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So Why

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A tragic accident is felt by many.

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For a time the deaths of Hudson Evans, Gerard Way and Annabelle Lewis Way captured the attention of the mortal world. The music world mourned the deaths of Hudson and Gerard who while no longer in a band still sang solo on many projects. Gerard was also sorely missed by the comic world. Annabelle, who had decided to continue to write after she’s published her book about My Chemical Romance, was missed by the literary world. Shortly after her passing all of her books had been reprinted and had once more appeared on the Best Sellers lists.

The remaining members of My Chemical Romance had come together in grief and love a year later to compile a tribute album in Gerard’s memory. Along with several hits the album contained six previously unreleased songs.

Mikey had of course taken Gerard’s death the hardest. For the first few months depression had consumed his every waking moment. It was Alicia’s love for her husband that saw him through the dark times. It was her gentle reminder that Gerard would have wanted him to continue on with their comic that gave him the strength to once more face the world.

Claire and Christa kept in close contact with each other. Much to their joy Ray accepted a job in Chicago working for the House of Blues. He now oversaw the concerts, a job with he enjoyed immensely. Christa too worked part time for the same establishment. She handled press for the upcoming concerts and working side by side with Ray was ideal. The only stress she dealt with daily was their daughter. Since entering her teens the girl had grown dark and moody. Ray insisted it was normal, just a phase but deep down Christa felt it was more. Often she wished she could speak to Anna about the situation. It was at those times the blood bond, though slowly fading, was still pulling at her. She missed Anna with her whole heart.

Claire was beside herself with happiness when Christa and Ray moved to Chicago. The pain she still felt caused by Anna’s departure was made easier having a friend who understood that pain. She and Christa became like sisters. Sisters who shared a wonderful yet sad secret. However, Claire’s love for Anna would never fade. The deep blood bond they’d shared could not be erased. Anna had saved Claire’s life and she knew now the life she shared with Bob was the best gift Anna had ever bestowed upon her. She loved Bob and their son Clark with her whole heart and soul. Her life was everything she’d ever hoped to dream. Often she would remember the visit she, Bob and the baby had made to Granny Clark’s months before the woman’s death. Granny Clark had pulled Claire aside before they were leaving and had whispered, “Your Anna gave you a mighty fine present, Clairy. You got a happy life commin your way.”

And it was a happy life. A life filled with love and laughter. But it was a mortal’s life. With the happiness there is also pain. A year later Claire would once more understand that fact.

Gerard and Anna had settled down happily on the island. They spent their time reading, writing and working in the art studio. They walked at midnight along the deserted beach, the spent many hours making love. It was their own paradise. Still, while neither would speak of it, they both at times could not stop from thinking about those they had left behind. Each desperately wanted news of those loved one yet they knew in their hearts not knowing was better. They had promised to remain on the island for many years. Doing so pleased those in the Healer world who still did not accept them. Doing so would ultimately make their lives as immortals easier. Their love for each other made this important


One year later…..

“God, Anna. That’s beautiful.” Gerard said softly coming up behind her to wrap his arms around her waist.

Anna gazed at her painting with a critical eye. “I’m not quite happy with it.”

Gerard studied the watercolor. “It looks like you can reach out and touch the water. Feel it coolness on your fingers. Feel the hot sand between your toes.”

Anna giggled, “Oh really? Perhaps we should go out and feel it for ourselves.” She glanced at the large open French door beyond which the sea beckoned.

“Maybe we should.” Gerard nuzzled the spot just below her ear. “I’m really liking the fact we can go out in the direct sunlight now.” A few months earlier Hudson had arrived for a visit bringing with him a newly designed substance. It allowed Healers to walk into direct sunlight without any ill effects. “Just wish they’d had this shit when I was still touring.” Gerard laughed, “Would have made it easier.”

Anna turned in his arms. “Gee, do you still miss that life?”

“Sometimes.” He answered honestly. “But think about it. If I was still mortal I’d be an old guy. Not too many people would want to see me on stage strutting my stuff.”

“You would not be that old.” Anna frowned.

Gerard grinned, “Anna I’d be fifty. Pretty sure I’d be bald too. Now who would want to see that?”
“Your fans.” Anna answered without hesitation. “They are older now too. They would still love your music.”

He hated the sadness he saw on her face. “Well we’ll never know. Besides look at the life we have now. You said once that the time we had together was the closest to heaven you’d ever get.”

Anna knew he was remembering a time when she’d believed he’d remain mortal. “Yes, I said that.”

“You were right. But you just didn’t realize that our heaven would be here on earth until the end of time. Annabelle, our life together is our heaven. Don’t you ever for one moment think it’s not.”

Anna smiled into is eyes. “How could I forget that?” She pressed her body back molding it to his. His need pressed against her making her eyes flash. “Oh.”

Gerard nipped at her earlobe. “Oh? I do love that sound of that. Still want to go down to the ocean or should we stay here?”

Anna turned in his arms to see his eyes were now topaz also. “What would we do if we stay here?” She teased.

Gerard pressed against her. “I’m sure we could think of something.” He was about to lower his lips to hers when he saw her eyes suddenly fade to icy blue. Her delicate features took on a look of pain. “Anna?” His strong arms held her as she began to sob uncontrollably.


In Paris the small café was crowded and noisy. Hudson, who was once again using his true name, was watching the mortals interact with a detached fascination. His appearance now completely altered allowed him to interact with the mortal world. He had come to Paris, known as the city of lovers, to watch and wonder about the emotion they opened demonstrated. As a young couple waked by holding hands he lifted his coffee cup intending to take a sip. The feeling that suddenly overwhelmed him caught him completely off guard. The cup noisily crashed to the table.

Immediately a beautiful young waitress who had been eyeing Marcus since his arrival appeared at the table.

Marcus looked up at her. “I’m sorry.” He said softly. “It slipped through my fingers.”

She smiled at the handsome man with the short blond hair and brown eyes. “Do not worry.” She said her English containing a soft French accent. “I will get you another.”

He stood, “No thank you. I must be going anyway.”

“So soon?” She purred. “But you have just arrived.”

Marcus understood this young mortal’s interest in him. Had the situation been different he most definitely would have enjoyed the evening with her. He would have enjoyed her company and her blood. However this deep, unsettling feeling, made that impossible. “Perhaps we will see each other another time.” He smiled. With that he turned and quickly left the café.


“Oh fuck.” Bob leaned against the kitchen counter then lowered his head.

Claire looked over at him in shock. As she watched he continued to listen to the phone call. Suddenly her heart was racing. Had something happened to Clark?

“Bob.” She said his name softly.

He looked up at her and she could see the pain in his eyes. He spoke a few more words then disconnected.

Immediately she was standing in front of him. “What is it?”

Bob placed his phone on the counter then pulled her into his arms.

“Is it Clark?” She asked frantically.

“No honey.” He hugged her tightly. “It’s Ray and Christa.”

Claire stood back in shock. “What about them?”

Bob lowered his head. “That was Ray’s brother.” His voice was rough with emotion. “They had gone to visit him and his wife.”

“Yes.” Christa nodded feeling fear seep into her soul. “I know Christa told me they were going.”

Bob’s eyes were watery when they met hers. “They had just left this morning” He paused and when he spoke again his voice broke. “Christ, Claire. They were in a car accident.”

“An accident?” Her heart was racing. “Are they badly hurt? Was Casey with them?”

“Casey stayed home.” Bob said gently. He reached out to grab Claire’s arms. “Honey, they’re dead.”

Had his arms not been holding her tightly Claire would have slumped to the floor.


“Anna.” Gerard was still holding her tightly but they had both slipped to the floor. “Sugar, what is it?”

Anna continued to sob. “It’s Christa.”

Gerard understood what she was feeling was because of the bond the women shared. “What about her?”

“Oh Gee.” Anna wept against his neck. “She’s gone. She’s gone from this world. It was so sudden, a moment of fear, then nothing.”

Gerard rocked her in his arms murmuring words of comfort.


The next morning Marcus appeared before dawn. He had known Anna would already be aware but he was not prepared for the look of devastation on her face.

Walking into their bedroom he saw Gerard holding Anna in his arms. Marcus crossed the room quickly taking a seat on the bed next to Anna.

“I’m so sorry.” He said softly.

Anna was not surprised by his appearance. She knew the blood bond he’d once shared with Christa was strong enough he would have felt her passing. She looked into his eyes. “It was so quick.” She whispered.

Marcus leaned forward and Anna left Gerard’s arms to fall into his. He stroked her back lovingly. “Yeah, it was.”

“What the fuck happened?” Gerard asked.

Marcus hated his news would hurt Gerard. Since he’d been turned they had kept their blood bond strong. Knowing what he was about to say would affect Gerard made him pause.

“Marcus, what happened?” Gerard asked again.

Marcus sat back. With one hand he grabbed Anna’s hand with the other he took Gerard’s. “It was a car accident. Ray and Christa are both gone.”

“Oh fuck.” Gerard closed his eyes. “Oh fuck.”

“I’m sorry.’ Marcus said wishing there was something else he could say to ease their pain.

“Was Casey with them?” Anna asked softly.

Marcus shook his head. “No their daughter wasn’t in the car.”

“Thank God for that.” Anna whispered.

Gripping Gerard’s hand tightly Marcus again told him he was sorry.

Overwhelmed with emotion Gerard lashed out. “Words, just words. You don’t fuckin know what this feels like.” He pulled his hand away then got off the bed to cross over to the window.

Marcus lowered his head.

A moment later Anna reached out gently touch his cheek. “His pain made him lash out.”

“I understand.” Marcus said looking into her eyes.

“Fuck.” Gerard said turning away from the window to face them. “My friend dies and I have to wait until you come and tell me what happened. Ain’t right.”

“Gee.” Anna held out her hand to him but he turned his back to once again stare out the window.

Marcus smiled sadly. “You knew how hard this would be for him.” He reminded her gently.

Anna nodded, “Yes, I knew.”

Again Gerard’s anger erupted. “Would you two stop talking like I’m not fuckin’ in the room? Neither of you understand. Anna you felt no real emotion for Ray so don’t pretend you did.”

Anna’s eyes flashed from her anger. “No, Gee I felt no real human emotion for Ray. But do not believe that means I feel nothing.” Her voice shook, “I loved Christa. She was my blood bound, she was my friend.” She climbed off the bed. “Your pain is no greater than mine yet you lash out at me. You lash out at Marcus. Do you not remember he too was blood bound to Christa? Their bond helped to save us. It was deep. Look beyond your own pain. Look into Marcus’s eyes. He deeply feels Christa’s loss.”

“Anna, it’s okay.” Marcus said moving to join them by the window.

Once more Anna moved into his arms.

Gerard watched as Marcus gently rocked her placing a kiss on her forehead. Suddenly his anger abated. “Fuck, I’m sorry.”

Marcus looked into his eyes. “It’s okay, Gerard. I really do understand. And I really am sorry.”

Anna was again crying.

“Anna.” Gerard whispered her name.

She went to him. Together they cried.

Slowly Marcus turned intent on leaving. Anna’s voice stopped him.

“Will you see that Casey is cared for?”

Marcus nodded. “I plan on it. I’m positive family will care for the girl but I will make sure.”

Anna nodded, “And you will return to see us?”

“Annabelle I find it difficult to stay away from you both for long.” He said frowning. “Too damn difficult.”


A soft summer breeze blew across the crowded grave site. The mourners stood surrounding the coffins as the minister began his final eulogy.

Seated on a hard metal folding chair fourteen year old Casey lowered her head then closed her eyes. Her long brown hair fell covering her face.

As the ministers words filled the air tears pricked at the back of her eyes. Her whole life would be forever changed. The loss she felt, the pain seemed unbearable. She clasped her hands tightly together and willed herself not to cry.

Suddenly another feeling she couldn’t describe washed over her body.

Marcus stood beside the large oak tree watching the funeral from a distance. To the casual observer the man in the black suit and dark glasses did not seem out of place. However he felt very out of place. Never before had he attended a funeral for mortals. The deep loss he still felt over Christa’s passing was difficult but another feeling he could not understand was simmering just below the surface of his conscious.

From his vantage point he’d already seen Ray’s former band members. But he watched closely when he spotted Claire. He hadn’t worried about her recognizing him. No one would recognize the late Hudson Evans as his appearance was so profoundly different. He hadn’t even bothered with his dark contact lens. They bothered him. As he’d watched Claire it seemed her husband’s arm seemed to be the only thing keeping her from falling. He realized now that Anna’s two blood bounds had formed a close relationship after she’d gone. He’d already made up his mind not to tell Anna this fact. He knew she could already feel Claire’s pain so there was no reason to speak of seeing that pain. Actually he’d decided he would not mention coming to this funeral at all. He’d done what he’d promised, he’d made sure Casey was being cared for. He knew she was now living with her aunt and uncle. Coming to this funeral had been unnecessary.

So why am I here, he wondered.

The minister continued on and every once in a while Marcus could catch a few words. Suddenly a large cloud covered the sun. Marcus, still watching the mourners, pulled off his dark glasses just as the first large rain drops hit the dry earth. He looked up into the sky in surprise. Moments earlier the sky had been clear now a storm seems ready to strike. He was still pondering this sudden change in weather when the movement of the crowded made him realize the funeral was over. He glanced back towards the coffins then froze.

Casey, who was being led away from the grave site by her aunt, suddenly came to a complete stop.

“Come on honey.’ Her aunt urged gently. “It’s getting ready to pour.”

Marcus was momentarily shocked. As the young girl stared into his eyes that strange feeling once more washed over him.

Casey’s breath caught as she stared into his eyes.

“Come on, Honey.” This time her arm was given a slight tug.

That action caused Casey to look away for just a moment. When she looked back the man was gone.
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