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Your betrayal !!!

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story of the four Ryte sisters and 3 famous guys that fall in love but who will capture and keep matt tuck's heart (Rasmus, Black Veil Brides and Bullet for my valentine)

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(Tisha’s P.O.V)

me and my three sisters live together on our own it was just supposed to be me, Amy and Tia but we had to take our youngest sister Jessica with us when I say youngest I mean 17 while Amy and Tia are 18 and tia is slightly older than Amy and I’m 21 when were all at school we weren’t known by our first names we were known as the ryte sisters because there were so many of us,

Anyway I and my sisters well Amy and Tia are kinda gothic emo people whereas Jessica is preppy, girly and annoying but we leave her at home when we go to concerts and when we did that once we went to download because it had our favourite bands there that year and Amy managed to get backstage passes and we met Lauri Ylönen and Andy Beirsack and tia got star struck by Matt tuck but she made us cut the trip short because she couldn’t talk to him, we felt sorry for her but before we left me and Amy were surprised to get Lauri and Andy’s phone numbers Amy got Lauri’s and I got Andy’s when we got home Jessica was asleep so we went our separate ways to our rooms and Me and Amy kept the house well Tia up because we were on our phones half the night talking to Lauri and Andy by the end of the phone calls we had arranged to meet up again, and that is where me and Amy are heading now,

“tish hurry up we are gonna be late” I hear my sister Amy shout up the stairs she’s really excited about seeing Lauri again because she’s fancied him since she was 12, scary girl but anyway I run down the stairs when I do I see tia sat on her own “hey T you ok?” I ask her she nods her head “ok, well me and Amy are off now so pretty please can you look after Jessica you know how much of a brat she can be” I ask nicely she nods “ok what’s up” I ask suspicious “nothing tish I’m fine” she says I don’t believe her “is this about the matt tuck thing last week” I ask she nods “aww sweetheart don’t worry I’m sure you’ll get the chance to see him again” I said with a smile on my face she just sighed and I headed to the door to meet Amy

“hurry up tish” she barked at me as I closed the door behind me “alright, alright I’m coming don’t bite my head off Jesus!” after about 20minutes we get to the park that Lauri and Andy told us to meet them at, when we walked in the park we saw two guys with beanies and sunglasses on looking at their watches then when the guy with the black beanie heard us walking towards them he looked up and smiled widely at Amy and stood up taking his sunglasses off it was Lauri, Amy ran to him screaming his nickname “LINTU” with her arms outstretched he only had to walk a couple of paces before she collided with him and he chuckled “I missed you too Ami” when they first met Lauri told Amy that she reminded him of Ami from hi hi puffy Ami Yumi a Japanese cartoon about two twin Japanese rock stars, so that became his nickname for her, hearing the commotion Andy looked up and walked over to me “hey tish have you missed me?” he said cheekily “maybe I have Andy and maybe I haven’t” I reply slyly I wrap my arms round him just as he does the same when we tear ourselves away from each other we look over at Amy and Lauri and they are sitting on the bench,

well Lauri is and Amy is on his lap, chatting in Finnish to each other possibly about what each other has been up to and stuff like that me and Andy do the same just talking in English though then Lauri asks Amy something that makes her start jumping up and down “ok, Amy what you so excited about?” she just starts giggling and says “joo” to Lauri and he starts smiling wide and hugs her tight “ok you two spill?” I say “tish, Lintu just asked me to be his girlfriend and he said it in Finnish, ain’t he sweet?” she gushed “and I’m guessing joo means yes in Finnish” she nods “tisha can I ask you something?” Andy spins me round to look at him “yeah sure Andy what is it?” I smile hoping he asks me the same thing Lauri just asked Amy “Tish will you be my everything?” I smiled and jumped at him “joo” Opps “I mean yes, hehe damn you Amy for getting that word into my head hehe” I blushed, Andy just chuckled “oh and one more thing me and Andy are cousins hehe thought you’d like to know hehe” Lauri chuckled me and Amy stared at each other with wide eyes then started giggling “oh and we have another cousin who is also in a band” Andy steps in “who are they?” Amy asks curiously “Matt tuck” me and Amy stare at each other again and smile,
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