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Weak Siblings

by AlexisSCREAM 1 review

They felt hopeless (self harm and suicide)

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Damn I need to write more. I hope you likey this xD

He felt so empty, so invisible.

She felt like nothing, drifting in and out of situations.

He brought the gun away from his head.

She held the knife against her wrists, choosing her moment.

He held the gun in his hands, shaking.

She pressed the blade into her skin.

He threw the gun and clenched his fists.

She smiled as the red liquid trickled down her arms.

He fought back tears as his mind repeated his father’s words.

She let the tears fall as she remembered what they’d told her.

“Men don’t cry”

“You should die”

He wasn’t a man, just a boy.

She felt that the venom the others had spat was true.

He felt weak, the walls of his mind closing in and locking him inside.

She was scared, she felt like her brain would explode.

He couldn’t hold back any longer and let the tears fall freely.

She smiled as she lifted the knife to her chest.

He fired a shot across his room, smashing his window.

She plunged the knife in, the smile growing wider.

He couldn’t take it.

Any second…

He began to shake.

Any moment…

His tears wouldn’t stop.

Just a little longer…

He stood up.

Her heart stopped.

He left his room.

She was gone.

He burst into his sister’s room.

She didn’t move.

He collapsed beside her, willing his heart to give out.

She was dead.

He took the knife.

Her clothes were stained in her own blood.

He stabbed his heart.

She was all he had.

He couldn’t live without her.

She was so young.

He was younger.

They were siblings.

The last ones left.

The last of their generation.

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