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I'd Give My Heart To You (re-written)

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We have gone through good and bad times, but your unconditional love was always on my mind. You've been there from the start for me, and your love's always been true as can be... Gerard x OC.

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*A/N: okay, I'm sorry for giving up after posting only one chapter, but my laptop was broke and i couldn't post on my phone. Sorry guys. But I'm re-posting now, so I guess its all okay?
P.s. I made some changes.*

"Ashley ... ASHLEY!"
I awoke with the sound of my brother shouting, followed by a shoe to the head.
"OWE! What do you want, Frank?" I groaned.
"Get the hello up! We have to leave for school in an hour!"
"Oh the joy." I said sarcastically as Frank giggled. School is the most hateful place in the universe.
"Come on! The guys'll be here in 20, they all wanna meet you"
"Okay, but you gotta gimmie a hug first." He leaned over and hugged me.
"Happy? Now get your ass in the shower before they get here, or they'll be drooling over my gorgeous little sister." I rolled my eyes. 'Sucker!' I thought as he left. I rolled back over and snuggled back up in my blankets.

I must have fallen asleep because I heard Frank open my bedroom door.
"Ash? You decent?" Fuck.
"Umm... Yeah?" I replied before he walked in.
"HEY! You're not even out of bed!" He exclaimed.
"No shit, Sherlock. I always knew you were a genius, you're just good at hiding it" I mocked, I heard some laughs.
"So I'm guessing 'The Guys' are here too." I mumbled.
"Now who's the genius?" Said a voice I didn't recognise, so I flipped him off.
"Bitch..." The voice muttered.
"Frank! Get your friends the fuck out of my room!"
"Not 'till you get up." He sounded pissed off.
"Fine, you're gonna be waiting for a while"
"Okay then!" He threatened. 'Shit, grab something' I reached for the headboard, but I was too slow. Frank pulled me out of bed by the ankles. I landed with a loud thud on the floor. My brother and his friends started laughing.
"Frank Anthony Iero, sometimes I realty hate you!"
"That was priceless, dude" Said another voice.
"Ha-ha-ha, now get out of my fucking room!" I shouted.
"But we didn't even get to see your face yet" someone whined.
"GET THE FUCK OUT!" I screamed.
"You got 30, max, Ash. C'mon guys" Frank warned as they left. I picked my outfit for today: a Bring Me The Horizon tee, black skinnies and my purple converse. Then I went for a shower.

-25 minutes later-

I walked downstairs towards the kitchen where Frank and his friends were talking.
"She better hurry up, or we'll be late" Frank was complaining, as usual.
"Who's she? The cat's mother?" I said, walking into the room.
"Finally!" Frank said before introducing me to everyone.
"Okay, so this is Ray" He said first. An average height guy, with hair that defies the laws of gravity walked towards me and stuck out his hand, for me to shake.
"Yo, I'm Ray Toro!" He stated confidently.
"So I was told" I giggled. "I'm diggin' the 'fro"
"Thank you!" He beamed with pride.
"This is Bob" Frank said, motioning towards a blonde guy who smiled timidly.
"Hey Bob" I greeted him as I offered him my hand.
"Hi" He said, then shook my hand. I gave him a smile.
"Now this is Mikey." Frank nodded his head towards an awkward looking guy who towered over me.
"Oh man, you're tall!" I exclaimed, I'm only 5'3" so there was a massive height difference between us.
"Nice to meet you too." He laughed at my amazement before shaking my hand.
"Hey Ashley, there's one more." Frank said.
"Oh, sorry" I apologized before turning around to see the most beautiful guy ever.
"I'm Gerard, but you can call me Gee." I couldn't say anything, I just stared. 'Wow' was all I could think as I subconsciously checked him out. He was a bit taller than me with black hair that reached his shoulders, gorgeous chestnut eyes, porcelain skin and a cute smile.
"Earth to Ash! Can you stop drooling over my friends now!?" Frank laughed. 'Fuck it anyway!' I thought
"I was NOT drooling, I was thinking"
"Oh yeah? About what?" Gerard asked, moving closer to me, putting his hands on the kitchen counter either side of me, trapping me between him and the counter. He grinned knowingly. 'Shitshitshit' was all i could think. My heart began to race.
"I was thinking about my man, where is he, Frankie?" I asked.
"You have a boyfriend?" Gerard asked and backed off.
"Nope" I chirped and skipped off to the door.

"HEY, SEXY! GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE!" I screamed down the street from the front door. About 20 seconds later Maxxie arrived on his black skateboard which has luminous pink under side and wheels to match. It's his favorite board. He hopped off it, picked me up and spun me around.
"Ready for the first day of hell?" He asked whilst fixing the damage the spinning did to his brown and blonde side fringe.
"Nope, Frank had to drag me out of bed." I told him, thinking of the whole ordeal earlier this morning. Maxxie's eyes lit up.
"Frankie's still here?" He asked with a smile.
"Maxxie, you've seriously got to get over him, he doesn't swing that way" I teased. He's had the biggest crush on Frank for the last few years.
"I know, but it doesn't harm to look." He grinned.
"On the subject of looking: Frank's friends are here and there's this one guy, Gerard. Fuck, Maxxie I almost died, he's that hot. I need your opinion, but don't stare, he's at least a 15 out of 10"
"Okay, let's go see then" I jumped on his back. When we got inside he stared right at Gerard.
"MAX!" I snapped.
"Oh right, sorry, but yeah, a 15's about right."
"What are you guys talking about?" Frank asked raising an eyebrow.
"Wouldn't you like to know!?" I smirked at him.
"You're rating my friends, aren't you?" He laughed. I blushed and buried my face into Maxxie's shoulder.
"Just so you know, she thinks one for you is a 15 out of 10"
"SHUT UP FRANK! Can't we just go to school?" I whined and walked out the door with the guys behind me.

"Ash, I'll meet you at school, okay?" Maxxie said grabbing his board.
"Fine, leave me with Frank and his friends then!" I pouted.
"You'll love it" He winked at me before skating down the street.
"You're all not gonna fit in here, so you have to sit on someone's lap." Ray said, climbing into his car.Ray was driving with Mikey in the passenger side, then Bob, Frank with me on his lap and Gerard in the back seats. On the way to school Gerard put on headphones.
"Whatcha listening to?" I asked.
"Black Veil Brides" he replied. They'be been one of my favorite bands since the first time Maxxie showed me Knives And Pens.
"Oh let me listen, pleasepleaseplease!" I pleaded.
"Only if you sit on my lap" he said, grinning at me. I got off Frank and sat on Gerard.
"Anything for my future husband!" I sang. Gerard smiled and put his arms around me.
"Well we're gonna get along just fine." He said contentedly.
"Oh, I didn't mean you, baby. I'm the future Miss Sixx! We're gonna be the best couple ever!" Gerard just laughed.

We climbed out of the car, I turned to him and said "Welcome to the first day of Hell."

A/N-2: what do you think? I hope it wasn't that bad :L R&R? Constructive criticism would be much appreciated. (:

-Shannon xoxo
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