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love never dies

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luna gets an unexpected visit.

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I leaned over the old, wooden bridge that arched over the rushing river; small bits of ice floated by. A smile danced in the corner of my mouth as the children ran by, throwing snowballs at each other. One hitting old Mr. Montgomery in the face. I chuckled as he attempted to chase the children but slipped and fell over face-first into a pile of snow.

I went over to the canyon-like mountains where Zack’s buster sword rested. The mountain trail was barely visible under the thick, white snow. Fortunately I knew the trail by heart and could’ve got up there with my eyes closed. Animals hid away as I passed by them.
The sword was still there, as always, in all its rusty glory. I sat down next to it and closed my eyes. It was always peaceful, that’s why I always came here. A couple of hours went by before I decided to go home.
I stood up, kissed my fingertips and pressed them against the cool metal.
“I will never forget you, Zack.” I promised, looking up to the sky, knowing that he was watching over me since he had passed away two years ago. I was so heart-broken when I had heard the news. But now I lived a peaceful life with my son, Zachary.
I looked back towards the buster sword and walked away. Warm tears streamed down against my frozen cheeks.
“I’ll never forget you either.” Said a ghostly voice behind me. I turned round to find Zack leaning casually against the sword.
“Zack?” I whispered. He nodded and walked up to me. I stood there and let him embrace me warmly.
Zack looked up to the sky and nodded as if someone had ordered him something.
“I have to go but remember that I will always love you no matter what. I’ll see you when your time comes.” I nodded and stepped back.
He smiled and disappeared into thin air. I looked up to the blue sky and let the warm sunshine softly stroke my face.
Zachary walked up next to me and gave me another warm embrace. He was so much like his father, kind and brave.
I gave a quick glance over my shoulder to the sword as I walked back to the village.
I was peaceful once again.

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