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Frankie's Red Pubic Hair

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Frankie is not welcome to the cool club because he is too short. His BF Gerard helps him (Guest Appearances: FOB and P!ATD) :3 (ONE-SHOT) Humorous hopefully...

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I remember seeing this funny picture on tumblr and it made me laugh so hard and I just felt like I needed to put it in story form. I hope you like it and laugh?


Frank Iero wanted to join that club so badly.

The members were a few guys from the neighborhood called Pete, Patrick, Ryan, Brendon, and Spencer. They were undoubtedly, way cooler that Frank.

Frank knew that in their little "club" they would all get these killer video games, CDs, DVDs and just share them, play them, and loan them to each other. They would hang out in this lounge they sometimes rented during their "meetings" or either at Ryan's house. They would also buy all sorts of drinks and food and discuss the different stuff they bought over. Once a month, they would host a garage sale (That was highly successful considering they were very much popular) and claim they donate the money to the local orphanage.

Frank was desperate to hang around with them, he would do almost ANYTHING to join that club. But alas, the rules strictly forbade short people.

Frank huffed and he felt a heavy weight on his chest. He wasn't that short right?

Frank tried to convince himself that they meant short as in hobbit short. Like his neighbor, Kris.

Anyways, Frank took the risk and knocked on Ryan's front door (as he knew they were having their "meeting" at Ryan's house, not that he was stalking them or anything), sweating like a pig running a marathon. He found a pair of eyes gazing at him through the mail slot.

"Password," The voice demanded. Frank instantly recognized the voice belonging to Pete.

"I want to join your club," Frank said as gruffly as he could. It was his first time talking to one of them and he did not want to sound like a 5 year old girl with a sore throat. So Frank decided to put on his "man" voice.

He heard the door unlock and he suddenly felt like he was going to wee in his pants.

Pete ushered him inside and closed the door.

"Oh I know you, you're that little kid that's always staring at me all the time," Said Ryan, smiling and grabbing Frank's hand to shake. "What's your name?"

"Frank," This was not going to well...

"Frank. Such a pretty name. Alright Frankie, ya need the bathroom or something?" He asked, staring as Frank questioningly.

"He wants to join the club," Said Pete, crossing his arms over his chest, trying to suppress his giggles.

The others burst into laughter.

"I'm sorry, Frankie, you must be at least sixteen to join our club," Said Brendon. Patrick and Spencer were giggling quietly from the sidelines. Frank could not help but stare at Spencer's yellow flip-flops.

"I'm seventeen," Frank scowled, crossing his arms and stomping his left foot like a kid being denied ice-cream by his parents.

They all roared with laughter all over again. Frank bowed his head down, and sighed. Well so much for taking a risk.

"Sorry, Frank. You must be at least 5 foot 6 inches to join. We don't need people going around thinking we let 12 year olds join our awesome club," Ryan breathed, still not able to control the giggles that were erupting from his chest.

Frank huffed and stomped out the door. He had never felt that mortified in his life before. He made his way to his boyfriend's house. Gerard could definatly cheer him up. But Frank would still be upset.

As he entered, Gerard's cherry red hair came into view and suddenly embraced him while giving him a peck on his lips. Frank smiled briefly but continued to sulk and Gerard couldn't help but notice how upset he looked.

"Are you okay, baby?" He asked, stroking Frank's hair.

"They didn't let me join, Gee. They told me I was too short. I really wanna be in that club but it will never happened, because of my stupid fucking height," Frank cried.

Gerard wore a thoughtful expression for a while, and Frank couldn't help but ask what idea was crawling its way into Gerard's devious mind now.

"I Have an idea!" Gerard suddenly exclaimed.

Snort "of coarse ya do," said Frank rolling his eyes.

"Why are you snorting? Just listen you are going to love it!"


The doorbell rang again. Pete stood up and muttered a cuss word, as someone had just interrupted him shoving a slice of pizza down his throat. The other's were wondering who was disturbing them again for the second time that day.

As Pete looked out from the mail slot again and demanded "Password" he got the same reply he go earlier.

Only this time when Pete opened the door he was greeted by an at least 11 foot tall stranger in a tall grey raincoat. He had a thick mustache and was wearing a sombrero. Pete raised him eyebrows and asked the stranger for his name.

"My name is...erm...Pancho," Pete expected a gruff voice with a heavy Mexican accent but what he got was totally unexpected. The stranger in the sombrero sounded like a 7 year old with laryngitis.

"Come in," he said, and the stranger stumbled inside looking all wobbly. As they entered Ryan's living room. All eyes were widened and staring at them.

"Whoa! Cool hat man!" Spencer exclaimed.

"And wicked mustache!" Patrick piped in.

"You are so tall, I wanna be like you, omg. What's your name?" Brendon jumped up and down.

"Pancho," The stranger coughed.

"Pancho, why is your lower half moving?" Brendon asked, wide-eyed.

"Oh! just trying to get a little warmer. I'm feeling kinda cold," Pancho said.

"But its July...?" Ryan looked suspicious, he was the only one that was not gawping over the mexican stranger.

Pancho shrugged.

While the others were out of ear shot Pancho bent down to his lower half and muttered "Quit moving Gee!"

"Stop squirming on my shoulders then, Frank!" Gerard muttered back.

"Pancho, why don't you take a seat on the couch and tell us more about yourself, then we can discuss your membership and commitments," Said Ryan professionally.

As Frank and Gerard struggled their way to the couch and slumped down. They had not realized that the small button at the Pancho's hip where Gerard's head was located had popped open. And a strand of Gee's hair fell through it.

Spencer, Brendon, Ryan, Pete, and Patrick sat on the opposing couch.

Patrick suddenly raised his eyebrows..

"Pancho...Why do you have red pubic hair?"


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