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16. Needles

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"...Gerard could feel every bit of the needle pushing into his flesh..." Suggested by: names in the chapter because there was too many to fit here!

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16. Needles

Gerard was no longer able to tell if he was falling asleep or just kept blacking out from pain. Either way, the next time he awoke, he was back in his former room. He had been cleaned, but the healer was not bothering to help mend his broken bones. They were not life threatening and only hindered his escape, which is what he was sure they wanted.

He saw that another sandwich had been brought to him. Desperate for any sort of food, he devoured it quickly. Not like it would help much --- he was almost completely skin and bones at this point anyway.

Later that day, or night, whichever it was --- the door opened again.

Two people came in this time. They went over to him. One of them grabbed him by the chin and pried his jaw open. The other placed two white pills that looked like ecstasy on his tongue. Then the man holding his jaw open forced it shut roughly.

"Swallow it!" the man holding his mouth together yelled at him.

Gerard obeyed, feeling extremely dirty for doing so. He had not taken ecstasy in a very long time, vowing to never touch the stuff again.

The man released his jaw, and the two stood over him for a while. One of them insisted on fingering him a bit. He grabbed Gee's genitals, mentioning that it had been a long time since he had had a taste of Gerard... and he was getting hungry.

The other one chuckled, but said that now was not the time. Another day.

As time passed, Gerard could feel the touch of the man's hand on him more and more amplified. Which meant the drugs were kicking in. The familiar feeling of oversensitivity to anything he touched or that touched him crept it's way in his skin.

Gerard whimpered a bit, trying to close his legs to get the man's hand off of him. The sensation was unbearable.

"I think it's working..." one of them said.

The man who had been touching him released his hand, then muttered something about getting the box. He turned around and bent over to pick something up. When he turned to face him again, he saw that he had a small crate in his hands.

The other man then made Gerard stand. Gerard could not do so without struggling. His legs were still in horrible pain, and now he was tripping out on X. The man saw this and assisted him, although he did so rather violently.

With the other man holding him up, he watched as the man carrying the box came forward so that he was close to them. That man then reached inside the box and pulled out a single needle.

Gerard started breathing rapidly. His heart pounded in his chest. While he had felt as though his fear of needles had for the most part faded, it felt suddenly reborn.

He tried to squirm, but it was no use. The man with the needle inserted the needle into his side. Irrationally, Gerard began to cry a little. Although he had endured much more painful than this, this for some reason just felt so much worse. The man took another needle and inserted it into his stomach.

As the man inserted needles into him one by one, Gerard noticed that he would not place the needle in all the way. He would barely insert them halfway though.

The man holding him assisted in placing some needles into his back.

They would do so slowly. While on the drugs, Gerard could feel every bit of the needle pushing into his flesh. He could feel the penetration, his skin being bored into, his fat being ripped through. It caused him to shake and tremble while whining and whimpering pathetically.

"Please..." he began to beg as they inserted some into his face. The other one place a couple into his testicles. Gerard screamed. They placed needles on his rear end. On his broken legs. Everywhere.

They covered him with needles almost entirely. When they finished, they allowed him to grip the wall for support. His legs were close to giving in. They left him there, the needles still inside him. Gerard wondered when they would remove them. It was then he realized he would not be able to sit or lay down without pushing the needles further inside him. And judging from the way his knees were buckling, his legs consumed in pain --- it was only a matter of time.


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