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Hold On

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Will Gee make it?

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"Gerard, honey what are you doing here?!"
"Oh poor baby! What happened?"
"Donna? What's going on?"
"Oh Elena look."
"Dad?! What's going on?!"
"Gerard, honey, what happened? It's not your time to be here. You're much too early!"
"I'm so confused! Here where? What's 'here'? And what do you mean it's not my time?"
"'Here' is heaven Gerard. What happened to you? Why're you with us?"
It suddenly dawned on him that if the people he was talking to were dead, he must also be dead. His plan had worked. Although the three people who he longed to see again so much didn't have a look of happieness about them, for they wore more disappointed expressions.

All he could see around him was white. Nothing but white. Along with his three heroes' in front of him, also fully clothed in white. Except for himself, who was still in his black skinnies and black tshirt from that night. They were all very confused about Gerard's sudden appearence.
"Gerard, walk with me." Donald stated to his eldest son.
Gerard had no idea where they were going, all he could see was white completely surrounding him for miles and miles.

"Son, what happened? Why're you suddenly with us? You're time is not up yet."
"I needed it to be up Pa, I hated living the way I was. I needed an escape. I needed to see your faces again."
"Oh Gee, it's never supposed to be this way. You need to stand up tall, hold your head high, and never let people bring you down. You need to go back and finish the life you started."
"How can I just go back? And I don't want to, I'll be happy here with you, mom and grandma! I have nothing to live for back there!"
They had stopped walking now and standing by what could only be described as a giant glass ball. But it was what could be seen inside that shocked Gerard.

It was him, lying in a bed with all kinds of eectrical equpiment attached to him, things beeping, things pumping and a drip slowly dripping into his arm. At the side of his bed was Mikey, holding hands with his brother who he believed was slowly dying in front of his eyes. Gerard felt his heart skip a beat and his breath catch in his throat as his saw the sight of Mikey sitting by his side, not once letting go of his hand. Both the Way brothers looked terrible in the scene in the ball, Mikey was obviously worried sick , tears pouring from his eyes and was preparing himself for the worst, while Gerard just lay there, looking a ghostly pale colour, not moving.

Then the realisation of what he had done came to him. He'd left, chickend out, ended it. He was a coward. It was now, looking at his brother, he realised that in actual fact, he was NOT ready. It was NOT his time and he COULD handle it.

"Dad, I need to go back to him." Tears were brimming in the smaller male's eyes. "He needs me, and I need him. I shouldn't have left him! It's too late now though isn't it?!"
His father didn't answer straight away, but was looking at his son with thoughtful eyes.
"It's never too late."
"You're not completely gone yet son. If you were, you would be dressed in white see?" He stated gesturing to his own clothing.
"So i'm not dead?"
"No, not yet. But you don't have much time left, you need to go back while you still can."
"Well, how do I do that?"
"There is only one thing you can do." His father was slowly fading away in front of him.
"What is it?"
He was almost completely gone, when Gerard heard a faint, "you have to believe".

Mikey refused to leave his brother's side. The doctors and nurses had asked him to, many a time but he simply ignored them. He had, however, managed to get in touch with Ray who was also with them in one of the chairs.
"Why would he do this?" Ray asked.
"I dunno. I knew he was upset, I just didn't realise how much! I should've been there for him! I should've been a better brother to him! He needed me and I wasn't there. This is all my fault."
Ray walked over to the histerical Mikey and placed a hand on his shoulder to try and comfort him.
"This was NOT your fault! Don't ever say that! You are the best brother a guy could ask for! Come on man, don't make me get all soppy here!"
"Mmmm." Mikey smiled slightly at Rays comments, but felt guilty smiling while things were so bad.
"I'm gonna go and get us some coffee. You gonna be alright?"
"Yeah I'll be fine, thanks Ray."
"No probs, call me if you need me."

Oh Gee, why would you do this to yourself? To me? Please come back to me. I need you here by my side. You're my best friend. I can't face losing you. Please Gee, just hang in there!

"Come on Gee, you can make it through this, I know you can!" He whispered, squeezing Gerards hand lightly. Suddenly, he felt the slightest twitch.
He squeezed again "Gee if you can here me, squeeze my hand."
Then he felt it. His brother, who was on deaths door, used all his strength and squeezed Mikey's hand.
"Oh my god! Gee you're alive!" Mikey ran out the door and grabbed one of the doctors.
"He squeezed my hand! He squeezed my fucking hand!"
"Sir, this is a hospital, I understand that you're happy, but please refrain from swearing.
"Yes, it would indeed seem that your brother here is alive Mr Way, I shall have someone come and check him over. He is in a very bad way though, so you must allow time for his recovery."


Frank and Bob had a pretty boring first day at school, despite the whole Gerard thing, nothing of much interest really happened. Until that night that was, when Frank was awoken by the sounds of alarms and sirens ringing around the town. Though his black curtains were pulled shut he could still see the red and blue flashing through them. He rubbed his eyes and woke himself up properly to try and get to grips with what was occurring. He slowly peered his head through the middle of his curtains and was shocked by what he saw. The house he was at earlier. Gerard's house. He knew the house was really close to his flat but there wasn't really an appropriate time to mention it. He managed to make out that it was in fact Gerard being pulled out of the house on a stretcher with a taller, slimmer, but still younger looking boy, who was absolutely hysterical running by his side.
Frank went into Bob's room and told him what he had just witnessed.
Bob was not happy to have been woken up to be told information that was in all honesty, no use to him whatsoever. Frank was very politely told to leave.
Why am I getting this worked up over a kid I don't even know? I know his name's Gerard. Wow.. I guess I just feel sorry for him. He seems like an easy target. I'm gonna make it my job to help him! Make his life better!
Frank quickly drifted back off to a dreamless slumber after thinking of his plans during the weeks to come.

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