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Gee walks into something

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Sorry if this is rubbish but it's my first gay sex this so please don't be harsh!!! And if you have a few good tips please let me know!!! Enjoy.... I hope

Gerard's POV
I was so happy that Frank loves me aswell!!! I gave a sigh of satisfaction and tried to sleep, but I couldn't. So I padded over to my bed where Frank's sleeping for the meantime but he wasn't there. My ears then flicked to where a slight noise was heard. I turned and saw the bathroom door giving off some light. I slowly walked up and peeked shyly. What I saw made me gasp, but it came out as a slight hiss. Frank was sitting down whilst leaning against the wall, his shirt was scrunched up all the way to his chin exposing his slightly muscle defined torso. His pants were slid down just a little below the knee exposing his erection. Frank's fist was wrapped around his cock, slowly pumping it. "Mmnn Gerard" he moaned. His face was scrunched up in the pleasure he was inflicting. I felt a kitty boner coming along. He brought his free hand up and pinched one of his nipples, he bit his lips to stop the moan. "Oh Gee.... ahh Gerard I love you!" He whispered harshly. He thumbed the small beads of pre-cum that leaked from the slit, I just watched and felt my mind whirr in images of us naked, fucking, the whole sha-bang. The hhand that pinched his nipples slowly slid down his torso in a teasing way and when it reacherd his cock he used the hand to massage his balls. I just stood there mesmerized, Frank the very image of my fantasy. Suddenly he let out out a quiet cry and arched his back as he came in his hand. His cheeks were flushed pink and he was panting. I slowly backed away and ran for my bed. Diving under the covers. One of my many fantasies came true, but I wished I was there to relieve him.

Is it crappy! Please let me know!!!!
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