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With as much drinking as Alissa's mother and her mothers boyfriend does, Alissa has to manage her own life but being a mother as well to her 9 year old sister. life can get a bit hectic for her.

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It was the middle of the school day, and I was in English with my best friend, Krissy. Her and I have been friends for about 4 years now; every year we end up getting closer and closer. Krissy's whole family are basically family to me and my family. Krissy has a brother, Tyler, who goes to school with me and Kris. But she also has a sister that is the same age as Sammy, my sister.
In class, we are supposed to be typing up an essay about world problems and what we think the Government should be doing about them. I have approximately 3 words typed on my paper. My first name, my second name, and my teacher's last name. I'll get it turned in on time though. Just watch.
"Alissa! What are you doing this weekend?" Kris asked, moving her pretty blonde hair out of her face.
"Spending the weekend with the boyfriend's house. My parents are going to Colorado. Remember?"
"Oh yeah, I do remember. I was just to lazy to think about it."
"Lazy ass." I said with a smile.
"Anyway, i was gonna invite you over on Saturday because my parents are leaving to go work in the city. So it was going to be: you, me, Jason, Branson, me, your sister and then mine, plus whoever Tyler brings over."
"Okay well I will talk to him about it. He will probably be okay with it."
"He better be okay with it."
"He will be. But I'm still gonna crash at his house on Friday. Then be at your house saturday?"
"Sounds like a plan to me!"
"Girls you need to be quite and work on your papers," Mrs. Toro said.
"Kay!" We said in unison.
With that we started on our essays but you cant make Kris and I stop talking. As we typed, we talked about going to see Jason Aldean in concert. We both have a thing for him, and pretty much country boys. There is just something about them that we like.
At the end of the period, I had my essay done. I walked up to the teacher's desk when she decided to tell us that we have to stop all the talking or else she is going to separate us. Even though that wont work.

"So what are you two love birds doing at his house on a Friday night?"Kris asked as I opened up my locker putting away my English folder.
I smirked. "Nothing will happen. If it does I will tell you..probably not."
"Tell her what?"
"If I pass my math test!"
"How would you know?"
"I have the same math class as you. Plus you were smirking. I know what that means."
"Hmm, well you got me."
"Yeah I thought so too." He said grabbing my hand as I shut my locker.
"You guys are so cute!" Kris said as we walked down the hallway to the lunch room.

The boys where already at the table. As in: Branson, Kris's boyfriend, yler, and Adam, my ex boyfriend, but friends to all the guys. I try to keep my distance from him. After him going after all these different girls while I was still his girlfriend tore my heart apart. I fell inlove with him when i was told not to. So now I'm stuck with the left over feelings from it. It doesn't affect my relationship with Jason, but it just sort of sits there in the back of my head. But to be honest, I kinda want to become friends with him again...


"So what are the plans for the weekend babe?" Jason asked as we walked to my locker to but our math stuff away since the school day was over.
"Well when my parents leave, I'm going to drop off my sister at Kris's then go to your house. But on Saturday Krissy wants us at her house and we will spend the night there." I said closing my locker, grabbing Jason's hand, and walking to the school's parking lot. Branson, Krissy, Tyler, and Adam where already out there. Adam had this weird look on his face...he was ip to no good. Trust me.
Kris ran up to me, "Did you ask him?!"
"Yes! We will be there for sure!" I said knowing she was talking about me coming over with Jason.
"Good!" She said hugging me practically knocking me over. I glimpsed over at Adam. He was looking at me but once our eyes met, his smirk left his face and he got into Tyler's car. Kris let go of me and noticed something wasn't right. She looked the direction I was and noticed who I was looking at. Her and I both knew something was up. But I knew it wasn't going to be good...
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