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story idea

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i had this idea a while back and was wondering if it was worth a story:) R&R

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so seeing as this is just a small idea there are no pov's yet. pls tell me if it's worth making it into a story. if yes, i'll explain things further ;)

if i get 2 or 3 reviews i'll make it into a story

and it is something different than you probably think right now;)

everything was packed. my once colorful room stuffed with billions of random things, mostly paintings and doodlings, was now blank. the mere bareness of the calvous white walls stung my eyes, forcing me to protectivly raise my hand in front of my eyes, blinking several times to accustom to the brightness.
sighing i picked up my suitcase and somberly walked out of the door leaving this beautiful old house i once called my home for good, along with all the memorys related to it. leaving them to decay together with the moist and rotten wood laying beneath the neatly held intact facade. shall they slowly corrode to dust, make their dissapearance from this world and be warmly welcomed to the embrace of oblivion, engulfing them in its murky arms to never set them free again. shall i forget all those horrible things burned into my memory and start a new live.

brush the dust off of my clothers 
crack the shell
burn the old pages of memory
to reveal
a new, shining me
its brightness
its pureness
a good person
not the old foul and rotten beast once ihibitating this body
i'll be an angel
i just needed to get rid of these bloody stains tainting my tortured soul
sew up the holes left in me
i could, i would, no i will fix this
beginning with leaving the past behind
i welcomed a new life where nothing could go wrong

reaching the black carriage waiting for me on the front porch, i carelessly threw my suitcase on the backseat, gliding in next to it and pulling the door shut in one swift motion.
i let myself collapse in the comfty cushions trying to relax my tense and sore muscles from all the work that was done, willing sleep to come over me, but not before i nodded my head at the driver giving him my permission to drive, the slightly vibrating wobbling of the carriage soothing me like a cradle and helping me to drift off into much appreaciated sleep. a smile now playing on my raw chapped up lips.

so that's all i have until now:) and sorry for mistakes, as always typed on my itouch
xoxo katie
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