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How did the love of his life become like the monsters he was trying to hide her from? R&R please!! Inspired by the song Monster by Paramore.

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He would have stopped the whole world for her. She was his everything. Then she crushed him. She became the monster he wanted to hide her from. Their relationship was wonderful. It lasted three long years. The first year was the best. After that it went downhill. The last two years of their relationship were chaos. That was when he found out her terrible secret. He was so in love with her that he cleaned up her mess for two whole years. He remembered their last fight before the police hauled both of them away.

"HOW COULD YOU?!?!?!" she screamed at him. Her eyes were full of hurt and rage. She looked like someone had slapped her in the face, but quickly replaced the look of hurt with a look that said murder. He had no doubt in her mind that she could kill him easily.

"I'm so sorry!" he said while crying, "I didn't want to. I'm only human; I have a skeleton in me. I make mistakes. But now that I think about it, maybe it wasn't a mistake."

He turned away from the hysterical woman and let the officer guide him to his patrol car. She could call him a traitor all she wanted. All he ever did was collect her victims. He was more loyal then she'd ever know.

He was thinking back on all of this in his prison cell. He tried to remember the better days, before she started killing, but they were coming out blurry. At least he had fifteen whole years in prison to remember. He stared at the wall while thinking. He had been so stupid to get involved with her. He gave up his family, friends, and his whole life. He was only twenty-two.

Sure when he got out of jail he'd still be young, but his life would never be the same. His friend's wouldn't talk to him, his family basically disowned him, and no one would hire him with his background. He put his head in his hands and started to cry. He seemed to be doing a lot of that lately.

She'd seemed so perfect when he met her. She was attractive, talented, a hard-working student, and smart-maybe too smart. He remembered that night when he discovered her secret. She had shown up at his doorstep around one o'clock on a school night. She was a mess. Her hair was in disarray and her makeup was ruined. He turned on the light outside his apartment and could see dark stains on her clothes. He thought they looked like blood, but maybe it was his eyes playing tricks on him, or the lighting.

He should've shut the door right then. He should've turned her away. He should've asked more questions. He should've done a lot of things. Instead he opened his door to her and sealed his fate.

She dragged him down the second time she killed. That time, she brought the body straight to his house. Apparently it was in the back of her car and she needed help getting rid of it. He said yes and helped her. From there on he was doing this weekly. It became a night job for him. He just never got paid for it. They had a system of disposing the evidence. It worked just fine for them, until one day they almost got caught. They were pulled over for speeding while they were in the middle of getting rid of the evidence. After that they started getting smarter. If he didn't turn her in they probably could've kept this up for years.

Everyday he wondered why he did it. He told himself he did it because he loved her. He never really liked it. He was never a part of the killings either. He just helped clean up.

When they were together they never left each others side for more than an hour or so. Now they were going to be separated for fifteen years, but in her case, maybe longer. He was looking forward to it. The more the thought about it the more he liked the idea of being in prison. He was away from her, he could restart he life.

Yeah, he decided. Once he got out of prison he'd be a new man. Everything would be behind him.


Even though he wanted to move on and get over her, he had second thoughts from time to time. They had a dream to own a little house in the suburbs and have lots of kids, maybe a dog or two. He shook his head, was it all a lie?

People say that true killers don't have feelings. They don't feel love, sadness, or remorse. He thought she was different. He thought he'd bring her back to sanity eventually. He wanted to believe that she really did love him.

"I'll stop the whole world from turning into a monster, eating us alive. Don't you ever wonder how we'd survive? Well now that you're gone the world is ours." –Monster by Paramore
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