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Does every story have a happy ending??

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Cassie Goes to stay with her cousin thst she hates after her mom dies..maybe things will start to get better?...

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This story is complete fiction

Proof (Deshaun)'s POV.....

"yo em were you at?" I shouted walking down the hall towards the studio at shady records..
"In here dude, trying to write some new ryhmes" Em replied trowing a pen out the door of the studio.
"You'l end hitting somebody one of these day's" I laughed walking in and taking a seat beside Em.
"So i own the place, anyways what up?" He turned around facing me.
"Well you know the way my mom's sister died last week, well my bitch of a cousin is coming to stay with us for awhile and i was wondering if she could hang with us untill she gets to know some people?" I asked pissed of.
"Yeah dude sure anything for you bro,why do you hate your cousin so much?" he asked laughing.
"Well her name is cassie, she's not really my cousin my aunt addopted her and we never really got on, she used to get me in shit the whole time, dude i was fuckin sent to rehab because of that bitch she told my mom that she caught me taking some pills and my mom thought i had a problem so she sent me away for three weeks" I said angery.
" were they the 3 weeks you were at your grandma's?" He asked.
"Yep, I havent seen the girl in 3 years i hope to god she changed otherwise il be in jail for murder" I said.
" Il have your back, when she comin?"he asked while writing down some random words.
"Eh tonight, i better be goin to let her in, il see ya tomorrow man" I said getting up and giving Em a hug and walking out towards my car.


Cassie's POV......
As i sat on the plane to detroit all i could think was what the fuck am doing?. Im going to spend a couple of months with a guy i hate, it doesnt make sense but my grandma insisted i went and id do anything for that women, even though were not the same blood. So here it goes i said to myself as i got of the plane and got a taxi to the address my gran gave me.
The taxi man let me off outside these massive gates i walked and pressed the buzzer no answer so i kept ringing it then a black jeep pulled up behind and deshaun got out.

"Yo cassie that you?" He asked squinting his eyes.
"Yep its me" I smiled.
"You waiting here long? sorry i kinda got caught up at work" He said taking my bags and putting in the jeep as the gates opened.
" Nah just got here" I said as i got into the passenger side.
"so,how you keeping?" he asked getting in and driving up his drive towards a mansion.
"Im good, have my down days but what can ya do, how's you?" I smiled.
"Im great, keeping busy with the new album, so what age are you now? 19?He asked getting out and taking my bags with him.
"thats good, eh nope im 22 il be 23 in four months" I laughed.
"Oh sorry dude, so what ya think?" He said as he opened the door of his house, it was beautiful.
"Its lovely, so were am i sleeping?, i dont wanna be rude but im wrecked after all the travelling."I said picking up my bags.
"its all good,well just incase your hungry during the night the kitchen is straight ahead, but follow me and il show you your room" He said walking upstairs into a massive room with a king size bed,walk in closet, bathroom and it had its own tv and hi-fi system.
"Wow, this room is nice thanks"I said looking at him giving him a smile.
"your welcome, there's towels in the press underneath the sink and if you need anything im 3 door's down on the right okay, oh by the way i have to go into the studio tomorrow for a few hours so ya wanna come with and il introduce you to the crew?"He asked walking towards the door.
"eh yeah sure i cant why not, il see you in the morning thanks again, night D" I smiled.
"laters, night cas" He nodded and left the room.

I unpacked some of my stuff, got cleanded up and then headed to bed to get some sleep, maybe this wont be as bad as i think...

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