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Authors Note

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Yes, I know, another one...but it's important I swear.

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Hey Party People,

It's late as I'm writing this. I'm just kinda confused...and yes, I do know this makes me sound horrible, but I honestly don't care....Why are there no reviews people? I keep getting my chapters rated down, and there are no reviews when I post chapters!

I know it's been fluff-ay (so fluff-ay I could die!!) lately, but there's a method to the madness. I promise you more butt kicking, explosions, and lot's of other fun stuff very soon, including a very large twist in their story (Secondhand Serenade half-reference 4TW!). This brings me to something new I'd like to try called "Requests for Ash!"

So, basically, in the reviews of this, you make requests for what you'd like to see happen, and it may give me some ideas to use in times of dire need/writers block/other circumstances! The other side of this game.... the more fun side... is you getting to guess what you think will happen.Here's the kicker though, dearest children...... every review I get from now on will be answered, no matter what! And every review will contain a hint. Not saying if it'll be an obvious hint, a small one, a big one, a funny one... just know that hints will be given to those who rate and review!

I dunno why I felt the need to type this, but I did. So there :P (oh, look at me, whipping out the emotes in an Authors Note!). So, let the games begin! Oh, and I already have two more chapters written (wrote?) and waiting for you guys.... :) Motivation for you to get to reading.

One more thing about the game....
Your first hint? Is in this Note.

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