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if i sum it up you will know everything xD

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i wanted to write a poem, but im not in the mood for it so i was gonna draw but im not even in the mood for that so i did this

I turn on my laptop in contained excitement. Once I log in I scroll down the names of people online. Before I'm done-
Great, not who I wanted to talk to right now.
Me-hi mikes how ya doin
I keep scrolling down carefully, looking for that one name.
Mikes-im good thanks wbu?
Urgh just go please I'm busy.
Me-yeh im ok.
I finish scrolling down the long list of people I don't want to talk to.
Mikes-cwl u wana come out 2nite :)
No I fucking do not fucking want to fucking go fucking out to-fucking-night.
Me-not really i think im sick :(
I know my excuse was lame, but I'm not in the best of moods. I can't blame him for that or anyone but myself. It's just because I'm too shy to tell his brother my feelings for him.
Mikes-wats up?
Me-just feel like crap im gona go take a nap byee
I log off and close down my laptop. I am about to go to my awesome attic room that's covered in posters of my favourite bands when I hear my doorbell. It can't be my parents they are at work late. I go to answer it.
“Frankie!” the long, dark haired boy smiles as he wraps his arms around me and squeezes tightly.
“Hey Gee.” I smile and hug back.
“You coming out to- hang on I just got a text.” He pulls out his phone. “it's from Mikey, he says you feel I'll so not to bother calling for you.” He stopped to give me a concerned look.
“uh, yeh I feel kinda dizzy and sick.” I make it up because those two things don't really show.
“Aww, poor Frankie. I’ll look after you until you mom gets home.” He smiled and helped me to the couch.
A little while after, he had made me some soup (or heated up some from a tin) and I was sitting on his lap eating it. We were watching `Scrubs` on TV.
“Are you sure you’re I'll?” Gerard asked me with a frown.
“Ok, it was an excuse not to come out. I used to use it all the time when I didn’t want to go to school as a kid and it always worked.” I admit hoping it wouldn’t show my real reason for not going out.
“so why didn’t you want to go out the?” he pulled me closer after I put the empty bowl on the table.
“I guess I just feel a little down.” I look at my hands resting on my lap.
“now, why on earth would you feel sad? It was the last day of school today and you’re spending it alone in your house doing fuck all?” he took my hands in his.
“no, I'm spending it with you in my house pretending to be I'll.”I smiled.
“you didn’t answer my question, why are you unhappy?”
“Because-” I took a deep breath and looked up at his face. “because I really like you Gee. I want us to be more than friends. I'm just too shy to tell you until now.”
“Yes.” He smiled and hugged me to his chest.
“What?” I say confused.
“Yes, I will go out with you.” He smiled.

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