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The Future Is Bulletproof

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shit goes down.

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Since Uncle Frank recorded us playing Summertime, my Daddy has been trying to get me to sing more. It’s really annoying and he’s bugging me way too much! I’ve decided to hang out at my Uncle’s, with Cherry; I’m so glad they only live down the road.

A mini My Chemical Romance? Do they honestly expect that from children aged 5-7? We haven’t even got a drummer or a bassist. Pheonix would probably learn bass, I mean Auntie Alicia AND Uncle Mikey both play bass, so he’s likely to pick that up. I don’t think Lily would play drums for us. That would leave Cole…

Because Mommy and Daddy are on holiday together, I’m living with Cherry. Lily is still being mean and Cole keeps annoying me. He’s always there. He might as well sit on me! Cherry always tells him to go away, but he won’t. I like him, because he’s so nice, but he’s just annoying.

Today, we’re going out to the park. Just me, Uncle Frankie, Cherry, Lily and Cole; we’re going to have ice-cream and play on the swings. Hopefully Uncle Frankie will go on the climbing frame with us, again. Last time he fell off and starting shouting he had wood chips in his butt, Cherry and me were crying from laughing.

I was packing my bag, with some money and my favourite teddy bear, when Cherry came in and told me we were leaving there and then. I grabbed my lucky necklace, it was my Mommy’s, but she didn’t want it anymore. She told me it gave her good-luck and made all her wishes come true.

Cole walked next to me the whole time, he didn’t speak; just stared. He was kinda creeping me out, a little bit.

“You have really pretty eyes,” He said, with a grin. I had my Mom’s eyes, they were a dark brown.

“Thanks?” I didn’t know what to say to him. Uncle Frank hurried us along, and at the road, we all had to hold hands. He was a good dad, I guess. I mean, I wouldn’t know because he’s only my uncle, but he treated me almost like a daughter. It made me feel like an Iero.

“C’mon, Cherry and Lily will come with me to get the ice-cream. I can still see you two, but run and get the swings. I want one,” Uncle Frankie told me and Cole. We ran, as fast as we could, giggling because we were racing. Cole pretended to be Superman at one point, but almost fell over.

We sat on the swings. We were both big enough to go on the big kid swings. I tried hard not to fall backwards. There wasn’t anyone in the park apart from us, it felt like we were alone, but we were being watched. Obviously, by Uncle Frankie. He was a creeper.

“Bandit, can I ask you something?” Cole said. His voice was so sweet. He said some of the words wrong, but I knew what he was getting at.

“Yeah,” I smiled.

“Do you like me?”

“Ha!” I said as I punched him, in the shoulder. Not hard, I didn’t want to hurt him. “Of course, I do, silly. You’re like my brother.”

“Oh,” He looked sad. I hoped I hadn’t offended him, looks like I had. “I just…”

“What? Oooooh, you ‘like-like’ me… Cole, you’re really cute, but you might as well be my brother,” I told him. At least I was being nice. Some people at school hit people for ‘like-liking’ people.

“A little bit…” He told me. His head was down and he started sniffing.

“Cole, please don’t cry. I don’t like it when people cry,” I jumped off the swing and put my arm around him. “Don’t cry, Cole…”

“I’m not, I just…” He leaned in and kissed me. What was going on? I was 7 and he was 4. That didn’t seem right. Cute, but not right.


“Sorry. I didn’t—I’ll leave you alone. Daddy’s coming back now anyway. I—Uhh… Sorry…” He walked off.

The whole day we were out, he ignored me. I was worried that our friendship was ruined now.

On the way home, we walked past a music shop. There were guitars and some drums in the windows. Uncle Frankie stopped and stared at the guitars. It was almost as bad as when he saw a puppy, only with the guitars, he was silent. And stared. With his tongue out. Almost like a panting dog. Cole did the same – father like son, I guess. But he wasn’t staring at the guitars, he was staring at a Spongebob Squarepants drum kit.


“Wait- what? What do you want?”

“That drum kit. Spongebob, Daddy. SPONGEBOB,”

“Cole, it was your birthday last month! You can’t have anything else. Besides, you can’t even play drums,”

“I can learn,”

“No Cole,”

“Please Daddy…” Cole went off into silence. His want for the drum gave me an idea, and it was the least I could do after what had happened earlier.

“Uncle Frankie, I was thinking and Cole could be our drummer, if my favourite uncle bought that drum set for him…” I fluttered my eyes at him, like I did to my Daddy.

“Yeah! That’s a great idea! And you want us to be a band, so you should do it,” Said Cherry. Cole looked at me and smiled, and I did the same back.

“Alright. I’ll get them. But I have no rhythm. So you’ll be terrible,”

“Yaaaaaaaaay!” We all said, apart from Lily. She really didn’t like the thought of us spending so much time together. I was thinking of ways to include her, but she didn’t want to play guitar, so there was nothing she could do. I felt bad for leaving her out.

We got home and ran up to Cherry and Lily’s room. Uncle Frankie was downstairs with Cole, setting up his new drum set. He got matching drum sticks too. Me and Cherry were playing her guitars. She taught me a few new songs. I can’t remember what they’re called though.

We were practicing Fireworks by You Me At Six, when we heard a scream from downstairs. Cherry ran to the top of the stairs.

“BOB! What the fuck… shit... fuck... kids, I need to stop swearing.. For fuck’s sake. Ah shit. Fuck. Bollocks. GAH! BOB! What are you doing here?”

“Well, I heard someone playing drums. Badly. Like you use to. So I’m here to save the day.”

I shuffled after Cherry. She looked at me with a confused look and mouthed ‘Who the hell is that?’ I’d seen pictures of him and Daddy before. I couldn’t quite remember who he was. Obviously, he was called Bob.

We went downstairs, to investigate.

“Cherry, Bandit, this is Bob. He’s here to teach Cole drums. Well… Try to anyway.” Uncle Frankie told us. Bob sighed and they both laughed.

“Oh my God, Bandit. I haven’t seen you since you were… TINY. Like Frank size,” Bob said. I think it was suppose to be funny. Fail. “I hear you can sing, and that you’re going to have a mini MCR. Well, that’s what Gerard said. He asked me to help out with the drumming, because Mike’s spending time with his family. Right, so where is the dr—OH. MY. GOD. SPONGEBOB FUCKING SQUAREPANTS.”

“BOB! No swearing. Children. BUT THEY’RE FUCKING AWESOME AREN’T THEY!?” Screamed Uncle Frankie.

I’d never seen him act that much of a girl.

A.N: I know the ending is crap, but i need to sleep. lol. hope you enjoy it!
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