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How I see the typical Frerard. *NOT A STORY*

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Plotline of 90% of the Frerards on here.

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1) Frank moves to Bellveiw and is starting at Gerard's school.
2)Gerard is either the outcast (not usually) or beats the crap out of Frank as a bully.
3) Frank realizes even though he likes Gerard, he won't tell him because it will just make the beatings worse
4) Gerard realize his feelings but doesn't want to be called a faggot.
5) One night, they both get drunk underage, confess their feelings, and fuck.

On tour:
1) Gerard/ Frank "oh he's so sexy onstage, I just want him to kiss me." "Oh, he's calling my name, I just want to hear him moan it."
2) Gerard/Frank refuses to Mikey or Ray that they can't tell the other because "although he's bi, he'd never fall for a guy like me"
3) All the rest of the band(whatever era it may be in) leave the tour bus or they stay in a hotel with Gerard and Frankie alone.
4) One gets the courage to tell and then they fuck each other's brains out.
5) either Lynz, Jamia die, the band members get divorced, or they don't exist, or a mix.
6) Gerard relapses on drugs and cheats on Frank with Bert McCraken.
7) They break up
8) oh so so sad so sad. Some self harm is usually involved on Frank's part, although it is occasionally Gerard's. Sometimes Gerard walks in on Frank and sees and -
9) Gerard's like " I love you baby, please, I'll get sober."
10) He eventually does and Frank and Gerard get back together.


11) Frank or Gee kill themselves because not being able to be with the other is a fate worse than death.

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