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Salute Your Solution

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And if there's one little answer to this complication...

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I am happy for several reasons today.

1.After many angry letters on behalf of myself,Universal Channel has decided to bring back Matthew Gray Gubler to Criminal Minds.This was a good choice,gentlemen.It may have saved many lives.

2.I'm writing a smut scene,and for some reason I always get in a good mood when I write one.That is a very bad sign,but anyway.Consider this your official warning;there is a lot of dirt in here.If you're thirteen or have a heart condition,you may want to stop reading.We experienced smut readers will take over from here. *tips hat*

3.My step-mother broke her leg yesterday :D that means no more goddamn visits to my fucking house!!!!She fell over her fat ass when she fell down the stairs to get a biscuit.

4.I got the full box set of Invader Zim today,a present from my best friend.I could actually struggle to be any happier.I am such a nerd,I am fucking obsessed with that cartoon.He is as well,and sometimes we just fangirl over Gir and his waffles and his cupcakes.

5.Yes,I am eighteen.But it's worse for him.He's nineteen.

6.Don't look at me like that.Presently I am stroking the box set and placing it in my shrine to Zim.

7.I'm eating a Dairy Milk at the moment.If you're English/Irish you'll know what that is.And you'll know that it's awesome as fuck.

So yes.Reasons I am happy.

Title is from the Raconteurs song,such a godfucking awesome band and song and general group really,you should check em out if you don't know em.

If you have chosen to ignore the warnings,there is full on butt sex between two men in this.If you don't like yada yada yada.Enjoy,my beautiful little perverts.


xo lorna

Ohh dear lord Reid + glasses + teacup = atfduytfytf;

First of the Gang to Die
Salute Your Solution

"Yes.Indeed.Of course.And thank you so much for coming,Patrick.Means a lot to me."

"He's a gorgeous kid.What is he,eighteen?"

"Twenty three.And yes.He's angelic."

"You gonna break his box tonight?Kid looks fragile.Like a goddamned rabbit."

"Please do not insult my husband."

"Oh-uh-no-I didn't mean it like that-at all,sir.I just-"


"Goodnight,sir,and uh,congratulations again,sir."

"Ritelli,Soprano,you need not stand by here tonight.Go home and relax."

"Really,il mio Coro?Why?"

"Because I said so.Yes,go.And congratulations on your new son,Louis.Give my regards to your wife."

"Thank you,sir.I will,sir.And have a good night,sir.Same to Frank,sir."

"Yes.Thank you.Goodnight.Please lock the doors on your way out."

"Of course,my sir.Night,sir."



Frank heard the click of the door as it swung open and closed again,the soft clacking of Gerard's shoes against the hardwood floor,his amused chuckle.

"I wondered where you had disappeared to,Frank,"was the light murmur,"I presume this was the work of one Ray and Bob?"

"Always with the tying up,"Frank replied."Did you ask them to do this?"

"No."He could hear chaffing;Gerard was probably taking off his tie."But I must remember to give them a field promotion in the future.This is very...impressive.You look a lot better with very little clothes on,Frank."

Frank muttered thanks.He really wished he was able to benefit from sight;he had been tied up for hours upon end,only in boxers,and his wrists ached from strain.He had a crick in his neck and a tear in his shoulder-but he was looking forward to tonight with no end.He was starting to see colors in the loose black silk that had been wrapped around his head.


"Yeah?"He was somewhere near Frank,his voice soft and sending tingles down the boy's spine,making the silk tighten and constrict.He winced in pain.

"Will you-uh-untie me?"He felt so stupid asking the question.It was filthy,erotic and just plain idiotic.His innocence was made evident from the red creeping in his cheeks."It's starting to,uh,hurt."

No answer this time,but Frank felt a hand on his chest,pushing him onto the bed and flipping him over.Skilled hands worked at the knots,and the binds fell from his wrists.He felt trickling on the red burns on where the restraints had been placed.

"You bruise so easily,honey,"Gerard pointed out,"your skin's very delicate."

Frank breathed a shaky sigh of relief as Gerard caressed his hands with cool fingers,planting spots of abatement in the heated strips around his hands.The older massaged his extremity slowly,pulling Frank up so that they were face-to-face.

Okay,scratch that,actually lips-to-forehead.Obviously that phrase was not suited for people of the stature(including me.)

"Mmm,"Gerard clamped his lips to Frank's neck,"you're so perfect,baby.I'm so fucking glad you're mine."

"I am too,"the boy returned,wrapping his legs around what he presumed to be Gerard's waist-it's kinda hard to see with a blindfold,y'know-and fumbling around for his belt buckle,and the ever consistent holster.He pulled out the band of leather from under him and tossed it to the floor,nuzzling into Way's neck and tugging at his shirt.

Gerard trailed his lips up from Frank's throat to his lips,not hesitating to open his mouth wide,sucking the breath from the younger boy,rubbing his tongue against the smaller one.The kiss was slow,and passionate;wet heat consumed both mouths,and soft slurps emitted from both parties.Gerard slid his hand up to the top of Frank's thigh,squeezing between intervals.

"O-oh,Gerard,"Frank whined,rocking his hips and gripping Way's shoulder,"oh,Gerard,I-"

The latter smirked and moved his hand up even further,gently massaging Frank through his drawers.The boy shuddered and gasped from the contact,bucking into Gerard's open palm,grinding against him.

"You like that,baby?"Frank let out a small puff of air from between his kiss-swollen lips."You like it when I touch you like that?"

"Uh...huh..."Frank was completely out of it,his chest expanding and contracting at an accelerated pace,feeling light-headed.His eyelids were sliding shut,heavy,like a tea-bag.He dragged his hand down Gerard's chest,clawing the roughened skin,pushing the folds of cloth back,exposing the older's shoulder.

It is a true sign of skill when you write smut and make words rhyme.

Gerard ceased all contact with Frank and shoved him back onto the bed.He shrugged off his shirt and attacked the boy again,gnawing at his neck,assaulting his mouth whilst running his hands all over the kid-his chest,his hair,his arms.Frank whimpered and panted underneath him,crying out when their hips came into contact,which wasn't helped when Gerard grinded his member against Frank's.

"Oh,Ger-"he jolted as Gerard suckled and tongued his nipple,"aahhh my-"

Gerard laughed,his vibrations humming through Frank's chest cavity.The boy gulped in a bucketful of air and raised his hips again,only to be blocked by the larger's forceful torso.

"Worth the wait?"He enveloped the entire nub into his mouth and toyed with it in his mouth,at the same time rubbing the other nipple between his thumb,fore and middle finger,the skin hardening and reddening,losing the former coffee colored theme that had been applicable moments ago.

"Ahhh-y-y-yes,"Frank replied in a high pitched whisper,his bottom lip pushing out into a full,voluptuous pout."Gerard,I need-"

"What,Frank?"Gerard let the nub fall from his lips and moved up to meet Frank's face again,gazing into his hazel eyes."What do you need?"

Frank swiped his tongue along his lower lip,the small gesture making blood gush to Gerard's crotch.

""Frank found himself trailing off,and the murderer laughed again.He decided to tease the kid.He clamped his teeth to Frank's bottom,tugging,while also brushing his bulge to Iero's.Frank was so far gone that it was almost painful;he moaned and whimpered as Gerard tormented him.He thought he was gonna explode.

"Please..."Frank pleaded into his mouth,"please,Gerard..."

"Yeah,baby?"He was at his ear now,his tongue clearing a thin line down the cartilage.

" hurts so badly..."

"Really?"His voice was a deadly,seductive whisper in Frank's eardrum."How badly does it hurt,sugar?"

"R-really buh-badly,"Frank whimpered,the lower lip trembling.Gerard had pinned his arms above him so to prevent him from thrusting his hand down his pants-an act he would have never before dreamed of,but now...would have given his right leg for.

"Oh really?"Frank heaved with desperation.Gerard was enjoying this extremely-seeing the most innocent creature he had ever laid eyes upon squirm and beg for sexual contact was the most glorious thing he had ever seen.He knew his poor little sugar was dying,but he would have to learn some patience."Is it...throbbing?"

"Yes,"Frank panted,in agony.He tried to break free of Gerard's hold on his arms but he realized he had no chance.

"Is it...aching?"

"Yes,"Frank rasped,his cock twitching and straining.The blood was now all settled and his member was white hot,leaking pre cum through his boxers,thick and throbbing.His entire body was blazing,spasming.The fact that Gerard's breath tickled his scarlet neck certainly did not help.

"And...what would you like me about the particular situation?"

"Suck me...or touch me...anything,"Frank whined,bucking his hips,"please,Gerard,it hurts so bad."

Gerard smirked,and took one of Frank's small hands in his own,and skillfully pushing down the boy's boxers,who heaved a quaky sigh when cold air hit his erection.Then the laced hands were wrapped around Frank's cock,and squeezed.Gerard made Iero's hand milk his own member,loving the feel of it pulsate in his hand,the red,delicate skin palpitating.It was very sticky-the pre cum was everywhere.

"Oh fuck,Gerard,I'm gonna-"his whole body quivered and then shook uncontrollably as he came,shaking beneath Gerard,moaning and squirming.Boiling liquid surged through Frank as he orgasmed and sprayed all over Gerard's previously black trousers and his hand.Way withdrew his hand,and licked the pearly liquid from his fingers,inserting one digit at a time and slurping up the cum.

Then Way went up to the boy again,still licking the semen from his lips.

"Now,sugar,"he breathed,the kid still wheezing,"is that better?"

"So much,"Frank replied."Thank you."

"Baby,"Gerard tried to phrase the sentence delicately as so not to scare the boy,but decided to fuck it,"do you want me to fuck you?"

Frank quivered at the profanity."Y-yes."

"You wanna,bunny rabbit?"Gerard didn't now where that came from,but he liked it."You want to feel me inside you?"

"Y-yeah,"Frank returned,biting his lip."Please,Gerard,do it.I nuh-need you."

Gerard smiled and kissed Frank quickly on the lips,mixing liquids in their mouths.

"Now get on your knees,sugar."

Gerard pushed his trousers off,wincing when it hit his gimp leg,but not really giving a shit.He licked his lips as Frank leaned over,doggy style,showing off a toned,curved back,and a pert little ass.His own package,it now came to his attention,was raw and throbbing too.He knelt behind Frank,and lightly pressed his erection into Iero's thigh.

"Feel that?Feel how hard I am?That's all for you,baby."

Frank mewled in response,rubbing his leg into the bulge.

Gerard decided to make the boy wait for a little while longer;after all,he was a virgin-he should probably introduce him to the world of pleasure and pain.He spread Frank's thighs a little farther and then wriggled one if his fingers in,earning a surprised gasp from the boy.Gerard rubbed at his inner walls,searching for the certain spot that would make the boy jump.

"Ugh,baby,"Gerard grunted,sweat dripping down his forehead,"so fucking tight."

Way stretched the ring of muscles around his finger,and worked in another one,trying to find the spot.Frank writhed and gasped below Gerard,until Gerard finally gave up,withdrawing his fingers.He lifted his cock to the entrance and clawed Frank's hips,his finger nails digging into the skin.Frank felt wetness and instantly began to moan.


The Gerard pounded into him,his dick penetrating Frank instantly.The boy screamed in pain but soon found himself rubbing against his lover,trying to get him in deeper.Gerard slammed into him a second time,and hit his prostate,coming in a quick and strengthening surge.His hand was also covered in spunk from Frank,whom he thrust into for a third time,riding out his orgasm.

Frank collapsed onto the bed,utterly spent,his knees buckling beneath him.Gerard followed shortly afterward,pulling the boy to lie on top of him.They fell asleep soon afterwards.

Next chapter:More fun gayness with Bob and Ray :D
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