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Frank's Proposition

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After a fight with Mikey, Gerard storms off. Which gives Frank an idea.

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Chapter Twelve: Frank's Proposition

Mikey, Ray, Frank and Gerard were currently having breakfast in the tour bus that was currently stationed outside their next venue. Gerard was sitting away from everyone else yet again. Frank could tell he was afraid of Mikey and uncomfortable around Ray.

'And he hates you...'

Frank hushed himself again. He did not even want to think of the possibility. But how could Gerard not hate him at least a little bit? Frank sighed and went to refill his coffee. It was not very long after he turned his back that he heard a sniping match ensuing between Gerard and Mikey.

"I don't even like pancakes Mikey! You know that!"

"Well fine! Go feed yourself with drugs! See if I bother wasting food on you again!"

"Well hopefully I'll be dead by then, so you won't have to!" Gerard hissed.

"Gerard!" Ray scolded "Don't say shit like that!"

He had sounded stern, but there was a hint of fear in his tone. Frank knew that the reason it had struck a nerve with Ray was the fact that they hadn't heard Gerard say anything like that since he had been suicidal. Frank felt a bit disturbed by the statement himself.

"Oh, I'm sure he'll be able to feed himself plenty with all the cock he's been shoving down his throat." Mikey sneered.

Frank's jaw dropped. Ray audibly gasped. None of them had ever heard Mikey be so harsh. A comment like that might have been expected from Gerard or Frank, but never their sweet Mikey.

Frank turned around to see Gerard throwing down his untouched food and very hastily leaving the tour bus.

"Gerard..." Ray tried to stop him.

"Fuck it. Let him leave. I don't fucking care anymore." Mikey shook his head. Although the tears welling up in his eyes contradicted his statement. He looked incredibly hurt as he watched Gerard storm out the door.

Ray looked between the two brothers, seeming confused as to what to do. Frank motioned to Ray that he would handle Gerard. Ray nodded and turned his attention to Mikey, beginning what would be a long speech about being understanding. Frank got out his coat and followed Gerard out of the bus.

He had to run to catch up to Gerard who seemed to be power walking down the sidewalk. He noticed Gerard had whipped out his phone and was texting someone. Three guesses who.

"Gee! Wait up!" Frank yelled just as he had barely caught up with Gerard. Gerard stopped to look back at him. He appeared surprised that Frank had gone after him at all.

Frank halted when he was beside him and had to stop to take a few breaths. Gerard stared at him patiently.

"Where are you headin'?" Frank asked, still sounding a bit out of breath.

"Bert's in town. I'm gonna go meet him." Gerard admitted.

"Bert's in town? The hell? Is this guy following you or something?" Frank asked suspiciously. Gerard shot him a warning look before muttering something about "business".

"Well, hey..." Frank began, "You know Mikey didn't mean what he said. He doesn't know what happened Gerard, he would have never said it otherwise, you know that..."

"I'm not going back there. I can't, Frank. Not right now." Gerard frowned before turning back to his phone, but Frank grabbed it before he could do anything on it, earning a high pitched "Hey!" of protest out of Gerard.

"Then come with me." Frank braved. "We don't have to go back to the bus, we can just hang out for a bit until everything cools down."

"I really need to see Bert..." Gerard shifted uncomfortably.

"Gerard, please."

Gerard was looking at him apprehensively. Frank had a vague idea of what Gerard might be thinking and he sighed before saying "I'm not going to pull anything, I swear. I promise I'll take you somewhere where there's lots of people."

"I don't know Frankie...I really..."

"C'mon Gee, I've been your best friend for how many years now... doesn't that at least earn me a chance to gain your trust back?"

"And what if I say no?"

Frank tensed. He did not want to put Gerard in this position but he really had no choice. This could be his only chance, and he was so close...

"I'll tell Mikey what you told me."

Gerard gaped openly.

"You want to gain my trust back, so you blackmail me?!?" he nearly yelled in disbelief.

"Look." Frank sighed, beginning to think he might be in over his head here "I'm not asking you for much. All I'm asking is that you skip Bert for one fucking day, and come spend time with your best friend of over ten fucking years. I'll pay for everything. I'll buy you coffee. Whatever you want. And... and I won't grill you or ask you any questions. You'll only talk about what you feel like talking about, okay? Can we do that? Please?"

Gerard seemed to be in deep contemplation for a moment. Then slowly, he nodded his head. Frank grinned, feeling happier than he had in fucking forever. Sure, he knew Gerard didn't have much of a choice in the matter. But Frank still felt as though he had accomplished a great opportunity. Even if he did not get any information out of Gerard, Frank still desperately wanted to show Gerard he was not alone. That his best friend was still there and still loved him. He felt like Gerard really needed that. And hey, if he got Gerard to relax enough for him to slip out bits of information here and there... then so be it.


Next chapter: Frank and Gerard's day out.
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