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I Caught Fire

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Something semi-fluffy I guess. I'm not into fluffy. Hope you like it.

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And I'm melting
In your eyes
Like my first time
That I caught fire
Just stay with me

"Damn it, Nikki. I told you it was too much gel. Why didn't you listen to me?" Tommy whines slightly, pushing hair out his face so he could look closer at my now hairless leg. I glared over in his direction and he looked down. "I was right."

"It's nothing. Just hair, Tommy. Calm down will ya?" I shot out, rubbing the wet cloth Tommy had given to remove the remaining strands of leg hair and to sooth the burns. Tommy fidgeted next to me, biting at his fingertips softly. I growled at his annoying behavior. "Can you knock that off? Man it's annoying."

Tommy moved his fingers from his mouth, a wounded look on his face. I rolled my eyes, running my fingers over the small burns on my legs. I smirked when I realized I had gotten out of the situation better than I thought. "Well this will be a funny story to tell Vince later, right?"

My drummer and terror twin shrugged his shoulders, hair blocking his eyes again. I rolled my eyes at him again, leaning my back against the wall of my bedroom and reaching for my cigarettes. Tommy drummed his fingers loosely on his legs and bounced his other foot. I drew in a long breath and looked at him hard. "What's got your panties in a twist? I'm okay. Quit acting like a baby."

Tommy lifted his head and glared at me. I was surprised when I saw tears in his eyes. Tommy tossed my still smoldering pants at me and pointed at them. "I fuckin' told you something bad was going to happen. And you didn't listen to me. Look what happen." he snapped.

I looked at him surprised. I had only known Tommy for a year or so but he was never one to get angry like he was. I sucked in another drag of my cigarette and blew it out casually. I pushed the pants away from me and smirked. "Nothing happened. I'm fine. I have a few burns and no hair. Vince will be jealous. Let it go, Tommy man."

Tommy shook his head in disbelief. He stood, his plaid shorts falling back to hang around his knees. I looked up at him from my seat on my mattress. He gripped the door and looked at me hard. "You could've gotten really hurt, Nikki. But you don't care about that, as long as you have a story to tell everyone right?"

I glared at him, feeling my stomach tighten at his cold tone. I laughed dryly and snuffed out my smoke in the carpet covering my battered room. I looked back at Tommy, trying not to snap at the younger male but failing easily. "Aw, the baby cares about whether I get hurt or not. I appreciate the attention but don't bother. I'm fine."

Tommy frowned deeper, shaking his shaggy head of hair. "You know what, Nikki. You can be a real bastard sometimes. I don't even know why I cared in the first place. I should've just let you melt, hu?" He walked away before I could answer him. I heard the front door slam and knew Tommy had walked out.

Never caught my breath
Every second I'm without you I'm a mess
Ever know each other
Trust these words are stones
why cuts aren't healing
Learning how to love

I sighed when I heard the door slam, my eyes closing as I felt a headache starting to form in between my eyes. I knew he had been right about the gel. I knew it was too much pyro gel even as I was slathering it on. I knew I shouldn't have shoved him away for caring either. I mean, it was in his nature to do so. He had always been like that, even if I didn't want or deserve the affection.

I growled deeply to myself, rubbing my fingers against my forehead to try to relieve the pressure building there. Opening my eyes, I looked around the room that I normally shared with Tommy. It felt empty without him there. Vince was gone much of the day. Mick was...well I didn't know where he went during the day. Tommy was the one who stayed around and kept me company. I mean, I gotten used to his presence near me.

"Why do I constantly push him away? He was just trying to be nice. There is nothing wrong in that." I mumbled to myself. I rolled over onto my stomach on my dingy mattress and pressed my face into the pillow. Sighing, I pounded the pillow with angry fist, trying to make it comfortable.

When I realized that the pillow wasn't going to do what I wanted, I threw myself from my bed. I grabbed a pair of ratty jeans from the floor and pulled them on as I walked to the bathroom. I washed my face quickly, scrubbing away the remains of last night make up from my face. As I walked down the stairs, I slid into a ripped shirt lacking sleeve. Not bothering to lock up the broken door, I took off in the direction of the strip; a few idea's running around in my head.

You could stay and watch me fall
And of course I'll ask for help
Just stay with me now
Take my hand

When I walked back into the house, I could hear the music pounding from the speakers and Vince's wild laugh coming out of the broken window. I frowned, slightly annoyed now that I knew he was entertaining again. I shouldered through the door, glaring at the people who filled the living room and kitchen. Vince smiled over at me, waving a drunken hand to the chicks surrounding him. I just glared and stomped up the stairs, slinging my bag over my shoulder as I entered my room.

I had been hoping that when I got back from my errands, Tommy would have been back. Instead I entered a still empty room with an empty heart. I frowned, sinking on my bed with a grunt. I pulled my cigarette from my pocket and lit one with more attitude than needed. I leaned my head against the corner of the walls, silently wishing that Tommy would come home. I hated being alone without him.

Sticking my smoke in the corner of my mouth, I pulled the stupid black haired stuffed dog I had bought from the brown paper bag and looked it over. I was surprised to notice that it looked a lot like me. It's hair wild and flopping into green eyes. I crawled over to Tommy's bed, laying the stuffed dog on his pillow along with a pack of smokes and a candy bar. It had never been in my nature to apologize so I figured that made up for it.

Rubbing the dogs head affectionately, I laid down in Tommy's bed instead of crawling back to mine. His mattress smelt like him and it made me feel less lonely laying there. I curled up in the middle of the bed, my hair flailing outwards around me. I yawned slightly, snuffing my smoke out in the rug again. I wrapped my arms around my body and closed my eyes, hoping that Tommy came home soon so I could stop feeling so guilty.

Just stay with me
Lay with me
In your eyes
I lost my place
Could stay a while
and I'm melting
In your eyes
Like my first time
That I caught fire

I didn't know how long I had been asleep before I felt gentle hands brushing hair from my face. I opened my eyes slowly, half expected to see some fan chick watching me. Instead my green eyes found Tommy's brown puppy dog ones. He sat with his back against the wall, long legs stretched out and a cigarette dangling from his lips. I looked down sheepishly when I remember I had fallen asleep in his bed. "Sorry. I can move if you want." I mumbled, my mouth drier than the desert for some reason.

Tommy smiled, shaking his head. I noticed the stupid dog in his hands and blushed deeply, closing my eyes to avoid his eye contact. "Was he supposed to be an apology for earlier?" he asked, voice soft yet hard. I could tell he was tired but wouldn't sleep until I answered his questions.

I nodded, rolling onto my side so that my back faced him. "Yeah. You were right about earlier. And I shouldn't have snapped at you like that. You were just caring about me. I'm just not used to people actually caring about what happens to me. I guess I'm sorry."

I heard a low whistle and tucked my head tighter to my chest. I apologize and he whistles. Fucking wonderful. I felt the mattress move slightly and figured he was leaving again. Instead I felt Tommy's arms wrap around me softly and pulling me to him. I complied, resting against his chest softly. He placed the dog in my front of my face and laughed slightly. "Did you purposely buy the one dog that looked exactly like you? Or was that on accident?"

I smiled slightly, shrugging my shoulders slightly. "Accident. I saw him on the shelf in the drug store and thought of you. Figured you would like him. I never said sorry before. I was worried it wasn't good enough."

Tommy kissed the back the neck gently, his hand running through my hair softly. "Just coming home and seeing you in my bed was an apology enough. Nixx was just a plus." he explained softly. I looked over at him, my brows furrowed on my face. "Yes I'm naming him Nixx. Get over it, Sixx."

"Okay, okay. Name the damn dog Nixx if it makes you happy." I gave in. I rested my head on my arm again and yawned loudly, eyes dropping close.

For a while it was quiet between us. I figured Tommy had fallen asleep and that was okay with me. I enjoyed sleeping in his arms, he kept me warm and made me feel loved. But I was wrong thinking he was asleep. "Hey Nikki, do me a favor will ya?"

"What do you want now, Tommy?" I asked, my voice slurred with tiredness so it wasn't as harsh.

Tommy laughed lightly again, pulling me closer and covering us with his ratty blanket. "Keep falling asleep in my bed, okay? I enjoy sharing it with you." H kissed my neck once more and settled down behind me. I smiled. "I love you man, you know that right?"

I nodded my head, eyes closing again. "Yeah. I do now. I love you too, Tommy. And don't worry, I'll keep sleeping in your bed." I kissed the hand resting by my head and settled back in his arms comfortably. I would definitely make sure I kept on sleeping his bed. It was a hell of a lot better than sleeping alone.

Let's sleep till the sun burns out
I'm melting in your eyes
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