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Because I Love You

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A Shomo. Tomo tries to fight against time and the odds.

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Shannon felt the cold air whip across his lungs.
For how long had he been up there, up on that fucking roof, where everything was nothing but a decision?
Minutes, days, seconds?
Did it really matter?
Did anything matter, when all it took was a step?
He shut his eyes, and smiled.
A step. What a tiny, insignificant thing.
And yet, right that instant, it could’ve been the solution to it all.
“My God, it’s all so fucking tedious!”


He felt the metal steps vibrate through his knees as he ran.
As he ran, and wasn’t really even thinking.
God. Please stop. Please.
As he ran up the stairs.
He felt the door burst open and he was on the roof, chest heaving.
Was it really him who had ran?
Was he…was he crying?
“Shannon…don’t. I beg of you.”
The older man’s shoulders were slumped.
For the first time ever, Tomo realized how old Shannon really was.

The voice he heard was the last one he wanted to hear.
It cut through his brain and made him whimper.
It made him want to crawl into a hole.
It made him want to take that fucking step.


“Because I love you. Because I’ll never have you.”
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