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It Ended All Too Soon

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*I need your opinion!* I'm watching the rain, deep in thought like always these days. wondering where I went wrong, why it had to end like this...

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i was bored and looking out of the front widow and than i had this idea^^ tell me what you think and i might write a story to it:)

The already slightly toned white wall opposite the street was getting darker and darker due to the pouring rain that fell endlessy. Then and there a car would swirl up the water from the big puddles gathering the rain which was unable to drain off through the overloaded gutter.
The water was steadily rising, almost reaching the dark-green disheveled grass covering the small hill next to the wall.

On the other side of the street were some bushes or flowers. Only a botanist could tell you what exactly this wild tangled thing could be. A remotly normal person would just refer to it as a green bush with small light brown branches and yellow star formed flowers.

Everything was slowly fogging up and it was harder to see by each passing second. The thick and white substace creeping around was raising its angular sceletal arms, wrapping its icecold body tightly around anyone who dared to be on the outside, engulfing every inch of body until one was fully swallowed.

Fascinated I watched as yet another man disapeared into the thick white clouds hovering over the city, as if the fog was nothing else than a greedy monster, becoming fatter each time it swallowed yet another person strolling on the sidewalk or another car speeding down the road. It swallowed them whole and yet could never get enough.

Shuddering I pulled my knees up to my chest, wrapping myself tightly into my blanket to keep myself at least remotely warm. I reached out for the steaming cup of hot herbal tea on the table right next to the widow pane I was currently seated on, to warm myself up a little more. I took a few deep gulps, feeling the hot delicious liquid run down my esophagus into my stomach, where it immediatly started unfreezing my chilled body.

Sighing I slid the empty mug across the small bedside table and then rested my still slightly warm hands on my cheeks, to bring some color back into them and to boost my slowed circulation.

And despite it being so insanly cold and wet out there and me being sick with some sort of flu, I wished nothing more than to be out there with a certain someone.

But that wasn't possible, because of me. I'm so stupid. I had ruined everything.

okayyyy that's it for now:) R&R if you want it to be a story or you'll never know what happened:P

xoxo katie
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