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A victim

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A short one shot on the effects of bullying *Mikey's POV*

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No one thinks this is bullying at first, just a few mates messing around, right?


But it doesn't mean anything, does it?

Wrong again.

It does mean something, if it didn't it wouldn't lead to this. It wouldn't lead to more hurtful jokes, or words that make you curl up and sob into your pillow every night, wondering what it was that you ever did to them.

It wouldn't lead to isolation, or the fear of telling your friends, teachers or parents about it because you're terrified they'll beat you into a bloody pulp. You know that this has got out of hand, they shouldn't be physically abusing you. But you feel you have to cope with it because if you rat them out there'll be far worse injuries to suffer, and saying you fell over or walked into something isn't going to work anymore.

Then friends start to drift away, thinking that you are ignoring them. But that isn't true. Isn't true at all.

Loneliness fills the world around you, everything looses its colour. Just like your eyes, they have lost that twinkle that made them yours. The spring from your step is replaced by a half-hearted shuffle and the head that was once held so high droops and finds more interest in the dull, concrete pavement below your battered body and scuffed up shoes.

Paranoia gnaws away at you and soon it feels like everyone on the streets are watching, burning hateful glares into your haunched back and shoulders.
You continue to cry at night, face buried into the layers of sheets and pillows so no one can hear you screaming out the bitter truth, that you can't cope with it anymore, that you are so alone.

That you just want it to end. Everything. The pain. The tears. The loneliness.

Your life.

This is what you're reduced to, a hopeless wreckage that can't cope with life anymore. A person who can't face the world for fear of being hurt.

A victim of loneliness. A victim of pain. A victim of hate.

A victim of bullying.

Sometimes people should think. They should know when enough. Maybe if people knew the pain they caused, then maybe so many people wouldn't have to live in silence.

Please R&R I hope you like it.
I wrote this to raise awareness to the consequences of bullying. If you or someone you know is being bullied, get them or yourself help. No one should suffer in silence.
- Sara xoxo
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