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FACT : What happens in Vegas, changes your life

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FACT : What happens in Vegas, changes your life

Come To Vegas. 2 tickets are waiting at LAX. Flight 203. Departs 11:17 a.m.

After receiving that text message from her best friend, Cassia unsuccessfully attempted to contact Regina. The chipper pre-recorded voice that greeted her each time gave little clue as to why it was so important they make it to Nevada.

With little time to spare waiting for an explanation, Jon and Cassia packed a bag and hailed a cab to the airport. Sure enough, two tickets were waiting there, literally printed with their names on them.

“So we’re just going to Vegas?” Cassia asked as Jon loaded their suitcase onto the conveyor belt at the security checkpoint. The apprehension evident in her voice was echoed in Jon’s thoughts. He had expected much more time for preparation before they found themselves together in Vegas again.

“I guess we are.” He gulped, stepping through the threshold of the metal detector just after Cassia did. And in a whirlwind of nervous excitement, both for returning to the place they had met and finding out exactly what their friends had planned, the hour-long flight felt like seconds. They had only just come into view of the baggage claim area when Regina and Brendon could be heard shouting for them.

With just a kiss to say goodbye, Cassia and Jon were ushered into two separate cars. When Cassia finally caught hold of her breath, thoughts, and words that were flying out of Regina’s mouth the car had stopped in front of a lavish storefront. A woman in skyscraper heels and short black dress greeted them with a smile at the door.

The pale grey walls of the boutique they landed in appeared more regally silver than as boring as such a dull color would imply. And just like the high society debutante royalty they were known as in the shops back home, Regina and Cassia were ushered into their own lavish dressing rooms parallel to one another at the back of the long hallway.

While this sort of environment was as close to their “natural” habitat one could get, Cassia liked to believe that in the past few months she had only begun living the type of like that that was really meant for her. While her life on the road with Jon and Panic could hardly be seen as typical, it was the first time in her life Cassia was living for something beyond dinner parties, social hierarchy, and being seen in the right dresses at the right places. The relationships she was building meant more than checking out the latest club opening. The genuine happiness she felt loving and being loved mattered more than who was taking her picture. And the afternoons spent with Jon doing more than dreaming than any real decision making was far more priceless than jewels or shoes (both of which she owed in abundance).

“If you ladies need any further assistance, please do not hesitate to page one of our consultants.” The petite blonde who had ushered than inside offered sweetly before leaving them to try on the dresses that had been preselected for them far before this day.

“There should be six dresses in there for you to try on,” Regina explained, “My favorite is the teal one, but it’s really up to you.”

“Reggie, what’s going on?” Cassia asked feet firmly planted in the carpet outside the dressing room. She would be stubborn enough to stand there until she received an acceptable answer. When Regina didn’t provide anything more than a simple ‘I’ll explain later’ shrug, Cassia was left to glare at her friend through the heavy dressing room door.

“You’re telling me that you dragged Jon and I all the way to Vegas, of all places, on New Year’s Eve and you’re not ever going to tell me what’s going on?” Cassia fumed with no real frustration. If anything the situation only called for a lecture because of Cassia’s hatred on surprises.

“Don’t think I haven’t noticed you’ve been hiding something major this past month either,” Cassia continued, “I am your best friend and I cannot be fooled that easily!”

When Regina slowly opened her door she was wearing a cocktail length white satin dress that hugged her body as if each seam had been sewed with only her in mind. Embellished with only a few delicate details about her bust, the dress spoke volumes of Regina’s personality.

“Does that mean you like it?” Regina pleaded noticing her best friend’s sudden silence.

“Reggie, you look absolutely stunning.” Cassia gushed.

“In that case,” Regina smirked. The slight mischievous twinkle in her eye had turned her smile wide and beaming, “Cassia, my love, you have been my best friend for eternity, and I would like nothing mor than for you to be my maid of honor. It’s not even really just a choice, just say yes.”

“Maid of honor? Of course! But is that really your way of telling me that Brendoned proposed?”

“No.” Regina answered shortly, “This is my way of telling you that we have a hair appointment and I would really appreciate if you started trying on those dresses!”

“I will.” Cassia decided, “But Reggie, give me something, anything...what are we getting ready for?”

Regina smiled widely and nudged her best friend into the dressing room, “It’s New Years Eve,” She giggled, “Today’s going to be a celebration.”

And Cassia’s dressing room became a mess of silk, chiffon, and sideways glances in the mirror. “You need to stop being so critical.” Regina demanded as Cassia lolled at her reflection, tilting her head side to side. “This.” Regina emphasized her meaning by placing two hands on Cassia’s midsection, “This can’t be hidden forever.”

Cassia brushed her friends’ hands away. She had learned just as quickly as she had started showing that a visibly pregnant belly seemed to be an open invitation to be touched. Her bump was something hidden most days by oversized sweatshirts. “Not forever Regina, just the next four and a half months.”

“You’re crazy Cassia. You should be screaming from the rooftops that you’re probably one of the luckiest girls in the world.”

“Says the girl who’s just revealed she’s engaged.”

With a smirk, Regina scanned Cassia standing on a small platform in front of three mirrors. The dress she wore was a one shouldered and ruched royal blue sheath, that made Cassia feel sexy for the first time in months. “That’s your dress.” Regina stated firmly, and for the first time confident in this new body Cassia smiled in reply.

From the boutique they rushed through two appointments and a quick lunch before hailing the taxi that would take them to the main event. Regina fed the taxi driver the address and the girls changed into their new heels.

“Are you ready for the biggest party of the year?” Regina teased as they pulled up to the Bellagio Hotel.

A small crowd of people they recognized was gathered just outside the lobby. Spencer hurried up to the girls even before they were out of the cab and handed Regina an elaborate white orchid bouquet. “He was afraid you weren’t going to show up.” Spencer admitted as Regina smoothed out her dress.

The click of a camera erupted in their direction. Cassia’s first instinct was to hide her face. In passing, Regina introduced the photographer as one of Brendon’s close friends.

“Why is he taking pictures?” She asked trying to process the scene folding out before her. Jon approached and passed her a wildflower boquet. “You got me flowers?” Cassia smiled.

Jon chuckled to himself before turning to Regina, “Now you’re just being mean to her.”

Cassia wrinkled up her nose, knowing better to accept anything but the truth from Regina now.

“Fine.” She feigned a heavy sigh, “Remember when I asked you to me my maid of honor? Well, this is the wedding, Brendon and I, we’re getting married right now.”

“You knew?” Cassia scolded turning toward Jon.

He through up his hands in surrender, “I swear, he didn’t tell me until we got here.”

And like the rest of the day, in a whirlwind, Cassia had linked her hand into the crook of Jon’s elbow, her other hand tightly gripping the bouquet that named her part of the wedding party. In the blink of an eye she envisioned her own white dress and realized it may one day be a possibility to walk down an aisle with him, in front of all of their family and friends, as Mrs. Jon Walker. She glanced at him, smiling to herself, Regina was right, she was one of the luckiest girls in the world.

At the front of the East Chapel Brendon stood, his smile far more charming than the typically goofy yet he still fidgeted with nerves. Anyone who had known him would surely be surprised at how quickly he had changed upon meeting his future wife. It was nothing deliberate or untrue to his character, but the minute he and Regina met eyes across the bar something inside him switched on and he was in love.

As Regina came into view, her simple dress now embellished with a vintage necklace and long lace veil, his charming smile returned to the goofy grin that assured all who stood witness he would love Regina Keenly for the rest of his life.

The vows were spoken with eloquence and grace, and while the love in the words they wrote for one other were beautiful and pure, Jon stole glances at Cassia. He looked at her as though no one else were around; it had been that way since the night they had met. She’d never believe it if he told her, but all of her thoughts played across her features like a story he couldn’t stop reading. She only caught him staring once, just before Brendon spoke a cool “I do”. And as a flush rose to her cheeks, he envisioned the day they would stand together in a chapel like this.
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