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The Party

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Rachel goes to Bob's party.

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A/N: Okay so here is another long chapter! I hope you all like it! I also hope you notice the 'Vampire Money' reference, and one of my favorite parts from 'The Four Thing You Never Wanted to Know About MCR' interview. But I hope you enjoy! Thank you for being so patiet! I love you all! As always R&R, you guys are fucking awesome!Oh and thanks goes out to andreajp for inspiring Holly's nick name!

Chapter 11: The Party
Gerard's POV:

I was walking down the cold corridors of the school, shoving myself pass a bunch of my mindless and narcissistic peers. I was trying to make it to my locker without drowning in their sea of stupidity it was the end of the day when my date high wore off. For some strange reason Rachel wasn't in Art today. But I was kind of happy because that way I didn't make a fool of myself. Mikey told me I called him 'Young Michael' this morning. Also that I refused coffee, so unlike myself. I am addicted to the black liquid. Even though I had been talking like a bafoon all day, my thoughts were still normal, and I was still pretty observant for the most part, and there was something wrong with Frank. Maybe he and Holly, or Hoe-lly, as the rest of us liked to call her finally broke up. I don't know, but it feels weird, I feel like Frank is trying to distance himself from me, and that's not what I want. The dude is my best friend; I want him to come to me with stuff like this. I may be and insensitive jerk most of the time, but my friends me the world to me. I would die in a hail of bullets for them. I had finally reached my locker, and I saw Bob waiting for me. Bob was muscular, always had a beard residing on his face, and his hairstyle changed from shaved or mow hawk. As of right now, he was rocking the shaved look. Also Bob Bryar was hands down the most amazing drummer I had ever met and he taught Ray, Frank, Mikey, and I to never take any shit from anyone.

"Hey man." I said as I casually walked up to my locker.

"Sup?" Bob asked me, as her perused the senseless crowd.

"Nothing much, just ready to go home. Ready for that party tonight as well." I smiled enthusiastically.

Bob was throwing a party tonight, because his parents were on one of there spontaneous 'let's reignite a spark in our marriage' vacations. They always tried to act like responsible parents when they went away and told Bob not to throw any parties, but they knew he would do it anyway.

"Oh yeah, that thing." Bob said nonchalantly. "You bringing your lady friend." he raised his eyebrows seductively. Well seductively for Bob.

"I didn't even think about that, I could ask. I'd have to find her first, she wasn't in Art today, and she might have already left." I said as I tried to yank my locker open. It always got fucking stuck.

"Need some help?" Bob chuckled.

"Please." Suddenly Bob banged his fist on to the locker, causing it to swing open. "See this is why I keep you around." I laughed.

"Funny, but anyway, I guess you didn't hear about what happened with Rachel today." Bob said intriguingly.

"What?" I asked as I grabbed the last of my shit out, and slammed the locker door shut, and started walking down the hallway, Bob walked with me.

"Well today in her Pre-Cal class Hoe-lly bumped into her, and didn't say sorry. So Rach told her she should, and of course she refused. Then she called her out about cheating on Frank, and the teacher came in and told her to leave, and as she left the room she screamed out 'this is bullshit'." Bob finished with a glimmer of excitement in his eyes, as he laughed.

"Wait Hoe-lly cheated on Frank? Does he know? And how do you know this?" I questioned.

"Yes. Yes, he caught her, and dumped her blutty ass, and Laura has first block with her." Bob smiled satisfied. By this time we had already reached his car, and came to a halt.
"Wow..." I said surprised by everything I had just learned, and I was rarely surprised. "Bob was blutty?"

"Oh it's a hybrid of bitchy and slutty, I heard my 15 year old sister say it the other day to describe this girl in her homeroom." Bob smiled proudly. "I'm in on the hip slang." I looked over Bob's shoulder and saw Rachel walking to her car.

"Fuck off. But I see Rachel over there, so I am gonna go talk to her about coming tonight." I said.

"Ahh that's right Gee!" Bob exclaimed as he punched me playfully in the arm, (which was actually quite painful) and climbed into his big black truck.

I started making my way over to Rachel, the closer I got to her I could see the disgruntled look on her face. I could see she had a bad day and maybe this party was just what she needed. As I walked towards her I felt my stomach calm down, instead being jumpy like it usually was when I was around her. I think since I got the first date out of the way I'd be more comfortable with her, and I was. I leaned against the hood of her car and watched her throw her bags in her car with such force they hit the opposite window, and cause the car to slightly rock. Then she slammed the door shut, harder than anything I had ever heard. I thought I should break the silence and say something before she looks up and sees me silently observing her.

"Hey." I said happily, she was obviously startled because she jumped.

"Oh shit Gerard you scared the shit out of me!" she exclaimed as she jumped back and hit the car behind her.

"Sorry," I smiled "so I heard about your little battle of wits today." I smirked at her.

"Oh yeah that," she laughed. "bitch deserved it." I heard her mutter under her breath.

"Well the whole gang is really happy you did it. Poor Frank." I felt my voice drop into a more serious tone at that last part. I really did feel bad for Frank, but I don't get why he didn't tell me.

"Yeah, did he tell you? He told me the other day." she changed her tone as well, and joined by the back of her car; she jumped up on her trunk and sat on it. I joined her.

"No he didn't I found out this morning when Bob told me about the fight." I said realizing how upset I actually was that he felt he couldn't confide in me.

"Oh..." she looked at me confused. "I don't know why he wouldn't tell you. Maybe he's just a little scatter brained right now. I'm sure you'd be if you had a bitchy girlfriend and caught her on back, underneath and arrogant football player. Just thinking about it makes me angry, which is why I snapped on her today." she said justifying Frank's reasoning as she looked up at the sky.

The morning rain that was around earlier had completely vanished. Now the sun was shining, the clouds were making magical shapes, and the birds were chirping. I stayed inside so much I had forgotten how great the outside world was. I took a deep breath of the premature fall air.

"Yeah, I think its awesome you put her in her place, somebody needed too. But anyway let's do something to get your mind off it." I smirked at her.

"Like what?" she asked taking her eyes off the clouds and onto me.

"Well I am still willing to take you up on that offer to fuck me in my back seat." I smirked deviously at her.

"I never offered! You did!" she exclaimed, looking a little frustrated.

"True, but you want it." I chuckled.

"Gerard fucking Way--"

"Oh say my name." I moaned jokingly. But she was still going on.

"--Really I thought we had--"

"Chill I am just joking with you." I broke out lauging.

She stared at me for a minute before she punched me in the arm.

"Fuck you." she smiled.

"Gladly." I smirked at her again.

She punched me... again.

"Dude what's with people punching me in the arm today, it hurts."

"Oh poor Gerard." she said sarcastically.

"Ha. Ha. But seriously, Bob's throwing a party tonight and I want you to come with me." I smiled at her and took her hand.

"Ooh I totally would but I have plans tonight." she smiled sympathetically.

"Oh that's cool. Another time then." I smiled, I was a little bummed she couldn't come.

"You bet cha. But I gotta run. I'll see you later yeah?" she smiled.

"Yeah." I muttered under my breath and watched her drive away.

Later at Rachel's House

Rachel's POV:

"So you told him you had other plans?" I heard Laura ask as I got out of the shower.

"Yeah! You should've seen his face he looked so sad." I laughed as I put my robe on and walked into the other room.

"I can't wait to see his face when you show up." Laura laughed as she threw some shirts out of my closet on to the bed.

I honestly had no idea that I was going to the same party as Gerard until Laura came over to get ready at 9. I felt a little stupid because I should've figured, she is Mikey's girlfriend, who is Gerard's brother, and they're both friends with Bob. So dumb movie on my part. As I turned my hair dryer on, I thought about tonight, and I could feel butterflies emerge in my gut. I shook my hair around a couple times and turned the hair dyer off, and turned to Laura.

"Is Frank gonna be there?" I suddenly asked.

"Uh yeah I don't see why not." As soon as she finished the sentence I heard the butterflies explode in my heart.
But shouldn't they be going crazy for Frank, they should be going crazy for Gerard. God, I knew I had feelings for Frank I just keep putting them to the back of my mind. I mean really am starting to like Gerard, and I can't lead Frank on, I keep doing it and it's not right.

"Great." I sighed.

"What's wrong with Frank being there?" she asked confused.

"Oh nothing. So what do you think I should wear tonight?" I said trying to change the subject.

"Rachel...don't change the subject...what happened with you and Frank?' she asked.

"Nothing." I said firmly. But Laura wasn't buying it.

"Rachel. If you don't tell me I'll beat it out of you." she smiled.

"Okay if I tell you can't breathe a word of it to anyone EVER. Got it?"

"Got it. Now fucking spill it." she jumped on to my bed, and eagerly waited.

"Well one night Frank had come over to talk to me, and he told me how Holly--"

"Correction Hoe-lly." Laura interrupted.

"Whatever, he came over and told me how she cheated on him, and that he dumped her. So I started to talk to him about, and we were lying under the stars just talking, and then he kissed me. Then he told me he---"

"HE KISSED YOU! FRANK KISSED YOU!" she was beyond surprised, as she jumped on my bed.

"Yes, and I feel terrible, because I kinda liked him first, but he had a girlfriend, and waited too long. Gerard was right there, and I had a great time with him ya' know." I sighed, defeated by confusion yet again.

"Well, I'm sure it'll fix itself. But lets get you looking hot for tonight, you have two boys to impress." she smirked mischievously at me.

"Laura." I sighed again.

"What? Just stating the facts." We both laughed and started primping.

I had no idea what was in store for me to night, but it made me excited.

Frank's POV:

Well today. I don't really know what to say about today. But all I knew was right now, I was sitting at Bob's with a beer and my hand, and I felt it was truly what I needed. I could really feel that shitty feeling creeping up on me. The shitty feeling that reminded me that my shitty girlfriend cheated on me, that the girl I thought I could be happy with has a thing with my best friend, and the fact that I know she would wanna try but isn't going to. But each time I felt it creep up I drank another beer. Soon I saw Ray, Mikey, and Gerard come through the door, and cram themselves onto Bob's couch. Bob was in the kitchen stocking the fridge with beer, and I was on the love seat. We always got to Bob's early on the night of his parties to 'pregame'. We all looked around at each other in silence for a minute, beer in our hands. Then Gerard spoke.

"Well are you ready Ray?" he cocked his head to left and asked Ray.

"Yeah I am." he responded.
"How about you Frank." he leaned forward a bit looking at me.

"Oh I'm there baby." I slurred as I stuck a cancer stick in my mouth. I could feel myself get a little tipsy, being on my fifth beer

"How about you Mi-key" he turned to the right and asked his brother, I didn't know why he said his name so weird, but I didn't care to ask.

"Fuckin ready." he responded.

"Well I think I'm all right." Gerard smiled. "Lets fucking party." he said as the doorbell rang, and people started pouring in.

I watched as everyone mingled, and gathered around the beer pong table. I just sat in the same chair as the room got smokier. I watched as Gerard went around and flirted with a bunch girls, Mikey was waiting for Laura, Bob was being his normal self, and Ray was being oddly social. I sat for a minute and thought about how much of a fucking drag I was being. You know what; I deserve to have a fucking good time. I deserve to be dangerous tonight, well maybe not, I'm not sure how to do that. But still! I wanted to get fucked up tonight and have a good time, and not worry about anything. I stood up, brushed myself off, and went over to the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of vodka, and called Bob over.

"Hey Bob!" I yelled through the kitchen.

"Yeah?" he yelled back, stretching his head over some people.

"Shots?" I held up a bottle of vodka, and winked at him.

"Hell yeah! Nice to see you Iero!" He smiled and rushed over to me, and drained shot after shot.

We had to stop when the doorbell rang. Bob liked to get the door each time in the rare occasion cops showed up. I watched him walk over to the door, and when he opened it there was Laura and Rachel. I felt myself get a little nervous, she looked hot. She wore this short tight skirt that came up to her waist and tight v-neck t-shirt, I loved it cause she looked so good in something so simple, but I just shook it off and took another shot.

Rachel's POV:

"All right, I'm fucking ready lets do this motherfucker." I smiled excitedly, smelling the alcohol on my breath, from Laura and I doing some shots in my car before going inside.

"Okay, so, look awesome...Frank and Gee are gonna shit themselves pretty much."

I looked at her and just started laughing, we had drank half a bottle of vodka pretty much, and we were feeling pretty good. I could still feel the butterflies in my stomach but I ignored them, and stumbled out of my car with Laura as we stumbled up the lawn and banged on the door. We could feel the cold air on our shoulders as we waiting for the door to open. When it cracked the light almost blinded us it felt so bright, and we looked up and saw Bob standing there.

"Hey Bob." Laura and I said simultaneously, and smiled widely.

"Well hello ladies, nice to see you, come join the festivities." he laughed.

We followed him in and Laura took me straight over to Mikey, we did the usual 'hey, glad you could make it' blah blah. I was searching around for Gerard and I couldn't see him anywhere, I glanced around a little more and saw him by the fridge. I snuck up behind him, and made my voice sound like a man's.
"What the fuck do you think you're doing?" I said with anger in my deep voice.

I watched as Gerard jumped out of fear and turned around.

"Oh shit what the fuck you scared me! What the fuck are you even doing here?" he asked startled.

"Surprise." I smiled.

"And what a great one it is, lets drink." he handed me a beer and I cracked it open, and chugged it down.

"Well damn, never met a girl who could chug a beer that fast. I'm impressed." he laughed.

"Well when the most exciting thing in your town is going to the movies, you get a little bored." I retorted. "Oh there's Frank!" I exclaimed in my drunken stupor and stumbled over dragging Gerard with me.

"Hey Frank!" I attacked him with a hug.

"Well hey! What's up!" he yelled back happily, I could smell the vodka on his breath, his about as drunk as I was.

I turned around and saw Gerard was gone, but I didn't pay any mind to it. I just stayed and talked to Frank for two houts, and Bob came and joined us. We were playing this game where I asked them a question, and whoever I though had the better answer won, the loser had to drink, and we were about three rounds in, and it was already 2 am.

"Okay, favorite comic book super hero?" I slurred out my question.

"Um its gotta be Batman, uh yeah. Its gotta be Batman." Frank slurred out as he ashed his cigarette.

"I'm gonna go with Superman, but that's easy, because I like his cape." Bob said sheepishly.

"Oh come on, he's such a goody too shoes idiot...loser." he said in frustration as he slipped into a rant. "You always know what's gonna fucking happen. He's gonna get hit a couple times, and that's the thing I don't understand if he's so super--"

"Maybe it's the Hulk." Bob said cutting him off.

"All right that's good." Frank agreed.

"Because he's green, I take it back. I changed it the Hulk." Bob slurred out.

"All right." Frank said.

"The Hulk cause he'll kill you." Bob slurred again and we all laughed.

"Rachel the winner?" Bob asked feeling pretty confident.

"Dude, Batman hands down." I said.

"Fuck really!" Bob exclaimed.

"Drink it up mother fucker! Frank smiled, and Bob downed another shot.

"Okay worst comic book superhero?" I asked

"Oh you know what Spider man because he's whiney." Frank said. "I--I can't read Spiderman because he just whines about 'Why am I superhero. It sucks.'" he finished.

"Okay Bob?" I asked.

"Fuck it. I'm gonna go with Superman, because he made me feel so shitty about Superman. Superman kinda sucks." Bob confessed. Frank giggled which made me laugh.

"Haha Bob you win. Drink it down Frank!" I smiled.

"Fuck you guys, Spiderman sucks."

"Okay I am getting tired and the room is clearing out so...last question. It gonna be a little sentimental." I slurred. "What's the nicest thing anyone has ever said to you?"

"The nicest thing ever--someone said to me about a year ago is you look skinny." Bob said proudly.

"So superficial." Frank sighed.

"No, no it's not because, just cause ya' know it was something, I was like... I don't even know if that was nice...Wait can I... I take that back." Bob looked at me and waved his hand.

"Yeah you really should." Frank laughed.

"No it was just funny cause I was like that was the first time I ever heard that in my whole life."

Frank just stared at Bob and there was an awkward silence.

"I take it back." Bob finally broke the silence.

"No I'm telling ya, its gonna make you know." Frank said not making any sense.

"Why is that sound bad?" Bob turned to me and furrowed his eyebrows. I was getting complete joy watching them bicker.

"Yeah I think it--Well what about little boys that look up to you and wanna play drums," he move his hands up and down like drum sticks, "and they become anorexic because you say its "cool" to be skinny." he motioned quotation marks with his.

"Its not cool its something that I worked at." Bob said defensively, and Frank started cracking up.

"Anyway." Frank put his hand up to his chin thinking of what to say.

"Its something I worked at." Bob piped in, but Frank put his hand off motioning for him to shut up.

"Hold on." Frank said, and Bob slapped his hand away, Frank giggled again.

"You know what, Frank you lose because you didn't give an answer. There, settled." I smiled.

"Fine." Frank grunted and took the last shot.

Gerard hadn't been in sight the whole night, but I didn't mind because I was having such a good time with Frank and Bob. I hadn't laughed so hard in months.

"Well boys, I am tired so I am going to head home and get some rest." I smiled as I rose up from the table.
"Yeah me too." Frank said, slurring.

"You two are so plastered, you can't go anywhere, just go crash in my bonus room upstairs. There's like a couch and fucking futon, and don't fuck with my Superman poster. I'll take it down later." He warned Frank.

We both nodded and headed upstairs, supporting each other, so we wouldn't fall down the stairs. We reached the top of the carpeted stairs, and felt our way around for a light switch, giggling often. When the light illuminated the hallway we found the bonus, and I ran to the couch.

"Oh no, I hate futons. I want the couch!" Frank yelled chasing after me, and grabbing me from behind.

"No Frank!" I laughed, but it was too late he had pulled me down on top of him.

"Ah oh my god, I hate you." I buried my head into his shoulder, I knew I should get up, but I didn't want too.

I felt his hands move slowly to my waist, and I felt my stomach tingle. I looked into his hazel eyes, and they showed sincerity. When I looked into Gerard's eyes, I didn't know what I saw. He moved some of the hair out of my face, and I smiled at him again.

"Fuck it." I said

I pressed my lips to his, feeling the softness of his lips. I didn't care anymore, I just wanted to feel his lips on mine again, and we weaved our mouths sensually over each other. Then Frank rolled me over so he was on top of me, and he glided is tongue across my lips begging for entrance, and I let him in. Our tongues moved smoothly and naturally over each other, and I don't know if it was the alcohol but I didn't want him to stop. The kiss kept getting hotter. Frank's lips were moving fast, and each time I pulled away for air I would bite his bottom lip. Each time I did it I could feel his body thrust up, it drove him crazy, his hands were moving up and down my body, and I had goose bumps all over. I didn't know what was going to happen next but, I just went with it.

"Hey Frank?" I heard a voice from down the hall.

I quickly pushed Frank off of me, and ran to the futon. Then door cracked open and saw Mikey step in. Hey Bob said you guys are gonna crash up here, mind if Laura and I join you.

"Yeah, it's not like Rach and I are doing anything." Frank slurred still drunk and winked at me, I felt myself blush.

"Great! We'll probably be down there longer. But night!" Mikey exclaimed as he walked out of the room.

"Okay this needs to stop." I said drunkenly


"The kissing! We can't keep doing this, I know I am not dating dating Gee, but I need to be respectful, and we're just supposed to be friends." I sighed confused...again.

"Rachel we're drunk, its okay don't worry about it. Now chill and let's just go to sleep okay?" Frank said, maybe I was overreacting I mean he seemed to just shrug it off.

"Yeah, you're right. Okay. Night Frank I had fun tonight." I smiled, climbing onto the futon.

"I won." he smiled turning the lights off.
"Huh?" I asked.

"I got the couch." he giggled.

Then I shut my eyes, and all that was on my mind was that kiss.
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