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Chapter 7 - Brother's Advice

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Mikey discovered something.

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Gerard was trying to talk to Lindsey, but Lindsey was just giving him short answers, a nod
or maybe a fake smile. Gerard wanted to say sorry, but Gerard knows with his whole heart,
what he did was just right, but it still hurts that the fact Lindsey was chasing after

The sun was setting that afternoon and Gerard approached Lindsey. He wanted to talk to her.
"Gerard, please don't start again." Lindsey said as Gerard get near to her as if she read
his mind.

"I just wanna make this clear."
"What do you mean clear? Everything's clear that he wanted to see me tomorrow." Lindsey rolled her eyes.
"Okay, I'll tell you this. Whether you will believe me or not, but Johanna made that letter, not him." Lindsey stopped walking because she's unsure of what she just heard.

"How would you say she made it?"
"I saw her approached in your locker this morning."
"... and?"
"And she inserted the paper, of course." Gerard said blankly and Lindsey was lost in thought.

Gerard continued to walk ang Lindsey followed. Lindsey didn't know what to say. She trust Gerard a hundred percent and she knew that Gerard will always say the truth and what's the best.

"If Johanna made it, then I'll go scrape her head tomorrow." Lindsey said seriously and Gerard laughed a little bit and sighed. "That's why I don't want to tell you the truth because I know you'll just gonna make a scene at the lobby tomorrow."
"So what? She started it." Lindsey rolled her eyes and Gerard laughed.
Lindsey gave her a confused look and Gerard just stared at her.

"What's so funny?"
"You look so cute when you get serious." Gerard smiled widely and blushed a little bit. Lindsey was controlling her smile but it was just impossible.

Two of them stopped when they reached Lindsey's house. Gerard waved a goodbye and Lindsey waved back.

Gerard started to walk again and watching his feet moving on the ground.
When he was near at his house, he noticed a red car parked at the front. The car was too familiar to him and suddenly, he thought about Ray and Lou. Lou is Ray's younger brother, but they look like twins because of their fro.

"What are they doing here?" he asked himself and knocked on the door. "Hi bro! They're inviting us to be at Christa's party tonight." Mikey said as he opened the door and gesturing at Ray and Lou.

"Party? What's the event?" Gerard asked as he dropped his bag on the sofa and removed his socks and shoes.
"Oh nothing. She just wants us to gather again like before." Ray said and Lou nodded.
"That's great! I'll be there. What about you bro?" Mikey looked at Gerard.

Gerard don't know what to say. He's tired as hell and wants to take a nap. He was about to say no when he thought about something.

"Will Lindsey be there?"
Ray's eyes turned narrow and said, "Probably yes. Lindsey has been her friend since the first time they met." Gerard didn't say nothing and he nodded.
"Well I'll take it as a yes. See ya later!" Ray said and Lou stood first then him. Mikey looked at the window as the red car leave. Gerard went upstairs carrying his bag when Mikey suddenly called Gerard's attention by humming.

Gerard looked down at the ground floor giving Mikey a confused look.
"Will Lindsey be there?" Mikey said as he imitate Gerard's voice and he giggled.

"Oh shut up Mikes."
Gerard entered his dark room and locked the door. Mikey went upstairs and knocked at the door.
"Bro! Just wanna ask if what shirt will you wear tonight?" Mikey asked and Gerard unexpectedly opened the door.
"Why on earth are you asking that?" Gerard asked tiredly. Mikey went in to Gerard's room. He flipped the light on, he sat down at Gerard's bed and grinned.

"And why are you giving me that grin?" Gerard asked as he slammed his body to his bed.
"I do have this feeling that you like her ever since." Mikey looked at him. His grin had never faded.

Gerard looked at Mikey's eyes and Mikey's grin turned wider.
"Oh please just go out." Gerard said as he throw his pillow at his brother.

"Ouch!" Mikey exclaimed and he laughed. He threw back the pillow to Gerard.
"So when are you gonna tell her?" Mikey asked and Gerard sighed.
"Mikey, she is my best friend. And if I'll confess to her, our friendship might be broken and everything will be ruined." Gerard said and he looked up at the ceiling.

"Just give a try." Mikey said and he smiled. "I was thinking the same way when I was about to confess to Alicia. But thankfully she felt the same way towards me." Mikey smiled wider remembering the past. Gerard sat up and said, "That's different Mikes. If she doesn't feel the same way then I'll be so dead."

Gerard stood up and opened his closet to find a shirt that he'll be wearing for tonight's party. Mikey stood up too and went for the door to go out. "Always think about the positivity, bro." Mikey opened the door and leave. Gerard smiled to himself and he can't actually believe his brother gave him an advice like that.

Mikey unexpectedly opened the door without knocking and said, "Oh. I'll be wearing my Anthrax shirt. It would be good if you'll wear your Iron Maiden or Metallica shirt." and he slammed the door shut.

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