked hand movements, before opening his door. What I saw made me gasp and rush over to the bed - Gerard was dead!
Tears leaked from my eyes as I shook the figure on the bed violently.
"NO! NO YOU COULDN'T BE DEAD!" I cried. I fell onto my knees beside the bed and buried my face in my arms.
Unexpectedly I heard a series of coughs and a voice saying "Frank?" weakly.
I lifted my head and saw two hazel eyes staring at me. "Gerard?"
"What's wrong?" Gerard croaked, frowning.
"I- uh ... promise you won't laugh?" I asked the man in front of me.
"I - uh - I thought ... you were dead."
I saw a smile flicker over his face and I playfully pouted.
"Idiot." He jokingly said. "I wouldn't have died without saying goodbye."
I hummed and wiped the hair out of his face, causing him to close his eyes. "Could you stay here with me?" Gerard asked.
I nodded, walked over to the other side of the bed and lay down on it. Gerard rolled over and curled up against me. "I thought you would have sat on the chair, but this is better." He smiled.
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