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Yours Sincerely, Mr. Midnight

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A Billy one-shot it's all romantic and shit enjoy! and please write more fanfics about Billy Martin cause he's just so hot

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Billy ran down the street the jock kids from school chasing him. His feet kept slapping the pavement, his breathing heavy and his heart racing. He jumped over some trash cans and hide behind them, Billy wasn’t a big kid he was skinny and weak this meant he was perfect for the jocks to pick on, especially since he wore eyeliner and dresses in black.
“Where did that wee faggot go?” one of the jocks sneered
“Here he is!” another shouted
“No…. please.” Billy started to beg

He suddenly woke in a cold sweat, his breathing labored and his heart beating so fast he thought it may bust throw his rib cage. He had these dreams often from when he was a teenager, high school truly was the worst time of his life.

After that nightmare, Billy had decided to take a walk maybe the night air would clear his head. He walked down the streets of Hutchington beach California, the sea air wiping passed him, he took deep breaths of it savoring the flavor, he wished he could have grown up some place like this; instead of a polluted city. He walked slowly remembering every turn he took so he wouldn’t get lost, that’s when Billy came across her.

Her long black hair shimmered in the glow of the moon, her lips where painted a fine crimson. She looked like what would be your idea of a Goth. His eyes followed her as she walked down the street. A sudden blast of music broke the nights silence. She pulled a phone from her pocket and growled

“What do you want Matt?” she said angry. She paused probably to hear the one know as Matt to speak

“At home.” Another pause.

“I don’t care” she said, she paused again “In the words of fall out boy ‘drop dead’.”
She snapped the phone shut, promptly ending the call. She opened the door to her house and walked in soon the sound of Marlin Manson was blasting.

Billy felt really bad, he had no idea why but he wants to go talk to the girl, she if she was ok. Before he knew it his feet where carrying him off to the front door of the house
Yes Billy this is very cleaver go up to the pissed off Goth girl who listens to band who would eat you for breakfast and say ‘hi I wasn’t staking you but you seemed upset so I thought I would come up and see if you where ok’ do you even remember the last time you talked to a girl

Billy stopped at the door, a softer song had come on and he could hear her singing faintly
“I’m dreaming in colors
Of getting the chance
Dreaming of china, the perfect romance “ she sang
“Yeah Sharon cause it worked out so well with Matt just give up on the whole perfect romance and love” she said tearing starting t drip down her face.

Billy’s phone began to ring, making him jump; he cheeked the caller I.D which read joel
“Hello” he said
“Billy” joel said “ Where the hell are you?”
“I went out for a walk” Billy said
“God, well get back we need to leave soon to catch our flight”
Billy sighed and hung up the phone, he took down the addresses of the house and headed back to the hotel

Three weeks later

Billy sat in the cab, they were in china so him and the rest of Good Charlotte had decided to do some sightseeing. Billy looked about the small gift shop,he hummed a tune to himself although he couldn’t remember what the song was then words came “Dreaming of China the perfect romance” the Goth girl come flooding back to him as he looked through the postcards.
“Matt may not be able to give her the perfect romance but I can try” he bought one of the post card and sat down and started to write


Sweet Black Rose

I’m in China right now and I remember you and know you don’t know me but I travel the world and I happened to see someone crush you and I thought to myself ‘who would hurt such a beautiful woman” I would understand if you thought these letters where stalker-ish but I guess I lost my nerve to talk to you I would write you from every stop I make on my journey and if you don’t like me writing to you then toss them away and if you do like them I am glad for I would pluck the stars from the heavens just to see you smile and then maybe one day we shall meet

Yours sincerely

Wait he couldn’t sign his name no, Billy thought of a name he could used then he finished
He signed it

Mr. Midnight

He pulled the addresses from his pocket and wrote it down on the card before posting it
There no turning back now

He kept his promise to Sweet Black Rose, ever stop he would buy a post card and send it to her, sometimes it was poem, or even sometimes a drawing.

Christmas drew near and Good Charlotte where spending it in New York, Billy done his normal thing went to a shop, bought a post card and wrote it out


Sweet Black Rose

I’m spending Xmas in New York, the ground is covered in snow and all I want to do is spend it front of a fire with someone who I can love I miss dearly having companionship, someone to miss while I am away from home. But every girl I have ever had never understood my passion. I wish you the happiest of Xmas’ for truly it has never been my thing.

Xmas wishes

Mr. Midnight

Billy looked at the post card one more time before putting it in his coat pocket and heading down stairs.
He walked down each step keeping his eyes on his feet at all times, he let few tears slide from his eyes; he had no one to go home to, no girlfriend, no roommate, no one.

He suddenly walked into someone casing him to fall to the ground,
“Sorry , sorry, so sorry.” he said he looked at the floor noticing a lot of post cards, he saw black painted nail, the sleeves of a black leather coat, long black hair then the face of a dark angel.
“Oh God.” he said quietly
“Sorry about that” she said, her voice was soft. She started to pick up the post card; Billy noticed that the one he had just written was missing from his pocket.
“I’ve never seen this one before.” she mumbled, she read it then looked at Billy
“No.” she whispered “You can’t be…”
“I’m sorry” Billy said to her “I just… I saw you in the street and you looked so upset and I thought I could help. I’m sorry.”
“You have got to be the sweetest man I have ever meet.” she said smiling at him. She placed the post cards back into the shoe post Billy put in the ones he collected.
“I’m Billy…” Billy started
“Billy Martin Good Charlotte, I know”
“I don’t know your name” he lied knowing her first name
“Sharon-” she started
“Sharon” someone said from the stairwell
“Yeah Matt” she said at that moment Billy’s heart shattered into a million pieces
“Look, I’m sorry I have to go, here” she handed him the box then kissed him softly on the cheek

"it was finally nice to meet you"

billy went straight to his room and locked himself in, he slid down the door and sobbed into his hands.
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