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My Life

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Hi guys this is my new story 'my life' i am going to edit it later and make it better but Please leave comments and tell me what you guys think :) the more comments and votes i have the quicker i will upload :)


Chapter 1

I flexed my kneck rolling it from oneside to the other. I looked around at my surroundings i was in a forrist. It was dark about 7pm. We were waiting for death wolves to hurry up and fight

"blondies mine" nicole growled

I rolled my eyes nicole was my best friend. I loved her to bits but she wasnt thinking strate

"Nikki calm down" Nick boomed

Nick, my brother was the gang leader as you would say. After our pairents died we have been a mess the gang is family.

"nick. She killed my sister" nicole growled crouching into a defensive stance her hands balling into fists

I herd a noise a howl of the wind

"shh" i hissed. Everyone fell silent

I herd it again

"on your right" i yelled and we look off running through the trees, jumping over the odd low branch

We had good tactics

Nick and nikki would run in from the south, jenny and stephan would run in from the east, Amy and josh would run in from the north, amy and josh would run in from the west and i would climb in the trees above their heads

I jumped onto the nearest branch and started climbing the tree. Jumping from tree to tree staying about 7ft above the ground.

Then i saw them a group the same size as us. Their leader was a tall guy about 6ft with messy brown hair. He had a nicly defined 8 pack and a tanned ish body.

this was going to be a tricky fight he had a dude on the otherside of the trees

I looked down and saw his gang were placed exacally where mine were comming from.


Thrn the fight broke out. I leaped into the air the exact same time a girl my age from the other tree did our bodys slammed into eachother. The force snapping her headback.

I punched her round the face popping her nose. Blood spurted everyware. On my new roxy top. She was gonna pay

Her dark blonde hair now had red tips. I landed on the balls of my feet next to her limp body which had hit the ground with a large thump 3 seconds before.

I looked around to see their leader grab nikki in a head lock. Before i knew what i was going i was running at him. As soon as he saw me he let her go. She toppled to the ground clutching her neck

"This fight is over" he boomed making me flinch

I nodded.

"wolfy" he intreduced holding out his hand for me to shake.

"annabelle" i said I taking his hand and shook it lightly. fireworks spread through my body. I jumped back in suprise.

Was that witchcraft?

He looked just as shocked as me. What do i do? What just happend?

I did the only thing i knew

I ran.

I herd voices calling my name calling me back but i couldnt, my face was wet, something was bluring my vision, what was i going to do?

I ran home to our group house where the gang lives with us.

I unlocked the door with shaking hands. The key wouldnt go in the lock. Come on. Come on

"yes!" i cheered under my breath.

I opend the door and ran to my room.

Who was that?

Your soul mate. My concus said

Shut up no he's not

I sat thinking about this guy for about 2 hours.

"annabelle?" nick called

I diddnt reply their was no point at all

"annie?" he called softly

I kept quiet

He was getting more panicked

"annabelle? Annabelle?" he yelled

"annie!!!" this was a new voice. Nikki's her voice was high pitched. She was scaired what was she scaired of?

"annabelle?" nick said softly sitting down on the bed making it dip and creek.

I moved my head onto his lap.

"annie, what happend?" he said stroaking my red hair.

"the leader he...." i trailed off sobbing

"what ? What happend annie?" nick said shaking me

"he sent sparks through my body. It felt like fireworks were running through my body." i cried

Nick started laughing out loud. I looked up

"oh annie, youve found your.." but he got cut off when nikki ran in.

"oh my god annabelle" nikki screemed, pulling me up from nicks lap and into a bone crushing hug

"cant. Breath. Nikki" i choaked

She loosened alittle

"oops sorry" she giggled

For the rest of the night all 3 of us watched tv the others went to the party but i diddnt want to go, nikki diddnt want to go without me and nick doesnt go without nikki. Its kinda sweet really. My brother and my best friend

wolfys POV

I watched her run away

What the hell wolfy, shes your soul mate and you just had to go and fuck it up by touching her and freeking her out diddnt you.

"wolfy get it together man what happend back then?" greg asked shaking me our of my transe

"come on man, were going to the party" liam said tossing me my black leather jacket

Ugh i diddnt want to go to this stupid party i had just scaired of my soul mate. I needed to talk to her


"annabelle get up" nick yelled kicking me hard

"ow, what the fuck nick" i moaned rubbing my ribs

I looked at him. He had a my chemical romance band tshirt on and baggy jeans with black converse.

"annie comeon just get up and get to school. Your keys are on the side" he said walking out the room.

I sat up in my bed and looked at my white walls. they had been that colour since i was six. Me and nick had spent 7hours trying to steel some paint so we could cover the blood.

I slowly got up and dragged myself to my dressing table and slapped on some foundation, i then added eyeliner and bronser.

Hmm it would have to do.

I pulled my hair into a messy bun and added some grips to hold it in place.

Ugh i looked shit.

I walked over to my wardrobe and pulled out my black skinny jeans, an electric blue top and my blue dr. Martins.

I pulles my black and blue hoodie over the top and walked down the staires plugging my ipod into my headphones. I grabbed my backback and slung it over 1 shoulder. I then walked out to the car to join nick and nikki.

The ride to school was boring and long

When i was about to get out of the truck nick pushed me out and i landed on the pavement with a loud bump

"ow what the hell nick?" i growled, shooting daggers from my eyes at nick who was laughing uncontrolably. Nikki gave him a dissaproving look and helped me up.


i walked into science class late obviousally. Mr. Meeds gave me an annoyed look but diddnt say anything. I walked over to my lab bench it was a brown colour with varnish across the bench. It had my art work ingraved into it so manytimes i diddnt know where to look. Their were bears, cheetahs, lions, dogs, horses and more.

I dropped my bag on to floor and sat down. I got out my pen from my case and started calving a wolf into the desk this time. I diddnt know why. I had thought about them allot recently their shining coat and razor sharp teath. I was interupted in my thoughs

"your tallented" a familiar voice said. I turned around about to thank whoever said that when i saw him.

"what are you doing hear wolfy?" i asked venom dripping from my voice

he looked alittle stunned but that soon turned into a smerk

"Look annabelle, im sorry for freeking you out, but i think you need to hear this from me, im you soul mate" he said.

No thats not possible.

He's lying

'no he's not' my conchus said

Wow it was really bugging me

"prove it" i said

I wonder if he is my soul mate, i mean he is pritty fit

No brain stop im not a perv stop checking him out.

He put his hand against mine and fireworks exploded

"no, no, no i cant have a soul mate im only 17 im a wreck i fight, i kill people i cant have a soul mate stop please stop" i sobbed

Wolfy grabbed me and pulled me close stoaking my hair the way my mother used to when i was little

I started shaking.

"sh baby just breath" wolfy soothed.

The weard thing was it felt right being in his arms. The way he kissed my fothead it felt nice.

I was about to kiss him when i was interupted by the megaphone

"annabelle Cassidy my office now!" the voice boomed

Oh shit

"ill come with you annabelle" wolfy whisperd into my ear

I couldnt breath my heart was pownding out of my chest i sware he could hear it.

I nodded and let him lead me from the lab and into the heads office


"so annabelle i see you have found your soul mate" the head said

"hmm" i mumbled letting go of wolfys arm

He instently moved his arm to my lower back

What the hell was i going to do? I could feel myself hyperventelating again


Black dots were clouding my vision

I vaguly herd someone say

"wolfy take her out now" then i felt myself being lifted up into someones arms. But i diddnt feel calm it burned to touch

"wolfy" i screemed

"let go of her, shes on pain" i herd him yelled.

"wolfy" i screemed

Someones hand touched my face, a cool hand on my blistering skin

I grabbed his hand and kept in there

I felt myself being lifted into the cool arms. And the burning ameditally stopped.

I snuggled into his hard chest and let the person stroak my hair

"breath baby" the voice soothed

I slowly opend my eyes

I was lying in wolfys lap on the floor in a corridore?

"what happend?" i asked trying to sit up

"i dont know, one minuet you were fine the next you were screaming on the floor" he said stroaking my cheek.


"Wolfy whats happening to me?" i whisperd

This wasnt the first time this had happend

"i promise you nothing is happening" he whisper yelled. Rocking me and and forwards in his arms
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