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If Frank Iero was a Stripper...

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Frank+Gerard -in a alrenated reality if Frank so happened to take as a stripper I sup'pose , it's just smut -you've been so warned

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In Frank Iero's self worth scale he would rate himself as a 3, possibley as a 4 on his good days. Because your pride and dreams kinda get sent down the truck stops toliet when your a no-so-sure-of-your-own-sexuality gay man in platform heels with a tuck job dressing in underwear even a little risky for female strippers let alone male ones since theirs the fact of obstructions. 

Balls for those whom didn't get the meaning.

Yes, being a male stripper had perks- money for looking pretty in said above attire and body glitter. And of course Frank got his drug while he was on stage, with to him was attention. The short black haired tattooed canvas rivalled pop stars with top selling albums when he danced along to his own mix of music ( Hoilday viva Green Day, followed by Under My Thumb of the Rolling Stones) that he would have chosen. anyways but tonight was a little more special tonight. 

Tonight the Boss came in.

" Gerard's out their tonight" Mikey pipes up from the side of he curtain. Mikey Way was the bartender of said strip club, his brother, the handsome and wealthy Gerard Way owned a couple franchises and joints both tailored to meet he similar genders -ehem-dirty needs but still dabbling into striaght joints as well.

" Thanks Mikey - I know" Frank saids looking back from the crack in the stages heavy red satin curtains at the front of the neon yellow pole Frank would be dancin upon thrid that night. Mikey stood towering over him with his black glasses pushed upon his nose and his brown hair that was loosing it's blonde hair dye that once adored it- slicked back in what Frank refered to as a 'helmet fuck' Mikey was utterly adorable this way and was always Franks confidant when Gerard fell through his fingers again or to Mikey  if he was super plastered drunk Frank served as his one and only good reliable booty call ( possbly becuase all he had to door was knock on his tired roomate door.)  

" He just broke it off with his girlfriend a couple nights ago." Mikey adds knowing that Frank did not know this and that if Frank did receive a chance with his older brother he would stop asking Mikey for mutal hand jobs in the back room after seeing his brother while he let's it slip he's thinking that the other Way brother was doing so to him.

" Thanks sweet heart." Frankie says kissing his friends cheek as Mikey smirks in a haze and Frankie cuffs Mikey on his cute fuck-able butt and scolds him for not being at the bar like he should be, whitch sends Mikey to the bar with a dust of blush on his face. 

Theo finsihes off his set and Gerard hasn't thrown in the towel in yet for a buddy for tonights antics. Sure all the men on stage were of course leaving nothing for imagination in whitch Gerard loved but they all knew him and thier pay check after sleeping with the owner increased a bit for a job-well-done type of event.

Gerard saw the ghost pale legs of the next stripper as Rolling Stones' Under My Thumb played as the small boy found his way from the audience to the neon yellow pole on stage. Gerard new it was Frank when the man entered from the fire escape and dance and shook off what ever clothing he should have had by the time he reached the stage to let Hoilday play out like a athem at the club. 

Frank grinds him self up into the pole trying not to loose his balls from the skin tight silver booty shorts he had picked out for said occasion as a couple of twentys dropped from his underwear from where the men had put it in their drunken stupur of emotions. Frank bends his body over locking eyes with his Boss for quick moments and closees his eyes for the chours pulling at his spandex showing off what wasn't showing off his pale left hip flashing only he smooth skin that rested in between his thighs as more money flew towards him and he grinds and sweats in stage trying to avoid anyones gaze directly.

 Franks song ends all too soon for Gerard as the lights dim Frank sweeps his money into the gutters of the stage that would be waiting downstairs for him to collect. Frank finds his way off stage quicky as claps for him faded into Daneil who finds Gerards seat was no unoccupied by his boss.

And dammed did he want a bonus this week. 

Frank finds his short bathrobe that did nothing but cover up the curve of his ass and his back as he kicks off his shoes and padds downstairs to collected his money. In where he would take 65% and the club would take the rest for a fee to keep the place running he supposed.
Frank starts his collection bending at the waist as he is compeltly oblivous to the sexy Gerard Way that stands wathcing Franks taunting ass call out to be punished. 

Gathering the money he turns around to find all his blood rush to his groin to see Gerard standing at the door way watching him. His black hair was covered in a layer of bad red hair dye that was crazy vibrant and stringy and oh so deilcous to see. He stands in a black shirt and jeans looking over Frank and licks his lip.

" I hope your not cheaping me out Frankie." Gerard teases as Frank can barley contain his excitement that way growing at the dirty thoughts he produced for him and Gerard.

" I hope not eighter." Frank tries light hearted but fails because Gerard is already deciding where to fuck Frankie first, since this boy wasn't going home with out his ass hurting like he'll never walk striaght up again.

" Listen why don't you drop off your deposit and get changed and we can go for some food?" Gerard asks as Frank nods scurrying off to drop the money into a safe in his baggie to be counted and sentback to him in check form witch was a lot safer than walking home with six to ten hundred dollars in your wallet. 

Frank hurry's to change into a white wife beater and pulls a pair of light colored skinny jeans over his show clothes since they didn't mean to stay on long anyways. Pulling his doc martins he meets Gerard where he left him six mintues ago and Gerard smiles at the breathless Frank and takes him to his car.

Both men aren't sure if the other are actually hungry for form than sex but pulling up to he McDonalds drive through they order some combos and Frank scarfs hs down for quick Gerard thinks the boy must have been in hungry as he finshed off his mc nuggets as he drives Frank home.

Both men are waiting for the other to make a move not sure where to start sine Gerard knows nothing about Frank Iero excpet his profession and name, he didn't even hire the boy. While Frank is a little to shy to make he first move on his own boss. 

But the moment comes when Gerard knocks Franks flurry onto himself on a genuie accident at a stop light when some one cuts him off. As Gerard screams at the driver in the commonly known New Jersey way Frank cleans off Gerards lap feeling Gerards semi aroused dick throgh the Jean fabric as both Men catch the other eye and Gerard speeds to get the boy back to Franks apartment so he would stop giving a rushed hand job in the front seat. 

" Fuck Frank get in the back seat I can' wait another fricken second let alone another couple blocks." Gerard complained parking in the nearest spot witch doubled as a alley way beween some aparment bulidings and a chinease restrant. Frank does what he says and strips down to his doc martins in he back seat while Gerard rifles around in the glove box for a condom and some sort of lubricant. Frank starts the assult on Gerards back pushing the mans jeans and underwear from his hips down to his knees and Gerard flies into the back seat with the lube and condom pulling off his shirt as he goes and Frank rolls the glow-in-the-dark condom onto Gerard with a moan twisting his shaft at bit at his base and locks lips while Gerard preps his ass for him. 

Frank likes the taste of Gerard, it's pleasant mixed with gum and cigarettes since no alchol seemed to pass his lips. Thief tounges mingle not looking for dominace but just anoher tangle. Franks fingers curl into the hair at Gerards neck and Frank starts to postion himself towards Gerards erection now that his hands had found his hips instead of coating his insides with another dripping amount of lubracant.

One hand escapes Gerards hair while both boys lips are stil locked as he reaches behind him and pops Gerards head into his hole and steadys himself to slid as controlled as he could onto Gerard as Frank let's out a mixed pained pleasured 'ahaw' sqeeuzing his eyes shut more while Gerards short finger nails dig into his new toys hips as his thumb strechs onto the hip bone to caress the jutting outwards bone. 

" So tight." Gerard whines out with his own eyes closed while Franks hand drops from behind him to his cock and holds tightly to the base of his shaft to stop him from cumming then and their. Franks thighs meets Gerard balls for the first time as the boys stay in that moment for a couple long minutes to adjust and make sure either didn't go off like a road side explosive. 

" I'm going to start moving." Frank promts as pulls himself up with his legs and makes sure he doesn't loose the full shealth of Gerard.

" I don't want the condom I wanna cum inside you." Gerard says while Frank drops back down onto his dick filling the tight space up again. Frank had decided that he didn't want the plastic thier either but it was to late, he could only hold back his orgasm for a couple more pumps as it was. 

Dreaming about this for such a long time really made it leave to quickly in reality. He slamms down onto Gerard again reaquaniting his thighs with Gerards balls with a quick slap and a thick moan from both of them emmiting from both of them.

" Next Time." Frank shutters out as the search for a orgasim starts as Frank starts his trampoline adventures while Gerard keeps the boys as steady as he could and holding onto he bse of Franks throbbing dick for him to keep back hs orgasim for as long as possbile while his stomach starts to stir it's own blast batch. 

Frank throws out random nonsense of words stuck together with swear words as he finds his little push to cum spot and screams out Gerards name and blasts onto Gerards hand witch had give him slack with. Frank wrings himself out as Gerard chases out his own orgasm in the clenching warm muscles he referred to as his perky little ass. 

"Fuck Frankie." Gerard says popping his ultra sensative dick throwing the spent condom out the car door after Frank when the boy goes to take a piss.

" My roomate isn't home for the weekend." Frankie implies to Gerard as Gerard pulls up his underwear and jeans not bothering to redo himself since he felt a little too sensative still.

" Oh yeah?" 

" Yup- I can even call in sick for tommorw night if you wanna keep going." Frank says climbing into the back seat to put his clothes back on. Gerard considers if and shruggs not seeing a downside to a fuck-weekend.

" Maybe...." Gerard says as Frank kisses Gerard cheek and wonders how he's going to tell his roomate- Mikey- that he was going to have to crash somewhere else for the weekend.      
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