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Marcus is shocked by what Casey tell him.

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Gerard gently led Anna away from the bed but not before she leaned down and pressed a kiss on Claire’s forehead. “I love you.” She whispered.

Neither spoke until they had left the house and were seated in the car.

“I am so happy I was here to tell her goodbye.” Anna said softly wiping away a stray tear.

“Me too.” Gerard sighed. He glanced over at her. “Are you okay?” He knew Claire’s death had been hard for her to witness.

Anna nodded, “I am. Gee, a moment before she died I felt her happiness.” She paused, “I believe in that moment she saw Bob.”

“Yeah, he was waiting for her.” Gerard said deeply feeling the loss of his old friend. “They shared a beautiful love that will never die”.


Marcus got up and began to pace the small room.

Casey looked down at her hands which were tightly clasped in her lap. “I’m sorry.” She said softly.

“Why?” Marcus asked turning to her.

Casey sighed, “Well I knew this is all kinda shocking for you. I mean here it is the first time we’ve ever spoken and here I am telling you I’ve been waiting for you.” She refused to look up. “Makes me seem sorta creepy.”

Marcus actually laughed, “I wouldn’t describe you as creepy.”

“How would you describe me?” Casey asked finally looking up.

“I would say you are a very special, very unique woman.”

“Like my mother?” She asked looking into his eyes.

Marcus returned to the sofa and sat down. “You mother was special and unique.”

“You loved her.” Casey said watching his eyes closely as she waited for him to respond.

“Casey you should know Pures do not feel love like mortals. I’m sure your mom explained that.”

“Some do.” Casey answered. “Anna and Gerard do.”

“But they are not Pures.” Marcus pointed out.

Casey nodded, “Yes, I know but I also know about Jacob.”

“And you know how important it is that remains a secret?”

“Yes, I understand.” She paused then asked, “Is Katherine still with him?”

Marcus smiled, “My, you do know a lot. Yes, they are still together and very happy.”

“That’s good.” Casey smiled.

“But I am not like Jacob.” Marcus said getting back to the original discussion. “I do not feel human love.”

Casey titled her head but remained silent.

Marcus sighed, “The love I felt for your mother was because of our bond.”

Casey continued to stare at him.

“That is unnerving.” Marcus said suddenly.


“The way you stare. It speaks volumes. You do not believe what I am saying so you remain silent.”

She shook her head. “That’s not true. I do believe you. I understand you are like most Pures. They do not believe they can feel the human emotion of love. They believe they can only feel love if there is a blood bond.”

“It is not what I believe it is what I know.” Marcus said.

Suddenly Casey changed the subject. “Are you here in Chicago because of Aunt Claire? Is Anna here also?”

“Yes.” He added sadly, “But I can feel by Anna’s emotions that Claire has passed.”

Casey sighed, “I knew that would happen soon. I could feel it. When Uncle Bob died Aunt Claire lost her will to live. I am just glad Anna got to see her one last time. I’m sure that meant so much to her. She loved Aunt Anna so much.”

“Did you and Claire speak about Anna?” Marcus asked.

“Often.” Casey admitted. “Aunt Claire missed her terribly but she said she could feel how happy Anna was in her new life with Gerard.”

“They are happy.” Marcus said softly. “Very happy.”

“And you feel envy for that happiness they share.”

“Again with the feeling?” Marcus said trying to downplay her comment. “It only makes sense I am pleased they are happy. Both are bound to me.”

“And you love them both.” Casey said knowing it was the truth.

Marcus studied her a moment. “Does that seem wrong to you?”

“Oh, you mean because you love a man?”

He nodded.

“Not at all.” She answered truthfully.

“Why have you not found a mortal?” He asked abruptly.

Casey blinked in surprise. “You mean why have I never had a serious boyfriend? Why haven’t I gotten married?”

He nodded.

Casey smiled, “I already told you why.”

Again she so surprised him be forgot to breathe. Minutes passed as he stared at her.

“Breathe Marcus.” Casey said softly.

So many feelings were coursing through him he found it difficult to think. Many of the feelings were alien to him. He stood. “I must get back to the plane.”

“You do not want me.” Casey said lowering her head.

“What?” He sputtered. “I didn’t say that.”

“Then why are you running away?” She said lifting her head to look directly into his eyes. “Are you scared?”

“Scared?” He repeated roughly. “I fear nothing.”

“Because you are a Pure.” Casey said.

“Of course.”

Casey didn’t blink when she said. “Well if you insist on running away do your duty and erase my mind.”

The woman was driving him to the brink. “What?”

“Well I know about the Healer world. It’s your duty to erase my memory.”

“You know of this world from your mother.”

“Who was a Ingredior Utriusque.”

Marcus nodded, “Yes so since you too are Ingredior Utriusque you may know of our world.”

“But what if I’m not? Isn’t it your duty to make sure? Shouldn’t you taste my blood? Cause if I’m not then you can erase my memory.”

“Shit.” Marcus eyes flashed. He tried to turn away but Casey’s voice stopped him.

“Marcus, your eyes are beautiful that way.”

“It is not my eyes I am worried about.” He ground out.

“Please open your mouth.” Casey asked as she stood. “I will show you it will not upset me.”

Marcus stared at her. Slowly he opened his mouth to reveal his fangs.

Casey took several steps closer then simply smiled.

“I don’t think you understand.” Marcus said softly. “You don’t know what you would give up.”

“Look around.” Casey said with a sweep of her hands. “I live alone. I have no friends. I rarely see any of my family. I am a loner. I have been my whole life. This life….has always seemed wrong for me. It seemed wrong because I knew there was so much more. I knew in my heart I was meant to be a part of that world. But maybe I’m wrong. Maybe this is all I’m supposed to be.” She turned and walked back over to the sofa.

Marcus watched her a moment then suddenly he made a decision. “You are correct. I need to make sure you are Ingredior Utriusque.”

Casey was still frowning. “You don’t need to.”

He walked back over and sat down. He could see how unsure she’d suddenly become and that was something he didn’t like. “Are you refusing to let me taste your blood?”

“I’m not refusing. I just don’t want you to think you have to.”

Marcus laughed, “I don’t think I have to do anything I don’t want to do. I know I don’t have to do anything I don’t want to do.”

A small smile came to her lips. “You Pures really do have that superior attitude.”

He nodded, “We certainly do.” He looked into her eyes feeling something he couldn’t understand wash over him. However this time he did not let that feeling stop him. Gently he reached out to stroke her cheek. “You are very beautiful.”

Casey was staring into his topaz eyes feeling lost. “No.”

“Oh yes.” He smiled revealing his fangs once more. “And damn desirable.”

“I am?” She whispered.

Marcus nodded. He reached down and took her hand in his. “Now may I taste your blood?”

Casey’s heart began to race. “Yes.”

He lifted her hand to his mouth then gently used his fang to price the delicate skin of her finger. When her blood touched his tongue he experienced a feeling unknown to him. He continued to gently suck while he used his other arm to pull her closer. Finally he stopped. Casey’s eyes were wide, her breathing ragged.

“Oh, my.” She breathed.

Marcus couldn’t stop himself. He leaned over and kissed her gently. “Casey.” He whispered against her lips. It was a plea.

She sat back slowly. He needed to ask. She needed to hear it.

“I want to bond with you.” He said softly.

“Because I am Ingredior Utriusque?”

He shook his head. “No, that is not why. I can’t even begin to tell you why because I don’t understand it myself.”

Casey’s smile was beautiful. “I understand.”

He brushed a stay curl from her forehead. “I think maybe you do.” Suddenly he frowned. “I wish there was time now but I’ve got to get back the plane. Anna and Gerard will be waiting.”

“Oh.” Her disappointment was apparent.

“So how long will it take you to pack?” He asked smiling.


“Well I’m not leaving you here.” Marcus grinned.

Casey felt happier than she’d ever felt in her life. “Just a few minutes.”

“Wait.” Before she could get up he grabbed her arm pulling her on to his lap. After he kissed her he asked, “I have to know something.”

She waited.

“You said His Excellence said something about the blood running through your veins wanted to return to the Healer world.”

Casey nodded. “His Excellence told mom that while he couldn’t be sure any child she had would be a Ingredior Utriusque he believed there was a very good chance of it. He also told her that if her child was a Ingredior Utriusque he believed something unprecedented would happen?”

Marcus tilted his head. “Unprecedented?”

“Yes.” Casey said smiling. “Never before has a Ingredior Utriusque been turned.”

Marcus was shocked by her words. He wasn’t even blood bound to the woman and here she was believing he would turn her.

Casey was watching him closely. “Sorry.” She said softly lowering her head.

“Hurry.” He responded unable to consider all of this now. “I’m sure Anna and Gerard will be pleased to see you.”
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