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A one-shot involving My Chemical Romance, Avenged Sevenfold and a Halloween Party

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I was just thinking about costumes when I had an idea for a fic, enjoy! I don't own anything

Gerard was busy filling the bucket of water while tossing apples in it. This is gonna be awesome! he sang in his head. Yes, Gerard Arthur Way was throwing a Halloween party and Frank's birthday party. The band Avenged Sevenfold was in new Jersey for a few days so naturally Gerard invited them. The two bands met a Warped Tour and became instant friends.

When all the party food and games was set, Gerard dashed up the staircase and slipped on his Halloween costume. Rubber mask, cape, tights... Gerard is going as Batman. He knew Frank loves Batman, the two had been best friends since a young age and had recently started dating. Frank was due to move in with Gerard in a month, because he needed to consult with family first. Just then the doorbell rang and Gerard climbed down the stairs to get it. And to reveal his brother, Ray and Bob. Mikey was going as Ciel Phantomhive, a character from a manga he's been reading. Ray was dressed in bloodstained clothes, hockey goalie mask on his face and a chainsaw in his hands. Bob's costume was... different. He was wrapped up as a mummy, but in police caution tape, one of his eyes was covered and tufts of his blond hair was visible. "C'mon guys! Nice mummy costume Bob!" Gerard complimented while Bob gave of a grin. "If one of the others dressed up as a cop, it'll be perfect!" Ray piped up.

Half an hour later the band members of Avenged Sevenfold arrived. M Shadows was wearing the costume of Ash Ketchum from Pokemon. Jimmy 'The Rev' was Pikachu, complete with the ears and tail. Zacky was clothed in riding jeans, stirrups, plaid shirt, leather boots and a cowboy hat. A gun adorning the holster on his right hip. Synyster Gates was dressed in a red jacket with gold trimmed tailcoats, white dress shirt and a black waistcoat with gold buttons, tight black jeans and riding boots with a top hat on his head. Synyster Gates is a circus ringmaster. Johnny Christ was wearing a ripped tuxedo, and make up and Sharpie markers to make lacerations with stitches going around his wrists and neck, dark shadow surrounding both eyes thickly and Sharpie marker to create a humongous smile with stitches much like the Cheshire grin torture. "Hey guys! We're now just waiting for Frank, he should be here in about twen'y minutes." Gerard said. Directing his guests. Soon more people flowed in. Family and friends mingled and chatted while waiting for the rhythm guitarist.

"GUYS HE'S COMING!! HIDE!!!" Mikey shouted and Gerard flipped the lights off. As soon as the door opened to reveal the guitarist, everyone jumped up and yelled "SURPRISE!!!!" and Frank gave a startled jump. He was dressed as Robin. "W-what?" He stammered. "Gee organized it! You should thank him!" Mikey shouted. Frank spotted Gerard and tackled him in a sweet kiss. "I love you! I love you so much!" Frank cried as he planted kisses on his boyfriend's face. As soon as the birthday traditions were over, it was time for some Halloween fun!

"We've got a costume contest on, and by choice we now have a winner.... give it up for.. Jimmy Sullivan!!!" Gerard and Frank announced. The tall and lanky drummer jumped up, causing the Pikachu ears to bounce. "Fuck Yeah! I win!" Jimmy whooped. "Oh and the winner gets a mix of flour, water and eggs bath!!!" Gerard shouted as Bob and Ray dumped the concoction on Jimmy, who gave a wail of surprise as the oher guests laughed

Once everyone cleared, the rest of MCR helped clean up the place before departing. Leaving Gerard and Frank. They both sat on the couch with their jammies (I call pyjamas jammies) and enjoyed each other's presence. "Thanks Gerard, that was the best party." Frank sighed. Gerard cupped Frank's cheek and pulled him in a passion-filled kiss

"Happy Halloween and birthday Babe, I love you,"
"I love you too Gerard."

Finished!!! Srry it was kinda sloppy but I was in a rush to meet a frienx, he got back from Poland onna baseball tournament a few days ago.
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