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5: The first Rule of Fight Class

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“Welcome to interrogation bitches!”

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(Dancing Spark’s POV)

“Welcome to fight class! This is your very first, so,” Sun’s bright voice rings out as she takes her vest off, I see her stiffen up when she moves her right shoulder, and figure out quickly that something is wrong. “As Ghoul will tell you, much like after you sleep with a stripper, prepare to get tested!” She looks to the black haired teacher, smiling at him.

“And much like Sun would know, like waking up in the morning next to three guys whose names you don’t remember, if you don’t get tested, you end up aching for days.” He playfully retorts. One of the boys in the class raises his hand. Dark Shadow clears his throat.

“Are you and Sun together now? I thought she and Party Poison had a thing going.” He says.

Fun Ghoul and Neon Sun look at each other. Fun Ghoul shrugs, and Neon Sun turns to look at us. “Due to some rather unfortunate events, Party Poison and I have split. It was a mutual thing, no hard feelings.” It’s a lie, that last part, but she continues. “And yes, I’m with your teacher Fun Ghoul now. He and I used to be together, and we’re giving things another shot. I will ask that when you see Party Poison today, you not say anything to him about it. It’s kinda a touchy subject for us both. So, who’s ready to get their butts handed to them?” She asks us, faking another smile. I step up.

“Me.” I say. “I doubt you’ll kick me anywhere.” I say testing out my snippyness. It sounded nice. Flicking my blonde and pink and blue hair over my shoulder, I look her dead in the eye, watching them flick to a mischievous emerald color, with golden flecks in them. “I’m ready.” I say, having tied my hair up in a tight ponytail. I put one foot in front of the other, and Sun just laughs.

“Child, I’m not coming swinging at you first. I don’t wanna hurt you.” She says. “You know you’re my personal project, my personal concern. You’ll go later, when I’m a bit tired, so I don’t hurt you.” I huff my annoyance, and sit down, next to Neon Tiger and Ghost Eyes.

“This is total bull.” I say. “I’m younger than you all, so she always makes me go last. What does she care?” I knew why she cared though, even if she didn’t know herself why she was so scared to hurt me. Now wasn’t the time to tell everybody though, I’d tell her later. Loaded Dice stands up from her seat next to Dark Shadow.

“Let’s go.” She says, and Sun flies at her like a spider monkey. Loaded Dice side steps carefully, and Sun clips her, dragging her down to the ground.

“There are rival groups of KillJoy’s that like to attack, and they fight hand to hand. Mostly because we stole all their ray guns. That’s why we teach hand to hand.” Sun says, while grappling with Loaded Dice. Neon throws her weight to the left, sending the two of them flying. Dice scrambles to her feet, throwing punches left and right at Sun, who is on her feet again by now.

“How is she fighting in those shorts?” I ask Neon Tiger, who giggles a response.

“You’ll have to try harder to get me to stop.” Neon Sun yells as she sends a kick flying at Dice, who grabs Sun’s foot, and twists. Sun keeps her balance, but snaps her leg down, throwing one wicked punch at her opponent. It lands on her jaw, and surprisingly doesn’t break it, based on the sound. The pissed off ginger girl throws one right back, that hits her teacher in the shoulder. She tackles her to the ground, pinning Sun on her back.

“Okay. You’ve finished testing. You’ll be working with Kobra Kid specifically for fight training. Seriously, you’ve got a wicked left hook. You might actually be able to teach him something about that. His is a bit lacking.” She pushes the student off her, and quickly moves through the rest of the group, until only I remain. As usual.

“You ready?” I ask my teacher as she takes a sip from a bottle of something I’m hoping is water that Fun Ghoul hands her. “Isn’t it a bit early to be drinking?”

“Darling, it’s nearly four thirty now. We usually start nine am sharp around here.” She quips “But don’t tell the kids.” She adds this with a wink. “I’m ready.”

The blonde in front of me has her hair tied up in a messy bun on the top of her head, the streaks of color she has putting dashes of color through the nearly white blonde knot. She slowly moves towards me, and Ghoul moves from his spot, also advancing on me. I get backed into a corner, and just as Sun gets within striking distance, I fly at her male counterpart, forcing him to the ground. He rolls his weight, putting me on my back. I kick my right foot up, hitting him squarely in the head.

“The heck! You lil brat!” he screams at me, and I squirm my way out from under him, and move onto my female teacher. I send one nice roundhouse kick flying at her, and she grabs my foot. I jump up, kicking her with the other foot. As I fall, she does to, still holding onto my foot. Quickly, I stand again, and kick out when she tries to pull me down. I hit her in the forearm, and when she stands again, I duck under the spinning kick she sends flying my way. I feel something come up behind me, and drop to my stomach just in time to see Ghoul fly over me, nearly knocking into his now girlfriend.

“Crap!” Sun screams, barely moving away from him. I jump back to my feet, and see them both running for me. I step aside, push off a wall, flip my body in the air and land back on my feet safely.

“You’re training with me from now on.” Sun says, panting a tad. “I’m outta shape. Or something.” She mutters.

“Where’d you learn to flip like that?” My male teacher asks me. I smile at him, and he takes a wary step back.

“I grew up doing gymnastics, and I was always good on beam and bars. My older sister,” I say, forcing a tear. “Before she died, was a tumbler, and she taught me how to do flips and the like. She thought it was fun. She was also a swimmer, and so I’m a strong swimmer.” I say to him. Sun pats my back, rubbing it as I fake more tears.

“C’mon, it’s lunch time. We gotta eat.” Fun Ghoul says. “Especially you Mrs. Skin and Bones.” He points to Neon Sun.

“Hey! That’s Ms.Skin and bones. Unless somebody puts a ring on my finger, it’s Ms.” Sun retorts. Fun Ghoul takes her hand in his, and Sun beams at him. I wipe away my tears, smiling at the two of them. They made a cute pair.

“Hey, Neon, I need to talk to you sometime later.” I say to her. She let’s go of her boyfriend’s hand, and waves him on when he stops to look at her. She turns to me.

“What’s it about?” She asks me with a smile. “Are any of the boys bothering you? I can knock some sense into em.”

“No, it’s fine Sc-Sun.” I quickly correct my elf. “Oh! And I wanna know where you got your necklace. The one that has a peacock on it, with the tail down, and it’s turned to the side.” I pick it up, showing her.

“Oh, I got it when I was a baby. I don’t remember much else about it. I have more just like them, you can come to my Block later and look at them when we talk about whatever it is you need to ask me. It’s Block Juliet.”

“Are you okay?” I ask her, she smiles at me, but lets it drop. “You were wincing earlier and.” I stop suddenly when the wind blows some of her hair back. “WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR HEAD!?!?!” I ask her, seeing the cut.

“Nothing.” She lies.

“Liar!” I point to her, and she frowns at me. “Who hit you?”

“Nobody.” She says. “I fell, that’s all.”She says, looking at me. Her eyes shift to a hazel I recognized.

“It was Party Poison.” I breathe. She looks at me, mouth open. “He hit you. He did that to you.”

“If you say a word to anybody you will regret it for weeks.” She growls at me. “How did you know?”

“Your eyes changed to match what his color is.” I tell her, and she blinks a few times, trying to expel the hazel from her eyes. When she stops, they’re blue again. An icy blue.

“Better?” She asks, and I nod. She smiles and starts walking towards where we eat. We walk in silence.

“Uh, I’m gonna go sit with my friends.” I tell her, running off to go sit with Neon Tiger, Dead Eyes, Dark Shadow, and Crashing Star. I plop down, seeing they’ve already gotten my food for me.

“We get to train more today. I think I heard them whispering about taking us for an obstacle course or something today.” Tiger is talking in a confidential murmur. “I wonder what the obstacles are. Any clues Star?”

“None that I can tell you about. They change it every class. For us, it involved being chased through this string of buildings they put together, with fog and different things you had to jump or crawl or duck through. If you got tagged with a piece of colored tape, you had a certain punishment. If you could hide, or take a teacher down, you got a reward. I got three weeks of no air conditioning, but then I got Kobra Kid on the ground, and he gave me three free passes out of running, and a week’s worth of upperclassjoy dinners. Everybody knows those are the best.” She says proudly.

“Well, I just found something out during fight today.” Eyes say to us, and we all turn to look at her. She smiles. “It wasn’t a mutual breakup. Our darling Neon Sun was radiating pure fear. I can get a basic read on emotions, and hers were fear, and anger. There was something like confusion in there somewhere to, but I could practically smell the feeling of love mixing with confliction.” She finishes. Lifting her fork to her mouth, she eats from her can of food. Today was tacos. In other words, meat, lettuce, a tiny bit of cheese, some sour cream because Dr.Death Defying was the shit at scoring us good stuff, all layered into empty cans and given to us KIT’s.

“What’s that smell like?” I ask her, and she swallows quickly.

“Like…well, it changes based on who you’re in love with. Her smelled like cigs, coffee, and oranges weirdly enough. It was more than one person. Weird right?”

“Yeah.” I mutter. “Weird.” I take a forkful of my makeshift taco, chewing it and taking another bite quickly. “So… I need to tell you all something.” I say.

“What?!?” They all clamor.

“It’s gotta stay between us. I could get in huge trouble if it goes out to anybody.” They all swear to secrecy, and we lean in so only we can hear. “Party Poison hit Neon Sun. That’s why they broke up.” I whisper to all of them. There’s a gasp from the girls, and a disgusted look from Dark Shadow. We pull from our circle, and I look up.

“Crap.” I say loudly, seeing Party Poison looking at our little circle.

“Let’s talk.” He says, and I stare back at him. “That wasn’t a request. It was a command.”

“You don’t scare me.” I growl back at him.

“Stand. Now.” He says, and I hand my food to Crashing Star, who throws me a bottle of water. I take a drink still looking at my instructor. “Follow me.” He says, leading me away from my group. We walk, and are suddenly joined by Kobra Kid.

“What are you doing with her?” He asks Party. Party remains silent, taking my hand and tugging me towards a Block. As we approach, I see it is labeled X-ray. This can’t be good.

(Party Poison’s POV)

What the hell was this little KIT’s problem? How did she figure out that Sun’s wounds were my fault? Well, it didn’t matter now, I remind myself, tugging her along behind me. Her little blonde head was about to get drilled.

“Get in.” I bark at her, bringing scary Party Poison out to play. I shove her towards the door, and she stumbles her way through it. I step through; snap my fingers three times, and a terrified shriek and a muffled yelp. A light clicks on moments later. One light bulb, in a circular lamp, swinging from the ceiling over the creaky wooden chair that sat in the center of the room. It cast an eerie light over the room, and several more lamps click on, one in each corner, these standing.

“Put em on!” I yell, and I see masks come on. I take mine from my jacket pocket, slipping it on over my hair. In the light, I see Ghoul’s Frankenstein mask come up over his features, Kobra’s helmet go on, and Jet’s bandanna slip over his face.

And then, there’s Sun. Her mask goes on. Its blue, a navy blue almost, but brighter. The black lace over it was new; usually she had big golden swirls all over it. She’s added a grey colored rose to one side, and it has silver leaves. Feathers, jet black in color, stick out from behind the leaves. She ties her mask on, and I see her look at me in it. She gives me a small, quick smile, before returning to the task at hand.

“Bag off!” She says to Violet, who takes the rough burlap sack off the KIT sitting in the chair. I pounce, grabbing a blindfold and tying over her eyes so she can’t see.

“Welcome to interrogation kids!” I say to the cowering girls and boys in the room, all blindfolded and tied with their hands behind their backs. That or handcuffed. I hear a clinking noise. “Training can be forced on you, much like ideals. Get over it now!” I say cheerily. This part usually wasn’t quite this much fun to me, but for some reason, it sounded like bliss to me today.

“So, let’s start this off how I got it in BL/ND.” Sun says cheerily. How could she be happy right now? Was she on drugs? That’s what I’m wondering. But then I see Frank’s hand, rubbing the small of her back. Ah. That’s how. She doesn’t have me, and she’s happy without me. She’s happy it’s his hand not mine. “Vi?” She says, and Violet appears, handing a bucket of something to Sun.

“So, first question. What’s your name?” She asks a boy with toxic green hair.

“Dan-” She throws the water on him.

“Wrong answer!” She says, handing the bucket to Jet Star. “What. Is. Your. Name.”

“It’s Daniel!” the boy yells, and he quickly receives a slap from Sun. “What the hell was that for?”

“Wrong answer! I’ll ask you one more time!” She calls out to him, voice turning into something harsh. “What’s your name?”

“I told you it’s Daniel!” he screams at her. “Daniel Jacobs!” He yells at her. Sun hits him again, and he yelps. She was getting a bit rough with him.

“Wrong answer! Again! You don’t tell them your real name!” She coaches. She moves to Spark, and turns to look at me.

“P!” She yells at me, and I jump at the bitter edge to her voice. “What’s the great idea bringing her into this? You know it’s for older kids!”

“Last I checked, this class was my idea. I make the rules.”

“Last I checked, I could kick your sorry little butt from here to Battery City in my sleep.” She quips. “Don’t pull a stunt like this again.” She commands, and I hear the venom dripping from her voice.

“Where’s the Academy?” She demands. “Tell us or we kill your family.” She demands. Her body shudders, and she takes the mask off as it does. Throwing it to the ground, her body stops. I’m no longer looking at Neon Sun…. I’m looking at Korse. Sun, has morphed into him, scary demeanor and all.

“Not a threat. They’re all dead anyways.” The girl spits at us from her chair. “So I have nothing to lose if I don’t tell you. Besides, Sun, You don’t scare me”

“Really?” Sun says, using Korse’s voice. I could tell already this was exhausting her. She whips off the blindfold, and it makes the girl in the chair scream.

“How the?” She asks, zeroed in on the figure looming in front of her. “Why aren’t you dead?”

“Because, they won’t shoot me.” She snarls. “Tell us where the Academy is!”

“No.” Dancing Spark says, eyes narrowing. “I won’t.”

“Then we’ll kill you.” Sun says. “It won’t be hard, little thing like you.” A moment of silence as the girls braces herself for it. Sun’s body shudders, and she lets herself go back into her usual form. “Good job.” She pats the blonde on the head, handing her a stub of something from her pocket. “You just earned a free pass out of any class you choose. Redeem any time.” She whispers to the girl. I read her lips, and that’s what I got. She moves onto the next person. She takes a lighter from her pocket, and I vaguely recognize it. Wait, I think when she clicks the flame open. That’s my lighter!

“Easy there.” She says to the boy, holding the flame near his face. “What’s the purpose of the Academy? Answer me like you would with the BLI people, or we may have a slight problem.”

“It’s to train a bunch of KillJoys. So we have a mini army. To take you crazy people down.” The boy says. Sun moves the fire below his chin.

“Not what I was looking for. You fail.” She clicks the lighter off. “Star, take him to fight. Let him train with the older kids. Let them know he’s their new buddy!” She says with fake sweetness. The boy is dragged out of the room. Neon Sun moves back to the girl that she’s taken a liking to. “Hey sweetie, who are your parents?”

“Corpses.” The girl replies

“No, we brought them back. Want to see them? Just tell us where the Academy is.” Sun says to the girl.

“No. You’re lying. My parents are dead. Long dead.” The KIT replies. “Besides, even if they weren’t dead, I don’t know what the Academy is.”

Sun snaps her fingers. All the lights come back on.

“It’s sad,” she says, ripping off the remaining blindfold. “When a girl that’s four years younger than you is better at being interrogated than you are. Not to mention been here for less than a week, when you’ve been here for over a year. You need to get a reign on your fear. I know it’s scary, but it’s worse whne they can make good on their threats.” She says. “And now, you get to go help clean up at lunch. See ya!” The boy is lead out by Kobra Kid and Violet Rage. He’s skulking his way out, and Violet tells him something that makes him laugh.

“Hey.” Ghoul says to me. “What were you thinking?”

In my head, my answer is this. Get a reaction out of Neon Sun. Out loud, it’s different. “Because she’ll need it more if the raids snatch her up.”

“I’ll make sure if during a raid she’s in any danger that I help her out. Not that she’ll need it. I went about 45% effort on her today during fight, and she did some crazy stuff that I haven’t seen in a long time.” Sun says. She bends down, picking her mask up.

“Don’t stare at my girlfriends’ butt please. That’s my butt to stare at. You had your chance buddy.” Frank snarls at me. Oh, he wants to play it like that? Let’s play it like that.

“It’s fine. I’ve got my eyes on somebody new. Just comparing.” I snarl to him. Sun stands up and looks at me.

“What?” She asks me. “Who? You know E isn’t gonna go for you, and I dunno about anybody else.” She says, looking a bit confused. But, the eyes of hers were going a bit red, and one was green. Somebody was jealous… good. Let her be. Maybe it’d drive her right back to me.

“Yeah. Some girl here. I gotta say, she’s got an amazing body.”

“Party!” Sun scolds me. “You can’t sleep with the students! You made that rule.” She scolds me, and the other eye turns green.

“I can. I might. Probably will. Why do you care? You’ve got Ghoul now.”

“Yeah, but she doesn’t want you just sleeping with some girl because you’re trying to make her jealous.” Fun Ghoul quickly steps in when Sun is left speechless. “She and I will stay together, but you can’t sleep with some girl here because you’re angry that you drove her away. It wasn’t my choice to hit her and call her names. That was all you Gerard, and you know it. Don’t take it out on her for your mistakes.” I huff, disgusted with the sickening cuteness of him wrapping his arms around her waist, and her, looking up at him like he was perfect to her. It was just too much for me. Turning on my heel, I storm out of the room, throwing my mask off as I went. Just before the door slammed shut, like I wanted it to, I chucked the yellow and blue mask into the room.

Forget this. I think to myself, I need to go drink. I grab my radio from its spot clipped to my belt loop, and click the talk button.

“Kobra,” I say. “What else do I have to teach today?”

“Uh. It’s Friday, so you’ve got to help with the obstacle course with Fun Ghoul.” He says.

“Why do you sound so nervous?” I ask him.

“Because you had your talk button pushed so we all heard what just went down with you and Sun and Ghoul. The whole camp probably knows by now.”

This wasn’t good. “You’re kidding me right? Any chance you can cover for me at the course today? I need to go and do something kinda important. I won’t have time for it later.” It, means here, drink myself into oblivion. I’m already making my way to my Block, and when I step inside, I’m greeted by the air conditioner humming.

“Yeah, it’s cool. I know you’re takin it hard. Maybe just give her some space. That or go on the offensive and try to get her back with you?” Kobra replies a minute later.

I sigh. “I’m not gonna break her and Ghoul up. If that’s what she wants, then that’s what I’ll let happen.” As much as I want to….

“I very highly doubt it’s your choice what she does. It’s Sun afterall.” Kobra tells me. “You know how she is. She’s just pissed at you, and I think she figures being with Ghoul is the best way to show you how shitty she feels. She’ll be back with you by the end of the month. I promise that much.”

“Whatever Kobra. Thanks for covering for me.” I click my radio off. Putting it down on my floor, I go to my drawer. Opening it up, I dig through the small row of clothes that belong to Sun, including her jacket. I see something wrapped in a fold of clothing. It’s small and shiny. Looks like a charm or something. I pick it up, holding it I the palm of my hand. It’s a little ghost shaped charm, and it’s obviously been torn of, from the way it’s bent and scratched.

That was the charm Ghoul had given her, he’d stolen it from some store somewhere. I remember her ripping it off after she caught him after he’d cheated on her, storming into my room and ripping it off. She’d thrown it to the ground, and started crying. I start to sink back into the memory as I uncap the bottle of tequila in my hand. I take a sip, letting myself remember.

“Sorry. I over walked, thought this was my Block. I’ll leave.” She said, sniffling and wiping her eyes.

“It’s fine.” I’d told her. “What happened?”

“Frank cheated on me! With some stripper!” She’d said, sounding angry. I approached her carefully, knowing how dangerous she could be when she got this emotional. Her bloodshot eyes were turning colors quicker than I could count. Black, then grey, then blue, then red. They stayed blood red for a longer time. And then, they faded to grey with pink spots.

“You caught him in the act?” I ask her. That was the worst.

“No, but I might as well have. She was sleeping next to him, and he was smoking, like he always does after he has sex. He didn’t even bother getting up to come after me.” She sobs, and I take her in my arms, hugging her to me. It seemed the right thing to do. I’d had a little bit of a crush on her for a few months now, and this was my opportunity to swoop in and snap her up. She sobs into my jacket shoulder, and I rub her back and pet her hair.

“Well, he doesn’t deserve you if he’s going to do that.” I tell her, playing with strands of her hair absent mindedly. “You’re too good for him.” Isn’t that what you’re supposed to tell girls after this thing happened?

“But I love him so much! He was my everything. I love him.” She sobs, and I rub her back, shushing her. I lead her to my bed, and set her down on it. She curls up on it. “Party, am I wrong to love him? What is wrong with me? This is my entire fault.”

“Don’t blame yourself for this. Ghoul will be Ghoul. Part of that is knowing he’s going to make pig headed mistakes.

“She was prettier than me.” Sun mutters.

“Impossible.” I think, and Sun’s eyes widen. One turns a bright blue.

“What?” She says.

“Nothing. I didn’t say anything.” I’m quick to cover my tracks. Now was not the time to declare my love for her.

In the real world, the present, I take another long gulp of tequila and kicking my boots off, and sitting down on my bed. I go back to my memory.

“Great, now I’m hearing things.” Sun had told me, curling up even tighter, starting t shiver. I noticed now she was wearing just a tank top and shorts, and I quickly take my jacket off, offering it to her silently. “Thanks.” She says, accepting it. I nod. “I guess I’m single now. Fun.”

“Well, he wasn’t right for you anyways.” I say, sitting down next to her. She yanks me down, so I’m lying down next to her. But I am. I’m right for you. I could make you happy. I wouldn’t do that to you. I’d keep you safe. I’d hold you when you were sad. I’d make you laugh.

“Nobody is. I’m just not good enough for anybody here. I’m not good enough for Frank, so he turns to whores. I’m a crap fighter, that’s why I got caught up in a raid and got these weird body modifications. I can’t do anything right. I’m just a mofo who gets used and cheated on.” I notice her playing with something on her hand.

“Wait.” I say, taking her hand. “The heck is this?”

“It’s my engagement ring.” She whispers. My jaw drops. Ghoul hadn’t mentioned this.

“How long have you two been engaged?” I ask her. You think a best friend would mention, oh by the way, I proposed and am going to get married as soon as we can. But no, he didn’t.

“About a month.” She says. “It was wonderful. I felt like I was high, on uppers. Like I was perfect and it doesn’t mean anything now.”

“Sun, open the door up.” I hear Frank’s voice from outside my door. “I know you’re in here.”

“She doesn’t want to see you.” I call while walking towards the door. I step out, hearing Sun start sobbing once again. “When were you planning on telling me you were engaged?” In my mind, I add to it. So I know how much time I had to change her mind and make her pick me.

“After we got married. When were you planning on telling me you were hitting on my girlfriend?” He asks. “What? You think I don’t notice the looks you give her, the hugs in the morning that last just a moment to long? The jealous glares you try to hide when I get to tackle her in fight for a demonstration? Gerard, I’ve known you too long for you to try to hide stuff like that from me.”

“I wasn’t trying to hide it.” I say. Lie.

“You sure as hell weren’t screaming it from the rooftops!” Frank yells at me angrily.

“Would you? If I was dating her, and you wanted her, would you go around letting everybody know how much you wanted it to be you that she fell asleep next to? To have it be you that she wanted to spend her life with? To make it you that got to hear her moan your name out? No. You wouldn’t. You don’t give a care about her Frank. She caught you in bed with a stripper! I mean, dear god man, don’t even pretend like you cared all that much about her.” I’m getting angry now.

“You know what! You’re wrong Party!” He screams back at me. “I would let her know I still wanted her! I still do! I made a stupid mistake, and I regretted it immediately after. All I could think about it during was her! Her face, her eyes, her name! Not the bimbo I slept with. No, all I could think about was Sun! You only want her because for once, I beat you in something. You always get the girls, and the second you don’t get one, and I do, you want it!”

“You only proposed because you knew I liked her! Let me guess, you just asked her one day? Dropped to a knee, whipped out a ring and asked?”

“No! I proposed because I want to spend the rest of my life with her! Because I want her to be mine forever! And no Gerard, I put thought into it. She went out, and I left her all these little clues, until she found me. I made her search for me, and when she did, I got down, gave her this long speech about how much I loved her and how perfect she was, and then I asked. It was scary as anything. You need to get your facts straight before you start attacking people.”

“She ripped the ghost charm off Frank! It’s over, done with. You wanna come in and see what you’ve done to her?” I say, and swing the door open for him. “Sun! The liar is here.” I call to her, and I hear her start sobbing harder. Frank steps inside, hand shaking.

“Sunnie?” He calls, and I frown. “Sunnie I’m so sorry.”

“Save it! Get the hell out of here!” She screams at him between sobs.

Fun Ghoul moves closer, and I mirror his actions, just in case Sun did something stupid. “Sun, you now I love you.”

“No, I thought you did. Take it, I don’t want it anymore.” She flings the small ring at hm, and it hits his chest. He catches it as it falls. It goes into his pocket, and she sobs some more, turning away from him. “Get out! I don’t want to see you anymore! Go back to your striper; I’m sure you paid for a few more hours.” She spits the words at him.

“Go. You need to leave.” I say, pushing him out the door and locking it.

The memory fades to black. I’m back in the real world, half a bottle of tequila down, and taking another sip. I could feel the nice cloud of being drunk setting over me. It felt like I was welcoming back an old friend, I’d not gotten this drunk for quite some time. It’s got to be about 5:30 now. Foget it, I thought. I’m not going to dinner.

I take another gulp, loving the burn in the back of my throat. Thank God I had several more bottles, lined up and ready to go. I finish off this bottle of triple sec, moving to the strawberry vodka. Where were those prescriptions? I knew I had some Vicodin or Ritalin around here….. Stand up, feeling the world spin under my feet. I stumble my way to a box in the corner, and open the cigarette box inside the cardboard mailing box. I dump out the colorful pills into my hand, and break all but two into my stash box again. I stumble over to the dresser, withdrawing a shard of mirror. I crush the pills, and quickly snort the powder. I follow it up with a swig of vodka as I stagger my way back to my bunk.

“Party?” A girly voice that set me on edge called. “Poison?”

“What you want?” I slur heavily, my tongue feeling heavy in my mouth.

“Party Poison, what’s wrong with you?” The voice asks again, getting closer. A pair of tan legs appears in my sight line. Fun times!
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